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Actual 9.5mm film frames


Released by Pathéscope sometime after March 1941 on 9.5mm sound as T.9112 (6 reels)
(it just gets a small mention under future presentations in the double page March 1941 Pathéscope Monthly
- the last Pathéscope Monthly to be printed in wartime)

"They Survive On Ninefive" - prints of this film appear to only exist on the 9.5mm film gauge
T.9112 (6 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope sometime after Matrch 1941) 
"KEEP IT QUIET"  GB Mar1934       Produced by: Herbert Smith
 Directed by: Leslie Hiscott          Assistant Director: Arthur Alcott
 Screenplay: Michael Barringer from his own story
 Photography: Alex Bryce, Harry Rose  Art Direction: Norman G. Arnold
 Sound Engineer: Harold King          Film Editor: Arthur Tavares
 A British Lion Production            Filmed at Beaconsfield Studios
 64 minutes B/W "U" certificate

 Cast: Frank Pettingell ......... Joe Puddlefoot
       Jane Carr ................ Nancy
       Davy Burnaby ............. Sir Charles Good
       Cyril Raymond ............ Jack
       D.A. Clarke-Smith ........ Vendervell
       Bertha Belmore ........... Mrs Puddlefoot
       Brian Buchell ............
       Hal Walters .............. 

Joe Puddlefoot, married to puritanical Emma, has fling with glamorous Charmaine, who is involved with crooks stealing valuable Jade collection (Presto DVD sleeve)

Joe (Frank Pettingell) is blackmailed by a gang of crooks into acting as their 'link man' in his nephew's house, where they plan to make a big jewel haul. But Joe, posing as the butler, manages to turn the tables. Well played, indifferently scripted comedy. (David Quinlan - British Sonnd Films)

Henpecked husband Joe Puddlefoot falls into the hands of two con men who enlist his help in burgling from Sir Charles Good by having Joe pose as a new butler. He is saved from disgrace by the intervention of his daughter and her boyfriend. (International Film Database)

Northerner Joe Puddlefoot is married to the puritanical Emma but travels to London for a fling wth the glamorous Charmaine. She is in league with a gang of crooks who pose as police and arrest Joe for consorting with "an enemy agent". Their leader, Venderwell, pretends to be a top British spy master and dupes Puddlefoot into posing as the new butler at the house of Sir Charles Good, whose valuable collection of Jades, the gang plans to steal. Good's daughter, Nancy, is in love with Puddlefoot's nephew Jack Merriman. Meanwhile Sir Charles is trying to persuade Nancy to marry Count Luxor, whom Puddlefoot mistakes for an enemy spy. After a series of complications, the tables are turned and the crooks thwarted. (Maurice Trace 9.5mm Sound Catalogue)

Jane Carr

Other notes:

1. Released by Pathéscope sometime after Marxch 1941, just a small mention in the double sheet wartime news letter. Oddly enough, I am unable to find this listed in either the various 1940s printed film lists, the 1941 Pathescope illustrated film catalogue, or the later proper illustrated printed film catalogues from 1952 onwards. Perhaps only a few prints were produced before the title was withdrawn?

2. Cut by Pathéscope for the 9.5mm sound release from 64 minutes to around 48 minutes long.


A DVD of a transfer from the
Pathéscope 9.5mm 6 reel release of
"Keep It Quiett", with a few extras
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