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actual 9.5mm film frame

"They Survive On Ninefive" - prints of this film appear to only exist on the 9.5mm (& 17.5mm) film gauges
T.9130 (4 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope September 1938) 
Also T.7130 (4 reel 17.5mm sound release by Pathéscope September 1938)
"CLEANING UP"                 GB May1933     Dir: Leslie S. Hiscott
-------------                 British Lion Production
70mins B/W Cert "U"           Produced by: Herbert Smith
(Approx 34mins on 9.5mm)      Released by: British Lion Film Corporation Ltd
Produced at Brtish Lion Studios, Beaconsfield, Bucks, England
Screenplay by: Michael Barringer
Photography: Alex Bryce
Art Direction: Norman G. Arnold
Sound: Harold V. King
Songs: (may be others in the original full length film release)
 "No Fear" sung by George Gee (in the 9.5mm print) 
 Betty Astell    George Gee
Cast:   George K. Gee ......... Tony Pumpford
        Betty Astell .......... Marion Brent
        Davy Burnaby .......... Lord Pumpford
        Barbara Gott .......... Lady Rudd
        Alfred Wellesley ...... Sir Rickaby Rudd
        Muriel George ......... Mrs Hoggenheim
        Joan Matheson ......... Angela
        Dorothy Vernon ........ Agatha
        The Max River Girls, Rona Ricardo               
 Against the wishes of his aristocratic father, Tony Pumpford takes a job
 as a vacuum cleaner salesman. He meets Marion Brent who is to play the lead
 in a show called "Pansy Faces" which is to be financed by Sir Rickaby Rudd
 who considers Marion to be his "protégé" and has amourous intentions toward
 her. Lady Rudd is suspicious, but Rickaby announces the girl is married and
 persuades Tony to pose as the spouse. Pumford tries to demonstrate one of
 his cleaners on the stage of "Pansy Faces". Unknown to him the audience is
 watching  and finds his antics so hilarious that Tony is hired as a comedian
 He doesn't tell his father who is trying to get him engaged to the snooty
 Angela Hoggenheim. Pumpford senior takes Angela's mother to see the show
 which is also attended by the Rickabys.....

            October 1938 Pathéscope Monthly magazine entry 

Pathéscope 'promo' letter
All Clear etc. refers to the "Peace In Our Time" fiasco I think

 Watch George Gee sing "No Fear" from my 9.5mm print 12Nov2014  
 Watch my 'reconstructed' 9.5mm print on You Tube: "Cleaning Up" 23Nov2014


 1. This production started shooting for British Lion at Beaconsfield
    in February 1933 with UK cinema release in May. During July 1933
    filming began on "Strike It Rich", (also on 9.5mm sound as T.9129),
    again for British Lion at Beaconsfield and again with Leslie Hiscott
    directing Gee, Astell and Burnaby from a Michael Barringer story.

 2. George Gee was born in Yorkshire during 1898 and joined the theatre
    at the age of sixteen.  In 1919 he entered films with a small role 
    in the drama "The Right Element".  After a five year theatrical stint
    in Australia, George Gee returned to male leads in sucessful West End
    musical shows like "The Boy Friend" and "Rio Rita". He appeared in the
    1928 silent comedy film "Weekend Wives" (on 9.5mm as a 2 reeler).
 3. George Gee made a few cinema appearances up to 1940, then concentrated
    on a stage career.  He died of a heart attack in 1959 while appearing
    on stage in "The Merry Widow" at Coventry. 
 4. Cut from the 9.5mm print are the opening scenes where Tony's father
    is horrified to hear his son intends to look for work instead of
    following the family tradition of marrying a rich heiress and doing
    nothing.  Also omitted are Pumford's initial misadventures trying to
    sell the Mop-I-Tup vacuum cleaner.       
(Extra Info gratefully added from Maurice Trace)       ZT-9130/gln/12.11.2014

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