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T.9101 (6 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope December 1939) 
"WHEN KNIGHTS WERE BOLD"       GB Feb1936     Dir: Jack Raymond
------------------------       A Capitol Film Corporation Production
76mins B/W Cert "U"            Produced by: Max Schach & C.M. Woolf
(Approx 48/52mins on 9.5)      Released by: General Film Distributors
Produced at British and Dominions Studios, Elstree, Herts, England, UK
Screenplay by: Douglas Furber & Austin Parker 
Story (1906 play) by: Harriet Jay (as Charles Marlowe)
Art Director: Wilfred Arnold   Photography: F.(Freddie) A. Young
Editing: Frederick Wilson      Sound: John S. Dennis
Production Manager: John Harlow
Music Director: Harry Perrit
Musical Numbers:Maurice Sigler,Al Goodhart & Al Hoffman,George Windeatt & Harry Perrit

 "Ler's Put the People To Work" sung by Jack Buchanan
 "Onward We Go" sung by Buchanan & soldiers' chorus (abridged in 9.5mm print)
 "I'm Still Dreaming" sung by Jack Buchanan (cut from 9.5mm feature but in a Vox Review)
 Jack Buchanan does a 'soft-shoe' dance to "I'm Still Dreaming" (also cut 
      from the 9.5mm feature release but in a Vox Review - see note 8 below))
Cast:   Jack Buchanan ........... Sir Guy de Vere
        Fay Wray ................ Lady Rowena
        Garry Marsh ............. Brian Ballymote
        Kate Cutler ............. Aunt Agatha
        Martita Hunt ............ Aunt Esther
        Robert Horton ........... Cousin Bertie
        Aubrey Mather ........... The Canon
        Aubrey Fitzgerald ....... Barker, the butler
        Robert Nainby ........... Whittle, the "boy"
        Moore Marriott .......... Tramp
        Charles Paton ........... The Mayor
        Wilfred Fletcher, John Mortimer, Micheal Wilding, Terry Thomas
Jack returns from a commission in India to claim his family inheritance,
but his relatives are none too friendly, except the lovely Lady Rowena.
After a drunken evening spent with a passing tramp, a bump on the head
sends Sir Guy back to the 1400s and the golden age of chivalry.

There are some good comedy touches, the fantasy 'back-in-time scenes
are slmost Monty Python in style.  Well worth viewing!
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     Fay Wray and Jack Buchanan
Watch Jack Buchanan numbers on You Tube:  24Oct2013

Notes: 1. The film was re-issued in the UK in 1942 by Pioneer Exclusives and again
          in 1947 by Ambassador Film Productions.

       2. Location shooting was at Warwick Castle, including scenes filmed in the
          Great Hall.  The castle exterior used for the battle sequences was built
          for the film at Herbert Wilcox's British & Dominions Studios at Elstree.

       3. Both Micheal Wilding and Terry Thomas were extras in this film.  In the
          battle scenes Terry Thomas is stabbed to death by Wilding playing a Saxon.

       4. The movie was based on a play "When Knights Were Bold" written by Charles
          Marlowe (a pen name for Miss Harriet Jay). It had been previously filmed
          in 1918 (directed by Maurice Elvey) and 1929 (produced by Herbert Wilcox).
       A poster used in the Radio Times  

       5. Debonair and suave leading man Jack Buchanan was born in Scotland in 1891
          and started his stage career at the age of 12. Jack developed into a light
          comedian and song and dance man. He entered silent films in the 1920s and
          the 1929 "Toni" is on 9.5mm, although heavily shortened.  With the coming
          of sound he came into the top drawer with films like "Goodnight Vienna".
          Later Hollywood called and he is probably best known for "The Band Wagon"
          where he starred with Fred Astaire.

       6. Fay Wray, a Canadian, entered films in 1923. In the talkies she hit the
          big time in horror and thriller pictures. She is best known as the heroine
          in the classic "King Kong" US 1933 (also released on French 9.5mm sound).

       7. Some of the original 9.5mm prints begin with the Censors Certificate ("U")
          Pathéscope did this on many 9.5mm sound shorts issued before 1940 but it
          is rare on 9.5mm sound features

       8. Two musical numbers are cut from the 9.5mm feature release but appear in
          9.5mm Vox Review musical shorts:- "I'm Still Dreaming" sung by Jack Buchanan
          in his car is in T.9601 "Pathé Vox Review Number 4"; the Buchanan 'soft-shoe'
          dance is in T.9602 "Pathé Vox Review Number 5".

          These clips can be cut back into the 9.5mm feature print - the song "I'm 
          Still Dreaming" goes in at the lab. splice between reels 2 & 3 - after the
          family go to bed leaving him with nothing to do (then Guy goes out to the
          car to listen to the radio - cut from the 9.5mm print) - after the song it
          is morning at the castle - Sir Guy is talking to the 'boy'.

          The 'soft-shoe' dance clip occurs after Sir Guy has returned to the castle
          with a tramp, some armour falls over and he goes back in time.  The clip
          goes in after servants come in and Guy says "Run along back to your fancy
          dress ball" (next a trumpeter and Lady Rowena enter, but this is cut from
          the 9.5mm print) so the next scene after the dance clip is the Council of
          War meeting.

          (Even with the clips added, the film still fits on the 900ft spools OK.)
(Info edited from gln, Maurice Trace and Denis Gifford)       ZT-9101/gln/23.10.2013

A somewhat misleading poster on Amazon, pirated from the original Swedish film
poster for the film (titled there as Bland Bålde Riddersmän) by Gosta Aberg


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