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9.5mm film frame

"They Survive On Ninefive" - prints appear to only exist on the 9.5mm (& 17.5mm) film gauges
T.9037 - 5 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope March 1939
Also T.7037 - 5 reel 17.5mm sound release by Pathescope April 1939
               (the last 17.5mm film to be released in the UK) 
"THE GREEN PACK"                   GB Oct1934   Director: T. Hayes Hunter
---------------                    British Lion Production
72mins B/W Cert "A"                Produced by: Herbert Smith
(Approx 44mins on 9.5mm/17.5mm)    Released by: British Lion Film Corporation Ltd
Produced at Brtish Lion Studios, Beaconsfield, Bucks, England
Screenplay by: John Hunter
Based on the play "The Green Pack" (1932) by Edgar Wallace
Art Director: Norman G. Arnold
Photography: Alex Bryce      
Sound Engineer:  Harold V. King 
Assistant Director: Arthur Alcott
   Aileen Marson   John Stuart 
  Cast:   John Stuart ............. Larry Dean
          Aileen Marson ........... Joan Thurston
          Hugh Miller ............. Martin Creet
          Garry Marsh ............. Tubby Storman
          Michael Shepley ......... Mark Elliott
          J.H. Roberts ............ Dr. Thurston
          Anthony Holles .......... Inspector Aquilar
          Percy Walsh ............. Monty Carr
          Charles Denny
   'baddie' Martin Creet played by Hugh Miller          
  Three gold mining prospectors discover their financial backer (Martin Creet) is a rogue.
  They use a pack of cards to decide who will kill him.
  Edgar Wallace's last play - he died just after the London opening.
  (B/W images are all from 9.5mm film frames)
  March 1939 Pathéscope Monthly magazine entry 

 Watch my 9.5mm sound film print of "The Green Pack" complete 31July2014

  1. A rare example of a thirties British film where the killer gets away with the murder!.
  2. Aileen Marson died in 1939 giving birth to her daughter Margaret. In 2005 Tony Reypert
     of Buckingham Film Services screened this film for Margaret who was visiting from
     South Africa.  In fact we traced some of her mother's films and I produced DVD copies
     of these and my 9.5mm transfers of "The Green Pack", "Passing Shadows" and "Ten 
     Minute Alibi" for her. 
  3. "The Green Pack" was the last play written by Edgar Wallace.  In 1932 it had just 
     opened at Wyndhams Theatre in London's West End when the author died in Hollywood
     where he had started work on the scenario for "King Kong". He had, however, discussed
     with his secretary, Robert Curtis, the lines on which he intended to write a book
     based on the play.  After Wallace's death, the volume was published as "told by
     Robert Curtis".        
    The book       
(Extra Info & book ad. gratefully added from Maurice Trace)         ZT-9037/gln/04.11.2014

  The 9.5mm sound feature film "The Green Pack" GB 1934 Directed by T. Hayes Hunter
  with John Stuart and Aileen Marson, plus three extra 9.5mm sound shorts - 
  "I Heard" (Betty Boop cartoon), "High Hazard" (Lake District mountaineering) and
  "Hot Stuff" (A 1937 Ace Cinemagazine) are still available (Dec2014) on one DVD at
  £7.95 plus 95p UK postage (UK cheques payable G.L. Newnham) from
  Grahame L. Newnham, 22 Warren Place, Calmore, Southampton, SO40 2SD



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