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Actual 9.5mm film frames


Released by Pathéscope September 1940 on 9.5mm sound as T.9111 (6 reels)
(it just gets a small mention under future film issues in the single sheet Aug/Sept Pathéscope Monthly!)

The original film boxes, as supplied by Pathéscope Ltd

"They Survive On Ninefive" - prints of this film appear to only exist on the 9.5mm film gauge
T.9111 (6 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope September 1940) 
"IT'S YOU I WANT"  GB Oct1936   Produced by: Herbert Smith
 Directed by: Ralph Ince
 Screenplay: Cyril Campion          Based on the play by Maurice Braddell
 Photography: George Stretton       Art Direction: Norman G. Arnold
 Camera: Harry Rose 
 A British Lion Production          Filmed at Beaconsfield Studios
 73 minutes B/W "A" certificate

 Cast: Seymour Hicks ............ Victor Delaney
       Marie Löhr ............... Constance Gilbert
       Hugh Wakefield ........... Otto Gilbert
       Jane Carr ................ Melisande
       Lesley Wareing ........... Anne Vernon
       H.G. Stoker .............. Braille
       Gerald Barry ............. Major Entwhistle
       Ronald Waters ............ Jimmy Watts
       Dorothy Hamilton ......... Lady Maureen

Victor Delaney, ageing philanderer, falls for young Anne Vernon, but there is confusion as present and previous lovers besiege his flat. (Presto DVD sleeve)

Stagey, but funny comedy about a middle-aged philanderer, Victor (played by Seymour Hicks) who falls in love with a young girl Anne Vernon (Lesley Wareing) , but is hard put to escape the attentions of an old(er) flame (Jane Carr), especially when he finds them both occupying his flat. Well handled belly-laugh situation farce. (David Quinlan - British Sonnd Films)

In this provocative, piquant story Victor Delaney, a middle-aged philanderer, falls in love at sight with Anne, a young girl and, in order to escape from an old acquaintance, wife of his friend,Otto Gilbert, he arranges to spend a holiday in Scotland. Otto decides to take over Victor's flat for lady friend Melisande. Otto's wife calls to say good-bye, next Anne puts in an appearance followed by boy-friend Jimmy, while to cap the lot Major Entwhisle, Melisande's husnand, calls unexpectedly. Vioctor has an hilarious time straightening out the tangle. (Pathéscope Film Catalogue)

Seymour Hicks Marie Lohr Hugh Wakefield

Other notes:

1. Released by Pathéscope Sept 1940, just a small mention in the single sheet wartime news letter. This title had dissapeared from the Pathéscope film catalogue by 1953.

2. Cut by Pathéscope for the 9.5mm sound release from 73 minutes to around 50 minutes long.

3. Apart from a garden party sequence, the action is mainly confined to one room of a flat.

4. The play was first staged at Daly's Theatre in London where it ran for eight months. Seymour Hicks and H.G. Stoker were the only two actors to reprise their roles in the film. (H.G. stood for Hew Gordon. He was a distinguished naval commander in both wars) In 1937 Hicks staged the play again at the Cambridge Theatre with himself once more in the lead, plus Jane Carr and Ronald Waters playing their film roles.

5. Ralph Ince, a leading man and director in Hollywood silent films, was the brother of top American film pioneer Thomas Ince. Ralph came to Britain in the Thirties to both act and direct. He died in 1937 (aged 50) following a car crash outside the Albert Hall.

(Extra info. gratefully included from 9.5mm researcher 'extraordinaire' Maurice Trace)


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