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actual 9.5mm film frames

"They Survive On Ninefive" - film prints appear to only exist on the 9.5mm (& 17.5mm) film gauges
T.9132 - 4 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope January 1939 (gone from the catalogue by 1948)
Also T.7132 - 4 reel 17.5mm sound release by Pathéscope February 1939 
"MARRY THE GIRL"                GB 1935   Director: Maclean Rogers
------------------                 British Lion Production
69mins B/W Cert "A"                Produced by: Herbert Smith
(Approx 34mins on 9.5mm/17.5mm)    Released by: British Lion Film Corporation Ltd
Produced at Brtish Lion Studios, Beaconsfield, Bucks, England
Screenplay by: Maclean Rogers & Kathleen Butler
Based on a 1930 Aldwich farce by George Arthurs and Arthur Miller
Photography: Cyril Bristow & Harry Rose
Film Editor: Hugh Stewart          Assistant Director: Arthur Alcott
Sound: Harold V. King              Art Direction: Norman G. Arnold     
  Cast:   Sonnie Hale ............... Wally Gibbs
          Winifred Shotter .......... Doris Chattaway
          Judy Kelly ................ Jane Elliott
          Hugh Wakefield ............ Hugh Delafield
          C. Dernier Warren ......... Banks
          Kenneth Cove .............. Cyril Chattaway
          Maidie Hope ............... Mrs Elliott
          Wally Patch ............... Bookmaker
          John Deverall ............. Judge
          Lawrence Anderson ......... Counsel for the Defence
          John Singer ............... Office Boy (uncredited)
          Wilma Vane ................ Dancer in radio shop (uncredited)
          Cecil Parker, George Zucco, Sally Grey          
 Wally Gibbs is sued for breach of promise by his former girlfriend Doris Chattaway. His current
 fiancée, Jane Elliott, breaks off their engagement. Wally ends up with Doris, and Jane pairs off
 with Wally's friend Hugh Delafield, who has been the Counsel for the Plaintiff in the lawsuit.
  Sonnie Hale & Wilma Vane dance the rhumba
 (Pathéscope cut this scene from the feature release, but it appears in T.9343 "Vox Review No.2")
  (Info.from the BFI / Wikipedia & the Maurice Trace 9.5mm sound catalogue)

 "Wealthy Wally Gibbs, newly engaged to Jane Elliott, meets again old flame Doris Chattaway.
  As a result her dominant mother decides a breach of promise case must be brought against
  Wally.  Borrowing Gibbs' car, philandering lawyer Hugh Delafield dates Doris, but there
  is trouble when the vehicle is stolen.  In the ensuing court case, Hugh represents Miss
  Chattaway with Wally in the dock...." - From the Maurice Trace 9.5mm Sound Film Catalogue

  Jan 1939 Pathéscope Monthly magazine entry 

  1. Nine of the twelve Aldwych plays had been adapted for film by 1935, with some of the leading
     roles played by members of the original stage company. Eight of these films were directed by
     Tom Walls and one by Jack Raymond. The production companies for the earlier films in the
     series were British & Dominium Film Corporation and Gaumont British. "Marry the Girl", however,
     was filmed by British Lion Films with none of the original stars, except for Winifred Shotter
     reprising her stage role
  2. Pathé-Vox Review Number Two (T.9343) has a Sonnie Hale musical sequence not in the Pathéscope
     four reel 9.5mm / 17.5mm feature release.  Not really knowing where this scene occurs in the
     original full length version, I have added it at the start of my 9.5mm print, after the titles.
     (This brings the running time on 9.5mm up to about 37mins) 
  3. After playing minor parts in British films of the Thirties, George Zucco moved to Hollywood
     where he played major support roles - such as Professor Moriarty in "The Adventures of Sherlock
     Holmes" (1939) - or as the lead villain in second features.   There is also an early appearance
     by Cecil Parker, who has been described as "one of the great character actors from the Golden
     Age". Probably now best rememnbered as the shifty major in "The Ladykillers" (1955), his career
     lasted until 1969 ("Oh What A Lovely War").
 (Info.from gln, Wikipedia & the Maurice Trace 9.5mm sound catalogue)                   

Watch Sonnie Hale dance a rhumba with Wilma Vane (on 9.5mm sound in Vox Review 2) 13Dec2014



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