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actual 9.5mm film frames

"They Survive On Ninefive" - film prints appear to only exist on the 9.5mm (& 17.5mm) film gauges
T.9131 - 5 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope June 1939 (gone from the catalogue by 1948)
Also T.7131 - 5 reel 17.5mm sound release by Pathéscope 
"A WIFE OR TWO"                 GB Jan1936   Director: Maclean Rogers
------------------                 British Lion Production
63mins B/W Cert "A"                Produced by: Herbert Smith
(Approx 44mins on 9.5mm/17.5mm)    Released by: British Lion Film Corporation Ltd
Produced at Brtish Lion Studios, Beaconsfield, Bucks, England
Screenplay by: Kathleen Butler & Maclean Rogers
Based on a play by Roland Daniel & C.B. Poultney
  Cast:   Henry Kendall ............. Charles Marlowe
          Nancy Burne ............... Margaret Marlowe
          Betty Astell .............. Mary Hamilton
          Fred Duprey ............... Sam Hickleberry
          Garry March ............... George Hamilton
          Ena Grossmith .............. 
          Wally Patch ............... 
          Leo Sheffield ............. 
 Charles, first married to Mary and then to her friend Margaret, loses his own and his ex-wife's
 money on the stock market.  To obtain a cheque from Uncle Samuel, who disagrees with divorce,
 Charles and Mary pretend that they are still married and take him to a remote country cottage.
 Margaret also arrives - as does Mary's second husband. There is confusion of mistaken identities,
 particularly when the police report that a lunatic, who kills during thunderstorms, has escaped
 from a nearby asylum. Uncle has his suspicions as a storm breaks..... 
 Shooting was at Beaconsfield Studios and publicity for the film included - "Another very useful
 feature is the unrivalled beauty of the Buckinghamshire country. The Thames and the Chiltern
 Hills and Woods are within a few minutes of the studio and full advantage is taken of this fact.
 "A Wife Or Two" is an example of the wonderful facilities for exterior work which the Beaconsfield
 neighbourhood offers". 
 (Info.from the the late Dennis Gifford & the Maurice Trace 9.5mm sound catalogue)

 "The lively cast includes Henry Kendall, Nancy Burne, Fred Duprez and Betty Astell. When George
 Hamilton leaves £500 for banking with his wife Mary, he little knows his action, and following
 departure for Paris, are to cause in his home. Tempted to invest the money in a gold mine, Mary
 Hamilton loses it all and is involved in a wild series of adventures of a comical nature before
 being in a position to breathe freely again." - From the 1940 Pathescope Film Catalogue

  June 1939 Pathéscope Monthly magazine entry 

  1. Henry Kendall, born in London on 28 May 1897 was an English stage and film actor, theatre
     director and an immaculately stylish revue artiste.  Kendall was educated at the City of
     London School, and made his first appearance on the stage in September 1914 at the Lyceum
     Theatre, playing a 'super' in Tommy Atkins. He had a distinguished war career, serving as
     a Captain in the Royal Air Force from 1916 to 1919, and on demobilisation was awarded the
     Air Force Cross.  In addition to a busy career as an actor and entertainer, he was
     frequently engaged as a director, notably staging the first productions of See How They Run
     (Peterborough Rep, tour and Q Theatre 1944; Comedy Theatre 1945), and The Shop at Sly Corner
     (St Martin's Theatre 1945).  He also directed numerous plays at the Embassy Theatre and Q 
     Theatre.  He died 9 June 1962 in France (heart attack)  (IMDb Mini Biography By: Mark Lee) 
  2. Betty Astell (Elizabeth "Betty" Julia Astell (23May1912 - 26July2005) was an English actress.
     Born in Brondesbury, London, she was married to entertainer Cyril Fletcher for more than 60
     years, from 18th May 1941 until his death on 1st January 2005. They had a daughter, actress
     and comedienne Jill Fletcher.  Astell acted with her husband on his television series, The
     Cyril Fletcher Show, and was one of the first people to appear in John Logie Baird's 
     experimental television on the BBC's 30 line shows. Astell died in a hospital near her home
     in Guernsey, aged 93, seven months after the death of her husband
  3. Nancy Burne was born 23 December 1912, in London, England. She was half Scottish, half Irish
     and made her professional debut as the Princess, the leading child's part in "The Windmill Man".
     She had two climbs to leading roles on the West End stage, and both of them included the job of 
     understudying June (Hulbert), the first time in "Clowns In Clover" and the second time in "Over
     The Page". (Only 5ft 3in), In 1932 she was espied by film scouts in the revue "Ballyhoo", and
     very soon after she was given her first screen role - the lead opposite Stanley Lupino in
     "Facing the Music". Burne retired from film in 1939, and died 25 March 1954 aged just 41 years
     old.                                                 (IMDb Mini Biography By: Robbie Paton)



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