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9.5mm film frame

"They Survive On Ninefive" - prints of this film appear to only exist on the 9.5mm (& 17.5mm) film gauges
T.9053 (6 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope March 1939) 
Also T.7053 (8 reel 17.5mm sound release by Pathéscope in the mid 1930s) 
"CHARING CROSS ROAD"              GB July1935    Dir: Albert de Courville
--------------------              Producer: Herbert Smith
72mins B/W Cert "U"               Produced by: British Lion Film Corporation
(Approx 47mins on 9.5mm)          Released by: British Lion Film Distributors
Produced at British Lion Studios, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England (UK)
Based on a 1934 radio play by: Clay and Gladys Keyes
Script by: Clifford Grey and Con West
Photography by: Harry Rose and Philip Tannera
Art Director: Norman G. Arnold    Music by: Percival Mackay 
Film Editing: Hugh Stewart and Arthur Tavares
Sound: Harold V. King             Assistant Director: Arthur Alcott
(Re-issued in the British Isles by Equity British in 1939) 
Landlord Mac tells a rising young musical musical comedy duo (Tony and Pam)
the story of an earlier performer Jimmy O'Donnell, who let success go to
his head.
Musical numbers in the 9.5mm print:
 "I'm Going To Call You Sweetheart" (sung by John Mills & June Clyde)
 "The Roadway Of Romance" (sung by June Clyde)
 "Buttercups And Daisies" (sung by Derek Oldham)
 "The Night That She Cried In My Beer" (sung by C.Denier Warren)
 "The Roadway Of Romance" (sung by Belle Baker)
                 John Mills and June Clyde
Cast:    John Mills ........... Tony
         June Clyde ........... Pam
         Derek Oldham ......... Jimmy O'Connell
         Belle Baker .......... Belle
         Jean Colin ........... Cherry
         Arthur Sinclair ...... Mac
         Garry Marsh .......... Berry
         C.Denier Warren ...... Salesman
         Coral Browne ......... Lady Ruston
         Charles Heslop ....... Langdon
         Alfred Wellesley ..... Producer
         Judy Kelly ........... Vera
         Wally Patch .......... (uncredited)
         Vic Wise ............. (uncredited)
         Louis Darnley ........ (uncredited)
March 1939 Pathéscope Monthly page        

 Watch a few nusical numbers from my 9.5mm print on You Tube: 17Dec2013
 (June Ckyde & John Mills sing "I'm Going To Call You Sweetheart" & "The Roadway Of Romance";
  Belle Baker sings "The Roadway Of Romance"; then the film's finale.)
(A DVD of my 9.5mm sound print is available on my sales lists at £7.95 plus 95p towards UK postage)  

Notes: 1. The Belle Baker number snd the singing / dancing finale with John Mills
          and June Clyde were projected on 9.5mm sound at the National Film
          Theatre in February 1999 when Grahame Newnham and Dave Wyatt gave a
          show and talk called "They Survive On Nine-Five".

       2. Pathéscope also issued "Charing Cross Road" on the 17.5mm home movie
          film gauge as T.7053 - an 'eight reeler' - maybe complete.

       3. The film takes its title from the road in the West End of London famous
          for bookshops (hence the book and later film "84 Charing Cross Road")
          and around Denmark Street, the hub of the British music business -
          known as "Tin Pan Alley".   Mostly now gone because of the internet.

       4. John Mills (later Sir John Mills OBE) (22February1908 to 23April2005)
          was a famous British actor who appeared in more than 120 films in a 
          career spanning seven decades.
       5. June Clyde, born 02Dec1909 in St.Joseph,Missouri,USA; at 7 appeared in
          vaudeville as Baby Terrazini, later in stage musicals & films by 1929.
          Married film director Thornton Freeland in 1930. Whilst he was working
          in the UK she appeared in many British films and on the London stage.
          This very attractive and vivacious actress can also be seen on 9.5mm
          sound in: T.9103 "Land Without Music" & T.9136 "She Shall Have Music"
          She died in 01Oct1987 at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.
       6. Belle Baker (born New York Ciry 1893-died 1957 Los Angeles, California)
          was an American singer and actress, one of the great vaudeville stars
          of the Jazz Age.  Born Belle Becker, she rose to fame as a vaudeville
          vocalist, appearing on Broadway and in nightclubs, films, radio and
          television.  She introduced Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies" in the
          Ziegfeld production which ran for 39 performances from December 28th
          1926 to January 29th 1927.  She died of a heart attack in 1957.  
(Extra info. gratefully sourced from Maurice Trace)  ZT-9053/gln/08.12.2013



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