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From early 1932, the Pathéscope Monthly (the 'house' magazine of the main UK 9.5mm cine company Pathéscope Ltd) began mentioning 9.5mm printed films available on free loan. These were what today we would refer to as 'sponsored films' - in other words, films made by, or for larger companies with a view to providing advertising. Often the films would be directly about the product or products made by the sponsoring company, although in some cases companies were content just to see their name appear on the credits.

Naturally one had to pay postage, but normally there was no hire fee involved. Although listed in the Pathéscope Monthly magazine, generally the films were distributed direct from the sponsoring organisation, but returned to Pathéscope Ltd (presumably for checking). A number of other sponsored films were made available on 9.5mm, details appearing either as a 'one off' in the Pathéscope Monthly or in other cine magazines. . In my youth in the middle / late 1950's I myself remember a number of times hiring the 9.5mm version of a colour film extolling the virtues of Bournemouth with the title "Beautiful Bournemouth" - this was actually a Walton Films production and probably the last of the 9.5mm sponsored films made available. (This was regularly advertised in the "Amateur Cine World" magazine in both 9.5mm and 16mm versions).

Advert in the Amateur Cine World magazine Feb 1954

Once 9.5mm sound films were firmly established, from February 1939 a number of talkie sponsored films were advertised in the Pathéscope Monthly magazine, the sound films cost one shilling (5p) per night or two shillings (10p) for weekend hire, all from the Pathéscope film library.

The following list is in alphabetical order showing the 9.5mm films that were regularly listed in the Pathéscope Monthly and others that were advertised as a 'one off' in this and other cine magazines. Where a date appears after the film's title this refers to the date the film was announced in the Pathéscope Monthly as being available in the 9.5mm film gauge. A further date refers to the date the film was deleted. Where there is no deleted date one must assume the film remained in the Pathéscope 9.5mm film library until it was sold off by Pathéscope Ltd when they closed their Malborough Street premises (and hence the film library) as a result of World War 2 London bombings. The prefix PA indicates the film was in the Pathéscope Monthly 9.5mm sponsored film lists. Other titles have details of the supplier and original date. For purists many of the dates refer to the first of the two months covered by that issue of the Pathéscope Monthly magazine.


    Length   Sil/Snd 9.5mm Film Title                    Company              Issue    - Delete        Original Title / Country / Date

    1 reel * Silent  ALL SEASONS                         Bournemouth Council  ??? 1950                                      GB
 PA 1 reel   Silent  ARABELLA'S DREAM                    D.& W. Gibbs Ltd     Mar 1934  Oct 1934                            GB
 PA 1 reel   Silent  ARABELLAS DREAM        (re-issued)  D.& W. Gibbs Ltd     Oct 1935  Dec 1937                            GB
 PA 2 reels  Sound   AUSTRALIA CALLING                   Australian Trade Pub Feb 1939                :AUSTRALIA CALLING    AUST
    1 reel * Silent  BEAUTIFUL BOURNEMOUTH (Kodachrome)  Bournemouth Council  ??? 1950's                                    GB
 PA 1 reel   Silent  BISCUIT TIME                        Co-Op Wholesale Soc  Mar 1935                                      GB
    1 reel * Silent  BOURNEMOUTH                         Bournemouth Council  Oct 1936                :BOURNEMOUTH          GB  ??/??/36?
    3 reels  Silent  BRISTOL, BIRTHPLACE OF AMERICA      Bristol Dev. Board   Mar 1933                                      GB
    1 reel   Silent  CARDIFF - THE CAPITAL OF WALES      Mr Holley            Feb 1934 (5/6 hire fee)                       GB
 PA 1 reel * Silent  COCOA BEAN (THE)                    Cadbury Bros Ltd     Apr 1934   Aug 1937                           GB
 PA 1 reel   Silent  COCOA BEAN (THE)       (re-issued)  Cadbury Bros Ltd     Aug 1938                                      GB
 PA 1 reel   Silent  COUNTRY FARE                        Cadbury Bros Ltd     Mar 1938                                      GB
 PA 1 reel   Silwnt  CYCLING FOR HEALTH                  Enfield Cycle Co     Aug 1935   Aug 1935                           UK
 PA 1 reel   Silent  DAY AT BOURNEVILLE (A) (notched)    Cadbury Bros Ltd     Mar 1932   Jan 1935                           GB
 PA 1 reel   Silent  DAY AT BOURNEVILLE (A) (re-issued)  Cadbury Bros Ltd     Feb 1935   Feb 1939                           GB
 PA 2 reels  Silent  FAIRS FAIR  (1952 Ten Best Winner)  Mr. G. Davis         Jun 1952                                      GB
 PA 1 reel   Silent  FROM BACK TO BACK                   Co-Op Wholesale Soc  Jun 1934                                      GB
 PA 2 reels  Sound   HAPPY IN THE MORNING                Brit Gas Association Feb 1939                :HAPPY IN THE MORNING GB  ??/??/38 
 PA 1 reel * Silent  HAPPY ISLE (THE)                    Isle of Man Pub Bd   Mar 1937                                      GB
 PA 1 reel   Silent  HERRINGS                            Co-Op Wholesale Soc  Jan 1935                                      GB
 PA 1 reel   Silent  HOME OF GOOD HEALTH (THE)           A. Wander Ltd        Aug 1933  
 PA 1 reel   Silent  HOW A CAR ENGINE WORKS              Shell Mex BP Ltd     Feb 1937   Mar 1940
 PA 1 reel   Silent  IN THE LAND OF THE SHAH             Anglo Iranian Oil    Apr 1933   Nov 1937
 PA 1 reel   Silent  IVORY CASTLES                       Gibbs Toothpaste     Oct 1931   Dec 1937
 PA 1 reel   Silent  LIQUID HISTORY                      Shell Mex BP Ltd     Mar 1933   Mar 1940
    1 reel   Silent  LONDON                              R.H. Giles           Mar 1933 (1/6 hire fee)
 PA 1 reel   Silent  LUBRICATION BY SHELL                Shell Mex BP Ltd     Dec 1936   Oct 1938
 PA 1 reel   Silent  MAGIC SEAPLANE (THE)                D.& W. Gibbs Ltd     Nov 1937  
 PA 1 reel   Sound   MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE (THE)       Brit Gas Association Feb 1939               :MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE (THE) GB ??/??/36
 PA 3 reels  Sound   NEW WORLDS FOR OLD                  Brit Gas Association Feb 1939               :NEW WORLDS FOR OLD    GB   ??/??/38 
 PA 2 reels  Silent  OIL FROM IRAN                       Anglo Iranian Oil    Aug 1939  
 PA 1 reel   Sound   OUR NATIONAL BEVERAGE, TEA      - see 'YOUR TEA MADAM'
 PA 2 reels  Silent  PARAFFIN YOUNG                      Scottish Oils Ltd    Dec 1939   Jun 1940
 PA 3 reels  Sound   PLAN FOR LIVING                     Interest             Feb 1939              :PLAN FOR LIVING        GB   ??/??/36 
 PA 4 reels  Silent  PORT SUNLIGHT          (notched)    Lever Bros Ltd       Jun 1932   Jun 1935
 PA 1 reel * Silent  PORT SUNLIGHT          (re-issued)  Lever Bros Ltd       Aug 1935   Nov 1937
 PA 1 reel   Silent  SCOTTISH SHALE INDUSTRY             Shell Mex BP Ltd     Dec 1932   Mar 1940
 PA 2 reels  Sound   SMOKE MENACE                        Brit Gas Association Feb 1939              :SMOKE MENACE           GB   ??/??/37 
 PA 1 reel * Silent  SONG OF THE SHIRT (THE)             Co-Op Wholesale Soc  Feb 1935              :SONG OF THE SHIRT (THE) GB  ??/??/3?
 PA 3 reels  Silent  STORY OF CHOCOLATE AND COCOA (THE)  J.S. Fry & Son       Dec 1934   Feb 1936
 PA 3 reels  Silent  STORY OF CHOCOLATE AND COCOA (THE)  J.S. Fry & Son       Apr 1938   Oct 1938
 PA 1 reel   Sound   SYDNEY'S HARBOUR BRIDGE             Australian Trade Pub Feb 1939              :SYDNEY'S HARBOUR BRIDGE AUST   /36
 PA 1 reel   Sound   TIGHT LINES                         Australian Trade Pub Feb 1939              :TIGHT LINES            AUST ??/??/3? 
 PA 2 reels  Silent  THEN CAME THE SWAN                  Mabie Todd & Co      Apr 1933   Feb 1937
    1 reel   Silent  TREASURE ISLAND                     Isle of Man Pub Bd   ??? 1950's
 PA 1 reel * Mute    TRUST PEGGY                         Spillers Ltd         Oct 1936              :TRUST PEGGY            GB   ??/??/33
 PA 1 reel   Sound   TRUST PEGGY                         Spillers Ltd         Jun 1939              :TRUST PEGGY            GB   ??/??/33
    2 reels  Silent  VISIT TO KNARESBOROUGH (A)          Knaresborough UDC    Nov 1933
    1 reel   Silent  VISIT TO KNARESBOROUGH (A)          Knaresborough UDC    Dec 1936
    1 reel   Silent  VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY (A)             J.S. Fry & Son       ??? 1930  
    5 reels  Silent  WHEN SCOUTING WON                   Maidenhead Scouts ?  Jan 1931(12/6 hire fee)
 PA 1 reel * Silent  WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE              Isle of Man Pub Bd   Apr 1933  
    2 reels  Silent  WYE VALLEY (THE)                    Mr Holley            Dec 1935 (3/- hire fee)
 PA 2 reels  Silent  WORK - A - DAY                      Cadbury Bros Ltd     Mar 1941              :WORK - A - DAY         GB   ??/??/3?
 PA 1 reel   Sound   YOUR TEA MADAM                      Ringtons Ltd         Apr 1939              :YOUR TEA MADAM         GB   ??/??/30 

                                                ( 43 entries - silent)      (18 entries - sound)

 (* indicates 9.5mm copy in GLN collection) 

NOTES: (from GLN)

"Fairs Fare" (an amateur 9.5mm 650ft film featuring a young man visiting the 1951 Festival of Britain and Battersea Pleasure Gardens), was not really a sponsored film, but 9.5mm prints were made available on hire, free of charge, from Pathéscope Ltd. (See June/July 1952 Pathéscope Monthly) Although 9.5mm amateur films often won Star Awards, this was one of the few (only?) 9.5mm amateur film to win one of the ten main trophies in the Amateur Cine World "Ten Best" annual amateur film competition. Although prints sometimes turn up on the secondhand market, I don't think this title was ever actually offered for sale by Pathéscope.

"The Song Of The Shirt" was actually listed incorrectly by Pathéscope as "A Song Of The Shirt" (We can see the actual title on my uploaded print on YouTube)

SOME RELEVANT NOTES (By Alan Richardson - Group 9.5 Magazine Number 69 Spring 1992)

It seems that "Cycling For Health" may never have been issued as it is only mentioned in the August/September 1935 issue of the Pathéscope Monthly.

"Ivory Castles" was obviously made as a silent film with sub-titles and reflects upper class Britain of the 1920's or before. The film is interesting because it is so dated (and so bad).

"In the Land of the Shah" is a good documentary / travel film with interesting scenes of Persia, and of early aircraft.

"Herrings" is a fascinating documentary of the herring fishery, and gives no hint of its commercial sponsoring until the C.W.S. advert which ends the film.

"Trust Peggy" was the only film in the series to be available in a 9.5mm sound version. ("Trust Peggy" and "Liquid History" were also available in 17.5mm sound versions). This is a film obviously aimed at children and justly popular. It is rather less than 200ft long and comes complete with censor certificate.

"The Happy Isle" (300 foot / 100 metres ) GB 1935 (1,149 foot on 35mm)

A Wardourr Production
Sponsored by The Isle Of Man Publicity Board

The attraction of the Isle Of Man as a holiday resort. Steamers enter Douglas Harbour bringing tourists from all over England. Further sequences show Douglas itself (promenade, gardens, horse trams) : Castle Rushen : Port Erin : Tynwald Day Ceremony at St Johns : Countryside (waterfalls, thatched cottages, rural lanes) : Re-creation of an old-time Manx wedding and Celebration : Ramsey : Laxey Wheel.

* The Wedding sequence was originally shot for "Where Dreams Come True" It features actors George Moore Marriott and Olive Rimmer.

* The open air Parliament scenes come from a Pathe News item.

* Applications for hire were to be sent to The Secretary, Isle Of Man Publicity Board, 1 & 2 Bank Cambers, Douglas, Isle Of Man.

(Maurice Trace 9.5mm silent film catalogue)

Watch my rather damaged 9.5mm print on YouTube - "The Happy Isle" -

"Your Tea Madam" (220 foot / 66 metres) GB 1930

A sponsored film for Ringtons Ltd

"Your Tea Madam" is one of a bunch of sponsored films released on 9.5mm sound by Pathéscope just before the war.
For some reason, after the first mention in the Pathéscope Monthly magazine in April? 1939, this was advertised as
"Our National Beverage - Tea" . It is a highly entertaining little picture with great historical value for us today. The
footage was shot at silent speed (it appears to be from the twenties) and a commentary and sound music effects track
added. The process of making and delivering the beverage seems to belong to a century ago.
The credits tell us we are in Newcastle-on-Tyne and the commentary is by 'thirties regular Alan Howland'. We follow
the history of a load of tea from its arrival at Newcastle docks to its delivery at Ringtons where it is tested, blended
and packaged. It is then delivered to to the surrounding counties in a fleet of horse drawn carts plus a few ancient
looking motor vehicles. A cart pulls up at a garden gate, the driver gets out clutching a packet, sprints to the camera
and rathe uncertainly sticks the tea in front of our noses. There then follows the caption "Drink Ringtons Tea" followed
by "The End" title.
It is about 220 feet in all and great fun. This is the sort of "see how it is made" film that usually gets dragged out to two
reels. The short, snappy treatment is excellent, the picture quality is good and the sound track (unilateral) is very loud
and clear. Not to be missed. (Maurice Trace from the Group 9.5 magazine No.45 Autumn 1986)


Pathéscope Monthly March 1935

Pathéscope Monthly February 1938

Pathéscope Monthly February 1935

Pathéscope Monthly magazine January 1940

Pathéscope Monthly magazine December 1939

Pathéscope Monthly magazine March 1941


I've just discovered (thanks to 9,.5mm film historian Maurice Trace) that in the 1930s, the government film library "The Empire Film Library", later "The Central Film Library" had quite a number of their titles also available on the 9.5mm movie gauge. There is now a separate page for these films - go to - "Empire Film Library" -

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