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T.9013 (5 reel 9.5mm sound release by Pathéscope December 1938)
Also T.7013 (8 reel 17.5mm sound release by Pathescope November 1935) 
"DEATH AT BROADCASTING HOUSE"   GB Nov1934     Dir: Reginald Denham
-----------------------------   A Phoenix Films Production
75mins B/W Cert "A"             Produced by: Hugh Perceval
(Approx 42mins on 9.5)          Released by: A.B.F.D.
Produced at A.S.F.L. Studios, Wembley Park (London)
Screenplay by: Basil Mason      Story by: Val Gielgud, Holt Marvel
Art Director: R.Holmes Paul     Photography: Gunther Krampf
Editing: Reginald Beck 
Music by: Ord Hamilton          Musical Director: Geoffrey Goodhart
Songs: (both missing from Pathescope 9.5mm optical sound print)
 "Lazy Lady" sung by Elisabeth Welch with Ord Hamilton on piano
 "I Love You So" sung by Eve Becke with Percival Mackay & his Band 
Cast:   Ian Hunter ............. Inspector Gregory
        Austin Trevor .......... Leopold Dryden
        Mary Newland ........... Joan Dryden 
        Henry Kendall .......... Rodney Fleming
        Val Geilgud ............ Julian Caird
        Peter Haddon ........... Guy Bannister
        Betty Davies ........... Poppy Levine
        Jack Hawkins ........... Herbert Evans
        Donald Wolfit .......... Sydney Parsons
        Bruce Lister ........... Peter Ridgwell
        Robert Rendel .......... Herbert Farguharson
        Gordon McLeod .......... Police Commisioner
        Ivor Barnard, Hannen Swaffer (as himself), Gillie Potter
        Vernon Bartlett (as himself), Eric Dunstan (as himself),
        Elisabeth Welch, Eve Becke, Gershom Parkington Quintet,
        Percival Mackey & his Band
An unpleasant actor (Sydney Parsons) is actually murdered while performing
in a radio play broadcast live from the BBC in London. Inspector Gregory
of Scotland Yard finds plenty of suspects, but not until he reconstructs
the fatal event is the killer finally unmasked.
       Eve Becke with Percival Mackay & his Band
  Watch Eve Becke sing "I Love You So" on You Tube:  


     Elisabeth Welch
 Watch Elisabeth sing "Lazy Lady" on You Tube:  

 The full film is available on a Network/Studio Canal DVD (try Moviemail, UK Amazon etc.)

Notes: 1. The sleeve notes on the recent Network DVD release suggest some scenes
          were actually filmed at the newly constructed BBC London headquarters

       2. This was the first production of Phoenix Films, a company which set out
          to make quality pictures on a low budget.  It was shot at Wembley Studios
          in 29 days for the very low cost of £16,000.

       3. The film was based on a novel by Val Gielgud (a noted radio producer and
          elder brother of famous actor Sir John Gielgud) together with "Holt Marvel"
          actually Eric Mazchwitz, the Director of BBC Light Entertainment. (He also
          wrote classic song lyrics like "These Foolish Things" and "A Nightingale
          Sang in Berkeley Square".

       4. Mary Newland, wife of the film's director Reginald Denham, had starred as
          Lillian Oldland in films such as the 1927 "Further Adventures Of the Flag
          Lieutenant" which Pathéscope released on 9.5mm silent.  Denham also wrote
          plays - his best known "Ladies In Retirement" was filmed twice in

       5. The movie debut of Elisabeth Welch.  Later she commented - "It was so
          awful that I told everybody they should have left Broadcasting House
          out of the title and released it as Death!"

       6. Gunther Krampf also photographed the German silent classics "Cinderella"
          (1923) and "Pandora's Box" (1927)

       7. This was the first five reeler issued on 9.5mm optical sound and at the
          time the longest feature release.  In cutting to five reels, Pathéscope
          kept the basic "who-done-it?" plot, but omitted all the songs and cameo
          appearances by the radio stars. They also shortened many scenes and even
          re-arranged the order of sequences to cover sections cut out.
(Info edited from gln, Maurice Trace and Denis Gifford)       ZT-9013/gln/19.10.2013



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