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9.5mm film frame

T.9643 to T.9650 (1 reel 9.5mm sound releases by Pathéscope - probably 1948 or 1949)

"SNIPSHOTS - NUMBERS 1 to 8"          GB Jan/Feb1935 (originally US 1924-1927)
6mins B/W Cert "U"                    UK releases in 1935 by B & N Films Ltd.
Commentary written by H.E. Kavanagh - Spoken by Claude Gardner
Sound: Harry L. Sheridan              Recorded at Imperial Sound Studios
Orchestra and Effects under the Direction of: Alfred Filer
Original material sourced from 1920s American "Inklings" by Max & Dave Fleischer
The Pathéscope 9.5mm sound releases come from 1940s New Realm Pictures UK re-issues
A series of one reel black and white cartoons. They consist of miscellaneous short
sequences featuring various types of animations and cut-outs done by an artist.
  "Snipshots No 2" (9.5mm film frame)   
Thanks to the late Denis Gifford these films have been properly identified.  They are
made up of American silent cartoon footage with a British soundtrack and commentary.
The original source is a series of 18 short films called "Inklings" made by Inkwell
Studios for Red Seal Pictures in 1924-25, but not released in America until 1927-28.
Max Fleischer was the producer and brother Dave Fleischer directed. During the 1930s
a British source took this footage and added a soundtrack and commentary.  Nine Five
prints are rare, but the late John Burgoyne Johnson reported that he owned "Snipshots
Nos.1 & 7" - they both had two frames on the leader which read "B & N Films".  (My
own 9.5mm sound print of "Snipshors No.2" is the same - gln).  This company was a
small distributor of imported American "B" pictures. 
These 9.5mm releases are only mentioned in one Pathéscope Film Catalogue (see below).
Using T reference numbers as a guide, they were probably released on 9.5mm around 1948/49.         
The Snipshots series released on 9.5mm optical sound:     
T.9643 "SNIPSHOTS - NUMBER 1" - approx 6 minutes
T.9644 "SNIPSHOTS - NUMBER 2" - approx 6 minutes
T.9645 "SNIPSHOTS - NUMBER 3" - approx 7 minutes
T.9646 "SNIPSHOTS - NUMBER 4" - approx 6 minutes
T.9647 "SNIPSHOTS - NUMBER 5" - approx 6 minutes
T.9648 "SNIPSHOTS - NUMBER 6" - approx 8 minutes
T.9649 "SNIPSHOTS - NUMBER 7" - approx 7 minutes
T.9650 "SNIPSHOTS - NUMBER 8" - approx 7 minutes                

Watch my 9.5mm print of "Snipshots No.2" on You Tube:  13Jan2014  

     1. The Pathéscope 9.5mm sound film releases date from around 1948 or 1949
        really a guess based on the catalogue numbers.  They appear to be only
        listed in one 1948 or 1949 non-descriptive Pathéscope film catalogue.
        (These just post-war catalogues infuriatingly are undated, but this 
        one includes the silent 1947 News Review - giving a clue to the date)
        This catalogue omits the popular Betty Boop and Popeye cartoons - the
        copyright had expired and was being renegotiated.  Within a year or so
        the Fleischer cartoons re-appeared in the Pathéscope film catalogue and
        the "Snipshots" dissapeared - probably just used as a 'stopgap' until
        the Betty Boops & Popeyes re-appeared.
     2. The 9.5mm releases come from a UK New Realm (E.J. Fancey) cinema re-issue
        of these films in the 1940s.

     3. 9.5mm prints of these animated shorts are very rare - it appears they
        were available on 9.5mm for perhaps less than a year or so.  (I myself
        have a complete print of "Snipshots Number 2" and a part print of
        "Snipshots Number 1", but have never seen any for sale)

     4. H.E. Kavanagh is better known as Ted Kavanagh - famed author of the 
        ITMA scripts (a long running BBC radio comedy show).
     5. Pathéscope only issued Snipshots Number 1 to 8 on 9.5mm, but another two
        (numbers 9 and 10) were released in the UK for the cinema in 1938.
     6. Snipshots Number 1 to 8 were originally released in the UK in Jan/Feb 
        1935 by B & N Films Ltd.  Numbers 9 & 10 were originally released in
        1938 by Coronet Pictures.
     7. A 16mm print of "Snipshots No. 5" has B & N Films on the leader and
        the credits begin with "Sidney A. Coronet presents Snipshots No. 5".
        It closes with a caricature of Charlie Chaplin.   
(Extra Info gratefully sourced from 9.5mm film historian extraordinaire - Maurice Trace)       

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