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actual 9.5mm film frame

"They Survive On Ninefive" - film prints appear to only exist on the 9.5mm (& 17.5mm) film gauges
T.9129 - 4 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope December 1938
Also T.7129 - 4 reel 17.5mm sound release by Pathéscope January 1939 
"STRIKE IT RICH"                 GB Nov1933     Dir: Leslie S. Hiscott
----------------                 British Lion Production
72mins B/W Cert "U"              Produced by: Herbert Smith
(Approx 34mins on 9.5mm/17.5mm)  Released by: British Lion Film Corporation Ltd
(Almost 37mins on 9.5mm with Vox Review number edited into the 9.5mm print)
Produced at Brtish Lion Studios, Beaconsfield, Bucks, England
Screenplay by: Michael Barringer
Photography: Alex Bryce
Music by: Reggie Bristow
Songs: (may be others in the original full length film release)
 "You'll Strike It Rich" sung by George Gee (in the 9.5mm print)
 "Can't You See What I've Got" sung & danced by George Gee & Gina Malo
 (this number was released separately by Pathéscope in "Pathé Vox Review No.1") 
   Gina Malo    George Gee 
Cast:   Betty Astell .......... Janet Wells
        Davy Burnaby .......... Humphrey Wells
        George K. Gee ......... Eddie Smart
        Wilfred Lawson ........ Raikes
        Gina Malo ............. Mary
        Cyril Raymond ......... Slaughter
        Ernest Sefton ......... Sankey
        Hal Walters ........... (uncredited)
        Ethel Warwick ......... (uncredited)               
Eddie Smart (George Gee) was born clumsy and is a laughing stock at work,
the Sprouto Hair Tonic Company.  One day a phrenologist reads his 'bumps'
and pronounces him another Napoleon. Eddie becomes a changed man and issues
orders to everyone.  Meantime the boss believes Eddie to be the rightful
owner of the company so let's him have his way.  With the boss ill, Eddie
invests heavily in the nutmeg market, almost bankrupting the company.  By
luck the research department discover that nutmeg is the secret ingredient
for the new hair-restorer.

Pathéscope monthly magazine - January 1939

 Watch the two musical numbers from my 9.5mm print: 13Nov2013   
 Watch my 'reconstructed' 9.5mm print on You Tube: 13Nov2013

Notes: 1. Made soon after "Cleaning Up" (also starring George Gee). This began
          production for British Lion at Beaconsfield in February 1933 with
          release in May.  During July 1933 filming began on "Strike It Rich",
          again for British Lion at Beaconsfield and again with Leslie Hiscott
          directing Gee, Astell and Burnaby from a Michael Barringer story.

       2. George Gee was born in Yorkshire during 1898 and joined the theatre
          at the age of sixteen.  In 1919 he entered films with a small role 
          in the drama "The Right Element".  After a five year theatrical stint
          in Australia, George Gee returned to male leads in sucessful West End
          musical shows like "The Boy Friend" and "Rio Rita". He appeared in the
          1928 silent comedy film "Weekend Wives" (on 9.5mm as a 2 reeler).
       3. George Gee made a few cinema appearances up to 1940, then concentrated
          on a stage career.  He died of a heart attack in 1959 while appearing
          on stage in "The Merry Widow" at Coventry. 
       4. An excerpt was projected on 9.5mm sound at the National Film Theatre
          in February 1999 when Grahame Newnham and Dave Wyatt gave a show
          entitled "They Survive On Nine-Five".       
(Extra Info gratefully added from Maurice Trace)       ZT-9129/gln/10.11.2013

 The 9.5mm sound films "Strike It Rich" GB 1933 and "Cleaning Up" GB 1933
 with George Gee and Gina Malo are still available (Dec2014) on one DVD at
  £7.95 plus 85p UK postage (UK cheques payable G.L. Newnham) from
  G.L. Newnham, 22 Warren Place, Calmore, Southampton, SO40 2SD



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