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actual 9.5mm film frame

"They Survive On Ninefive" - prints of this film appear to only exist on the 9.5mm film 
T.9127 (5 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope sometime in 1941; withdrawn Dec1952) 
"FINE FEATHERS"                    GB May1937   Director: Leslie S. Hiscott
--------------                     British Lion Production
68mins B/W Cert "U"                Produced by: Herbert Smith
(Approx 40mins on 9.5mm)           Released by: British Lion Film Corporation Ltd
Produced at Brtish Lion Studios, Beaconsfield, Bucks, England
Screenplay by: Michael Barringer   Art Director: Norman Arnold
Photography: George Stretton       Camera: Harry Rose 
Sound Engineer: Harold King        Musical Director: John Borelli
Film Editor: Arthur Tavares        Assistant Director: Arthur Alcott
Song: (maybe others in the original full length film release?)
 "I'll Step Out Of the Picture" sung by Renee Houston & Donald Stewart (in the 9.5mm print) 
   Renee Houston   Donald Stewart 
Cast:   Renee Houston ............. Teenie McPherson
        Donald Stewart ............ Jim Warren
        Frances L. Sullivan ....... Hugo Steinway
        Rob Wilton ................ Tim McPherson
        Jack Hobbs ................ Felix
        Marcelle Roger ............ Mme Barescon
        Henry Victor .............. Gibbons
        Stella Arbenina ........... Elizabeth
        Charles Denny, Lilian Lane       
  Following a picnic, Teenie McPherson is stranded in the Surrey countryside 
after the coach leaves without her.  When a storm blows up, she seeks shelter
in a nearby mansion and meets Jim Warren - an executive for an American
financial syndicate wanting to invest in the country of Boravia.  However
people resent their Crown Prince's affair with cabaret artist Madame Barescon
and plot to get rid of her.  The authorities have announced the hated woman 
has left the country and is now living in England.  The government sends Hugo
Steinway to confirm this - but Madame is still in Boravia, secretly living 
with the Crown Prince.  When Hugo arrives at the mansion, Teenie, who looks
like Barescon, impersonates the cabaret singer.  To further the deception, she
travels to Paris to appear at Steinway's nightclub.  While she is performing,
the real Madame Barescon arrives ......

 Watch my 9.5mm sound film print of "Fine Feathers" complete on You Tube 20May2014

Notes:  1. This was listed in the March 1941 issue of the Pathéscope Monthly
           as a "Future Presentation To Be Issued Soon".
        2. One song: "I'll Step Out Of the Picture" sung by Renee Houston and
           Donald Stewart.  Were there others in the full length feature?
        3. The opening section of the film is omitted from the 9.5mm print which
           begins just as the coach drives off, stranding Teenie in the countryside.
        4. At the start of the 9.5mm print, a notice appears:- "The Story of this Film
           and all names, characters and places mentioned therein are purely imaginary".
           Although such disclaimers are common in films, this is the only 9.5mm sound
           print where one is placed at the beginning before the main credits and also
           occupies a full frame.  (The suspicion must be that it was placed there by
           Pathéscope.  The notice is followed by "Pathéscope Presents" and then the
           original main titles.  It appears over the music to the British Lion opening
           logo.  King Edward V111's abdication was a few years prior to the 9.5 release,
           perhaps somebody was still sensitive about stories featuring a Royal Mistress!
        5. In her autobiography ("Don't Fence Me In") Renee Houston wrote: "Fine Feathers
           should have been called Ruffled Feathers because I was distintly unhappy about
           the whole film from the start.  To begin with there was this fellow Donald
           Stewart, an American actor.  He was eight years younger than me and that didn't
           please me much as I was supposed to be doing a love scene with him.  I was 
           rather less than civil and he thought I was a rude self-opinionated bitch".
           After filming finished, the pair teamed up for a variety act and later married!
(Extra Info gratefully added from Maurice Trace)         ZT-9127/gln/20.05.2014

  The 9.5mm sound feature film "Fine Feathers" GB 1937 Directed by Leslie Hiscott
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