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Actual 9.5mm optical sound print

T.9105 (6 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope Aug/Sept 1940) 
"RADIO LOVER"                 GB Nov1936   Dir: Austin Melford, Paul Capon
-------------                 A City Film Corporation Production
64mins B/W Cert "U"           Produced by: Ernest King
(Approx 50mins on 9.5mm)      Associated British Film Distributors
Produced at Elstree and later British International (see note below)
Screenplay: Ian Dalrymple     Story by: Elma Dangerfield
Photography: Ronald Neame     Music by: Eric Spear
Re-issued (UK) in 1953 by Equity British  
Songs: (in the 9.5mm print) include:
 "How Would You Like To Be Loved" - played by the Orchestra over the credits
                                    and later sung by Wylie Watson
 "Goodbye For the Present" - sung by Wylie Watson and later by Betty-Ann Davies
 "Divided In Two" - "sung" by Jack Melford (miming to dubbed voice of Wylie Watson)
 "Drink To Me Only" - sung by Wylie Watson 
Cast:   Betty-Ann Davies ........ Wendy Maradyck
        Jack Melford ............ Reggie Clifford
        Wylie Watson ............ Joe Morrison
        Ann Penn ................ Miss Oliphant
        Cynthia Stock ........... Miss Swindon
        Gerald Barry ............ Sir Hector
        Max Faber ............... Brian Maradyck
        Eric Pavitt ............. Boy (uncredited)
        Baby Maureen ............ (uncredited) 
         Betty-Ann Davies       Wylie Watson      
A young man with good looks (Jack Melford) and a partner with a superb 
singing voice (Wylie Watson) hoax a radio station and the listening public
under the title "Radio Lover".  Sundry vicissitudes, born of the great
wangle, follow officialdom's suspicions and a lucrative variety contract
finally points the way out of the tangle.  Mirth and music in a brilliant
comedy (Pathéscope Monthly Aug/Sept 1940)

Notes: 1. The voice of Wylie Watson was almost certainly dubbed by Pat O'Malley.
          He was a popular dance band vocalist of the 1930s who later went to
          Hollywood and carved out a second career as an Irish character actor
          (using the name J. Pat O'Malley to distinguish himself from another
          actor called Pat O'Malley). 
       2. Eric Spear is best remembered today as the composer of the theme tune
          for TV's "Coronation Street"

       3. In February 1936 a big fire broke out at the studios in Elstree causing
          over £500,000 of damage. It was first seen at 2am on a Sunday morning
          and the cause was unknown.  All the sets and dresses of "Radio Lover"
          were destroyed.  The film later recommenced shooting at the British
          International Studios.

       4. John Wylie Watson was born 6 February 1889 in Lanarkshire, Scotland. 
          He began as a juvenile soprano vocalist in the late 1890s in a family
          act. He didn't start in films until 1929 when "discovered" in Hollywood
          whilst on a vacation. After one small film role he returned to the UK.
          Wylie Watson is best remembered as "Mr Memory" in "The 39 Steps".
          Whylie Watson retired from acting in 1952 (except for a small part in
          Fred Zinnemann's "The Sundowners" (1960) and emigrated to Australia,
          where he died in May 1966.
(Extra info with thanks from Maurice Trace and IMDb)       ZT-9105/gln/09.11.2013


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