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Advert in Amateur Cine World magazine - August 1937

Another simple and short page! In early 1930s editions of the "Home Movies & Home Talkies" amateur movie magazine, small display advertisements appeared for a company trading as Stedman's, with the address of Stedman's Cinematograph Laboratory, Meadow Road, Leeds, 11. In the May 1933 edition, their advert proudly boasts 'established for over five years' , which suggests Stedman's must have begun trading in the late 1920s. By 1936 Stedman's had moved to another address in Leeds - 30 Dewsbury Road, Leeds, 11. By 1937 Stedman's had also become a limited company. In addition to the existing cine processing, printing and titling services, they now added sound recording to their range of film services. They also advertised reduction printing to 9.5mm from 'standard' (35mm) and 16mm film sizes.

Also advertised are 9.5mm and 16mm film prints so naturally I have included a page here. I have never come across a "Stedman" film release, but I suppose a few must be out there somewhere!.

Amateur Cine World magazine advert October 1939 - the last one!

By 1939 Stedman's had begun taking quarter page adverts in the Amateur Cine World magazine most months, up to October 1939. Frustratingly, these are almost entirely for 9.5mm camera film - they had begun a process-paid Ortho stock for around 3/11d - obviously in competition with the Pathéscope product. The last advert (scan above) mentions printed films (probably not Pathéscope, as they mention an aluminium spool - Pathéscope's were black pressed steel at that time I think). If only I could find a printed film list from that time!!

As can be seen from the adverts scanned for this web-page, only a few titles were announced, initially just 30foot and 60foot shorts in 9.5mm; later longer up to '1 reel' releases in 9.5mm and 16mm, plus at least one in 16mm colour! As I check other 1930s home movie magazines, I'll try to spot other Stedman's small ads and include any other film titles they released. Stedman's also mentioned that they were preparing running titles for some of the Pathéscope 9.5mm notched releases (although these may have been the running titles that Pathéscope themselves marketed for a while).

I don't seem to have spotted any Stedman's adverts after the start of World War 11 - often because of call-up for the forces and sadly even death, many small businesses dissapeared during this dreadful period, never to be heard of again.


Naturally any extra titles, information or even 9.5mm Stedman film releases gratefully acccepted!
Please contact me, Grahame Newnham at:-
presto @ (no gaps in the actual email address)

Classified advert in Home Movies and Home Talkies magazine April 1933

Amateur Cine World advert March 1936


The search continues! (gln Dec2016)

©GLN '96                     INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ALPHABETIC  ORDER  LISTING           05/12/2016

                                  L=30ft D=60ft J/C=100ft M=200ft SB=300ft S=300ft notched 

 9.5mm Number  9.5mm Film Title          Class.               Issue-Delete    Original Film Title         Date

 1   (ST) CIRCUS                         Interest B/W Silent      36-     :CIRCUS                         ??/??/36 GB
 1  C(ST) CORONATION NAVAL REVIEW        Interest B/W Silent   Aug37-     :ROYAL FUNERAL                  ??/??/37 GB
 1  D(ST) GLIDERS                        Interest B/W Silent   Apr33-     :GLIDERS                        ??/??/33 GB
 1   (ST) KING TRAILER            (9ft)  Interest B/W Silent      33-     :KING TRAILER                   ??/??/33 GB
 1  L(ST) PARACHUTE JUMPING              Interest B/W Silent   Apr33-     :PARACHUTE JUMPING              ??/??/33 GB
 1  L(ST) ROYAL FUNERAL (THE)            Interest B/W Silent   Mar33-     :ROYAL FUNERAL (THE)            ??/03/36 GB
 1  C(ST) ROYAL FUNERAL (THE)            Interest B/W Silent   Mar33-     :ROYAL FUNERAL (THE)            ??/03/36 GB
 1 SB(ST) ROYAL FUNERAL (THE)            Interest B/W Silent   Mar33-     :ROYAL FUNERAL (THE)            ??/03/36 GB
 1  D(ST) TWO-WHEELER NOVELTY (A)        Interest B/W Silent   Apr33-     :TWO-WHEELER NOVELTY (A)        ??/??/33 GB

                                                                     ( 11 entries )
Notes:  Most titles are from adverts in various movie magazines.
        Dates refer to the magazine date of first mention of a title. 
        "Circus" is a copy in the NFA or Sheffield University film achive
        donated by Noel Drewe (sold by Cecil Cramp - how come I missed that!!)
        sadly no film length is logged in the catalogue.

Well, I haven't yet discovered a Stedman 9.5mm film print, but at least here is an empty 300 foot / 100metre spool!
Based on a wooden centre with cardboard side panels pinned on - a bit warped now sadly!

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