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The little pressed steel Radex projector was sold in Woolworths in the mid 1930's. Because at the time Woolworths was the 'sixpenny store' - nothing was priced at over 6d (2.5p in today's money), the projector came in probably three parts - the main mechanism; the top assembly of the lamp and the lens. Each priced at 6d. There was also a smart silver painted screen with fold out matt black sides and base about 18 inches wide - this was another 6d - naturally. I believe the 4.5 volt torch battery cost 3d with the bulb a 1d. So really the total cost of the complete projector, screen, battery etc. was 2 shillings and fourpence (ie about 12p! ).

Back view of the little 'Radex' - no battery at present though!

The Radex projector had a lens of about 32mm focal length and a 3 watt lamp powered by the on-board 4.5 volt 'flat' style torch battery. A passable picture of around 12 inches wide was obtained with a throw of about 3.5 feet. Hand turned, eight frames per turn, it had a fast pull down but no shutter, meaning there was streaking down the centre of the image. Both the projector box and the little red film loop boxes are clearly marked 'Made in England', although some collectors wonder if the little tin-plate projector parts are actually of German origin. Both the film loop boxes and projector are marked 'DW' - presumably the name of the Radex distributors.

In the top photo the projector is standing on the front piece of the screen with the silver screen surface visible behind.

Needless to say one needed 9.5mm films to show with the projector - these were packed in smart little oblong boxes as shown in the photo. And the cost of these 2 foot loops - well 6d of course!

Each film box carried the title of the little film loop
but the 2 ft film loops were not titled themselves

Although it is fairly likely that Pathéscope printed these short extracts for use with toy 9.5mm projectors, the titles were never mentioned in Pathéscope sales literature or the Pathéscope Monthly magazine. Each length was intended to be joined as a continuous loop and featured a single scene. Checking the titles there are a number which are very similar to the Fairy 9.5mm film loops listed on another page. It is very likely the same firm produced both sets of films - one for Woolworths, another for toy shops. The films appear to be contact printed on Pathéscope 9.5mm camera film and come from longer Pathéscope 9.5mm film releases.


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