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T.9056 (6 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope September 1939) 
"JUGGERNAUT"                  GB 8Sept1936    Dir: Henry Edwards
------------                  Executive Producer: Edward L. Alperson
74mins B/W Cert "A"           Produced by: Julius Hagan
(Approx 50mins on 9.5)        Released by: Wardour Films in the UK
Produced at Twickenham Studios, England (UK)
Based on the novel "Juggernaut" (1928) by: Alice Campbell
Adapted for the screen by: Cyril Campion & H. Fowler Mear
Adaptation by: Heinrich Fraenkel
Photography: Sidney Blythe, William Luffe
Art Director: James A. Carter
Musical Score & Direction: W.L.Trytel
Film Editing: Michael C. Chorlton
Sound Department: Baynham Honri
First released in the USA April 1937 by Grand National 
 and re-issued there as "The Demon Doctor"
 Cinema poster
Doctor Victor Sartorius, a dedicated but dying medical researcher working in
Morocco, becomes frustrated when his funding is cut off and his experiments
ended. He is approached by Lady Yvonne Clifford, the young and beautiful wife
of wealthy but aging aristocrat Sir Charles Clifford. She has been carrying 
on an affair with a gold-digging army captain and offers Sartorius the £20,000
he needs to continue his research if he will become her husband's personal
physician and covertly murder him.  When Sir Charles' son Roger enters the
picture, it is clear that he is marked for death too.  Only Sartorius'
altruistic nurse Eve Rowe stands in the way. (many thanks to "duke" IMDb)
Cast:   Boris Karloff .......... Doctor Sartorius
        Joan Wyndham ........... Eve Rowe
        Arthur Margetson ....... Roger Clifford
        Mona Goya .............. Yvonne Clifford
        Anthony Ireland ........ Capt. Arthur Halliday
        Morton Selten .......... Sir Charles Clifford
        Nina Boucicault ........ Mary Clifford
        Gibb McLaughlin ........ Jacques
        J.H. Roberts ........... Chalmers
        Victor Rietti .......... Doctor Bousquet        

         US cinema poster
 Watch the complete film (American release) on You Tube:    

Notes: 1. In their advertisements Pathéscope insisted that despite the presence
          of Boris Karloff, this was decidedly not a horror film and should be
          welcomed by all Vox owners. 

       2. Pathéscope omitted the opening scenes which saw Dr. Sartorius leaving
          Morocco due to lack of research funding.  He sets off for the south
          of France and the 9.5mm print starts with the "Cote D'Azure" intertitle,
          but then misses out the next scenes, which were set in a casino where
          Lady Clifford's lover (Captain Halliday)loses heavily.  9.5mm resumes
          with the doctor working in his laboratory.

       3. The 35mm credits mis-spelt names such as "Antony" Ireland, Morton
          "Setten" and "Mina" Boucicault.  In addition "J H Roberts" was billed
          as "H H Roberts".

       4. "Juggernaut" now appears to have received cult status - an article was
          devoted to it in the American book "Son Of Guilty Pleasures Of the 
          Horror Film" (Midnight Marquee Press).  Writer Nathalie Yafes claimed
          that in this film "Doors play a pivital role.  There are 34 entrances
          and 21 exits".
       5. The American PCA (the film industry's censors) rejected the movie
          because "it is filled with conspiracy, crime, murder and loose living
          without compensating moral values or punishment at the hands of the
          law".  The distributors agreed to cuts of over 700 feet.  However the
          British censors took a different view.  The normally very strict and
          prudish Miss N Shortit reported, "The nationality of Sartorius, the
          villain doctor, is not expressed and therefore I do not think any
          medical authorities should take exception".

       6. Boris Karloff's third feature in Britain, filmed 25April-6June 1936,
          quickly following "The Man Who Changed His Mind".  He returned to
          Hollywood to shoot "Charlie Chan At the Opera".

       7. Shortly after making this film Karloff reflected on his career and
          commented "My God - I've got to do better next time.  That last thing
          (Juggernaut) was awful".
(Extra info. gratefully sourced from Maurice Trace)  ZT-9056/gln/08.11.2013

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