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T.9103 (6 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope March 1940) 
"LAND WITHOUT MUSIC"          GB Oct1936     Dir: Walter Forde
--------------------          A Capitol Films Production
80mins B/W Cert "U"           Produced by: Max Schach
(Approx 50mins on 9.5)        Released by: Twickenham Film Distributors
Produced at Denham Studios, UK
Story by: Fritz Koselka, Armin Robinson
Adaptation: Rudolph Bernauer  Screenplay: Marion Dix, L. du Garde Peach
Additional Dialogue: Eric Maschwitz, Ernest Betts
Assistant Dir: Roy Goddard    Photography: John W. Boyle
Camera: Donald Galli-Hatchard
Art Dir: Frederick Pusey      Costumes Designer: Cathleen Mann
Music Composed by: Oscar Straus
Musical Dir: Van Philips      Lyrics: Clifford Grey
Film Editing: Lynn Harrison
Sound Dir: A.W. Watkins       Sound Recording: H.G. Cape
Songs: (songs included in the Pathescope 9.5mm optical sound print)
 "The Coach Song"; "You Must Have Music"; "Heaven In A Song"; 
 "Smile For Me"; "Simple Little Melody"; "March Of the Musicians"
 all sung by Richard Tauber.  A male chorus performs "Fernando".
Richard Tauber, Jimmy Durante, June Clyde                  June Clyde amd Jimmy Durante
The early 19th Century: The Princess Regent of Lucco, a Ruritanian country,
finds the state is penniless because the citizens spend their time making music
instead of working.  She bans all melody to force the people to work and so
repay a huge debt to Austria.  Mario Carlini, the famous tenor, leads a revolt
with a secret concert in a forest cave.  He not only changes the mind of the
Princess, but also wins her heart.
Cast:   Richard Tauber ......... Mario Carlini
        Diane Napier ........... Princess Regent
        Jimmy Durante .......... Jonah J. Whistler
        June Clyde ............. Sadie Whistler
        Derrick de Marney ...... Rudolph Strozzi
        Esme Percy ............. Ambassador
        George Hayes ........... Captain Strozzi
        John Hepworth .......... Pedro
        Edward Rigby ........... Maestro
        George Carney .......... Warder
        Ivan Wilmot ............ Chief Bandit
        Robert Naimby .......... Minister For War
        Joe Monkhouse .......... Finance Minister
        Quinton McPherson ...... Customs Officer
        Evelyn Ankers .......... (unbilled)
  Cinema poster  American release

 Watch songs from my 16mm print on You Tube:   30Oct2013
 See Richard Tauber biography on Wikipedia:   

  Richard Tauber   Cigarette card
        1. Excerts from the film were issued by Pathescope in 1 reel 9.5mm musical shorts:
           "Multum In Parvo" - Richard Tauber sings "Simple Little Melody"
           "Pathe Vox Review No.4" - Tauber sings "You Must Have Music"
           "Pathe Vox Review No.5" - Tauber sings "Heaven In a Song"
           "Pathe Vox Review No.6" - Tauber sings "Simple Little Melody"
           "Lights Out & the Stars Appear" a 9.5mm promotional film made by Group 9.5
           includes the scene where Tauber arrives in his coach at the border of Lucco.

       2. Missing from the 9.5mm print are most of the romantic scenes between June
          Clyde and Derrick de Marney - notably a sequence in the robbers' cave. 
          Another omission is the scene where Carlini breaks out of jail and then
          serenades the Princess under her balcony (a reprise of "Simple Little Melody")
          before returning to prison. Also gone is much of the climax as the population
          stages a revolution and march to release Carlini.

       3. The film was trade shown in October 1936, but did not receive a general
          UK cinema release until April 1937.  It appeared on 9.5mm less than three
          years later.  When released in the USA (as "Forbidden Music") the running
          time was cut to only 54 minutes.  The American PCA (the film industry's
          censors) passsed the film subject to "the elimination of a shot showing
          sex organs of a child being bathed". 

       4. The role of Jonah J. Whistler was originally set for Eugene Pallette. He
          went to Denham Studios on the first day of shooting but then walked out.
          Jimmy Durante was performing at the London Palladium that week, so a deal
          was quickly set up and "Schnozzle" took over the part.  Ernest Betts, who
          worked on the film, noted Durante "enlivened a dull script by inserting
          many witty lines".  Also it was a hot summer and when Jimmy got back to
          the Savoy Hotel each night, he took off all his clothes and threw himself
          on the bed, exclaiming "It's moider! It's moider" Get me an iceboig!"

       5. This was one of the first films to have its music recorded in the newly
          built Denham Studios.  The production cost of the feature was £70,000.
       6. Ricard Tauber was born in Linz, Austria 16 May 1891 to Elisabeth Seiffert
          an unmarried actress, his father Richard Anton Tauber later enabled him
          to join the Dresden Opera.  Soon Tauber became popular throughout Germany
          and Austria in operas by Mozart and Strauss. Later when the Nazis took
          over he became naturalised British and lived in the UK until his death
          in London from lung cancer 8 January 1948. 

       7. Richard Tauber and Diane Napier were married in June 1936 - four months
          before the release of this film.

       8. The person billed as "George Hayes" was a British actor and not the 
          George "Gabby" Hayes of American westerns.  In a small part is Evelyn
          Ankers, who later moved to Hollywood and became a leading lady in horror
          movies  such as "The Wolf Man" and "Ghost Of Frankenstein".
       9. "Land Without Music" was issued uncut as a Super 8mm feature film release
          by Dave West of DCR Films, Isle of Wight, UK.  He also released two, one
          reel Super 8mm films "Tauber Sings For You" & "Tauber Sings Again" with
          songs from the feature.  
(Extra info. gratefully sourced from Maurice Trace & Denis Gifford) ZT-9103/gln/27.10.2013

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