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Released by Pathéscope August 1938 on 9.5mm sound as T.9041 (4 reels) - price £8-5sh.

"MIDSHIPMAN EASY" GB Oct1935        Directed by: Carol Reed
 77 minutes B/W Cert "U"            Produced by: Thorold Dickinson
 (approx 34mins on 9.5mm)           An A.T.P. Production
 Released by: A.B.F.D.
 Released in the USA in 1951 as "Men Of the Sea"
 Screen Play: Anthony Kimmins - based on the 1836 Captain Marryat novel
 Dialogue Direction:Tyrone Guthrie  Continuity: Peggy Thompson
 Photography: John W. Boyle         Art Direction: Edward Carrick
 Original Music: Frederick Austin   Musical Director: Ernest Irving
 Film Editing: Sidney Cole          Sound Recording: Eric Williams
 Assistant Direction: Cecil Dixon
 Production & Editorial Supervision: Thorold Dickinson

       Hughie Green ............... Jack Easy
       Margaret Lockwood .......... Donna Agnes
       Harry Tate ................. Mr Biggs
       Robert Adams ............... Mesty
       Roger Livesey .............. Captain Wilson
       Dennis Wyndham ............. Don Silvio
       Lewis Casson ............... Mr Easy
       Tom Gill ................... Gascoine
       Frederick Burtwell ......... Mr Easthupp
       Desmond Tester ............. Gossett
       Dorothy Holmes-Gore ........ Mrs Easy
       Norman Walker, Arnold Lucy, Esme Church, Arthur Hambling            

Naval adventure in the days of Nelson - Young Jack Easy, a midshipman on HMS Harpy, leads a team which captures a Spanish vessel and frees nobleman Don Rebiera and his daughter Donna Agnes. Jack saves the boat from being wrecked in a storm, but then mistakenly fires on the Harpy. Later Easy is involved in a triangular pistol duel and captures infamous bandit Don Silvio. The villain escapes from a convict ship and attacks the home of Don Rebiera. Jack and some of his colleagues defend the property until the crew of the Harpy come to the rescue. Bandit Don Silvio is killed by Mesty, a giant sailor who has befriended Jack Easy.

Robert Adams (Mesty) and Hughie Green (Jack Easy)

Exciting action on the coast of Sicily - or is it somewhere near Portland Bill, Dorset, UK!!

  1. The first four reeler on 9.5mm optical sound.  Pathéscope in the UK also released
     the film as four reels 9.5mm silent and four reels 17.5mm optical sound.
     The shortening entailed many lengthy sub-titles inserted by Pathéscope to explain
     gaps in the narrative. Some of the sequences omitted in the 9.5mm print include:-
       * The opening visit of Captain Wilson to the Easy household and Jack's wish to
          join the Navy.
       * Jack's initial clash on the ship "Harpy" with Wilson.
       * Don Ribiera and family leaving the Spanish vessel and much of the subsequent
          storm scenes.
       * Jack's return to the "Harpy" followed by the start of the dispute over money
          found on the captured Spanish ship and the lead-up to the duel.
       * A scene in a wagon between Hughie Green and Margaret Lockwood (just after 
          she has been rescued from Don Silvio) and the next section back in the town
          where Wilson has arrived.

  2. The film was made at Ealing Studios by Basil Dean's Associated Talking Pictures.

  3. The film was released in the USA in 1951 by Astor Pictures as "Men Of the Sea".

  4. Much of the location shooting was done on the Isle of Portland, near Weymouth,
     (in Dorset, UK) in and around the disused stone quarries. 

  5. The first picture to be directed solo by Carol Reed, who went on to fame with
     films like "The Third Man", "Odd Man Out" and "Oliver!".

  6. Some sources name Basil Dean as one of the producers, but only Thorold Dickinson
     appears on the actual film credits.

  7. Robert Adams, who plays Mesty, was once Britain's leading black actor. A headmaster
     in British Guyana before coming to England, he took up wrestling and became 
     Heavyweight Champion of The British Empire.  Robert turned to acting in the 1930s
     and later qualified as a barrister.

  8. A sea shanty "All the Way Home" is sung by a male choir over the opening credits
     and "The End" titles. 
  (Extra information from the late Dennis Gifford and film historian extraordinaire Maurice Trace)

  Look for the original 1836 novel "Mr Midshipman Easy" by Captain Frederick Marryat

The film itself has now been released on DVD in the UK by Network in a four film
"Ealing Rarities - Volume 2" DVD package - try MovieMail, UK Amazon etc.)

Watch the film "Midshipman Easy" on You Tube


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