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In the early 1950s Pathéscope began to release 100 foot / 30 metre film shorts - these were retailed at around £1 each - a better bet pricewise than the 30 foots and 60 foots at 5/6d and 10/6d each. In fact the L ref. 30 foot / 10 metre shorts were later in the 1950s to dissapear from the Pathéscope printed film catalogues.

By March 1953 a range of "Newscope" 100 foot / 30 metre shorts arrived. Whilst these titles also appear in the complete Pathéscope 9.5mm printed films catalogues available on these web pages - this listing contains brief contents details of the general interest / news items covered in each release.

It would appear that all the material was edited from the cinema Pathé Newsreels (it is thought that Pathéscope had free access to Pathé News material). These "Newscope" 100 foot / 30 metre shorts were released steadily from March 1953 through to October 1955. No doubt prepared by the Pathéscope film editor just for their 9.5mm market. The items were not generally included in the 300 foot / 100 metre 9.5mm "News Reviews". (Probably the Pathéscope editor's 'out cuts'!)

By the way, the later "Newscope" releases came when the Pathéscope film printing system changed, either by the use of 16mm master material or maybe use of the 9.5mm sound film printer for silent releases. Anyhow, these later prints must be threaded with the glossy side to the screen (there is usually a note printed sideways on the film leader).

I am always interested in copies of titles not already in my collection or additions/corrections.
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Pathéscope Monthly magazine Feb-Mar 1953

Pathéscope Monthly magazine Apr-May 1953


C.30622 NEWSCOPE NO. 1 - released March 1953
- New M.T.B.s under test (motor torpedo boats) - (Pathé News issue 52/28 : April 1952) ; Castle in The Air - (Pathé News issue 52/1 : Dec 1951); Right Monkeys - (Pathé News issue 52/26 : March 1952) ; The Airphibian - (Pathe News issue 62/29 : April 1952); U.S. Submarine Test - (Pathe News issue 52/31 : April 1952).

C.30623 NEWSCOPE NO. 2 - released March 1953
- Roving camera reports on the following News items - Scanning the depths with underwater television cameras - (Pathe News issue 52/53 : April 1952); Plastic Motorcars - (Pathe News issue 52/38 : May 1952); Testing the Cosmotron (the world's biggest atom-smasher) - (Pathe News issue 52/45 : June 1952); London's Last Tram - (Pathe News issue 52/56 : July 1952); the new American largest Jet Bomber Y.B.60 - (Pathe News issue 52/41 : May 1952).

C.30625 NEWSCOPE NO. 3 - released April 1953
- The world's first Delta-wing; four jet, bomber, the Avro 698 (Pathe News issue 52/75 : Sept 1952); and still in the jet age - another British achievement - the Rover Jet 1 turbo-jet car (Pathe News issue 2/53 : June 1952); At the Isle of Wight - a monster - the "Princess" Flying Boat shows her face (Pathe News issue 51/89 : Nov 1951); the Royal Tournament Toy Soldiers (Pathe News issue 52/43 : May 1952); a 2000 m.p.h. rocket ride into space (Pathe News issue 52/80 : Oct 1952).

C.30626 NEWSCOPE NO. 4 - released April 1953
- Starting life with a big splash - the America's latest ocean giant the "United States" captures the Blue Riband on her maiden voyage. From success to successes the camera turns to Finland to capture some higbhlights of the 1952 Olympic Games.

.C.30627 NEWSCOPE NO. 5 - released April 1953
- Another achievement in the world of Aviation sets the theme for this short film which shows the "Comet" Jetliner on the various stages of her record breaking flight to Johannesburg - Rome - Entebbe - Livingstone - and finally Johannesburg.

C.30628 NEWSCOPE NO. 6 - released May 1953
- This film is devted entirely to the Crown Jewels and are perhaps the closest pictures yet filmed of the Royal Regalia. Shots include the Imperial Crown, St.Edward's Crown, the Sword of State and other historic pieces.

C.30629 NEWSCOPE NO. 7 - released May 1953
- First impressions indicate men from Mars, but in actual fact it is a visit to the Royal Albert Hall where fifty stone, eight foot tall "Giant Gargangua" wrestles with "Strangler Bright" who is also "pretty big".Also in this film is the new German rail car (300 m.p.h. on one rail); the Crown Jewels made entirely from sugar and a visit to the Royal Mint where the new coins bearing the Queen's head are being made.

C.30697 NEWSCOPE NO. 8 - released June 1955
- A further series of entertaining little extracts from last year's newsreels. You can witness two Frenchmen breaking a world deep sea diving record of 4.5 miles. The new Army rifle shows its paces. America shows us a new wingless type aircraft and the cowboys at Palm Springs Rodeo prove that bronco-busting is work the hard way.

C.30698 NEWSCOPE NO. 9 - released June 1955
- A fine feat of salvage at Liverpool - the liner "Empress of Canada" is raised by steam winches from its side. (Pathe News issue 54/21 : March 1954). The crowds at Viareggio, Italy, enjoy a carnival of giant figures which promote the festive spirit. (Pathe News issue 54/18 : Feb 1954). U.S. Crocks Arrive - Classic USA cars are off-loaded from a vessel at Liverpool Docks. (Pathe News issue 54/68 : Sept 1954)

C.30699 NEWSCOPE NO. 10 - released August 1955
- The camera visits the regal luxury of Her Majesty's yatcht Brittania - where the wheel of King George the Fifth's racing yacht of the '30s still functions to steer this modern luxury craft.

C.30700 NEWSCOPE NO. 11 - released August 1955
- Enthusiasts everywhere will be interested in this selection of news items of modern aircraft. Included in this film is a prototype aircraft taking off vertically.

C.30701 NEWSCOPE NO. 12 - released October 1955
- Housewives in particular will want to see this film for it includes a new washing process using sound waves. A revoltionary design in yachts is put to the test when a new type of four masted and four hulled yacht is launched. A 5-ton mechanical Rhino shows its paces, goes anywhere and, like its namesake, wallows in mud.

(The last in the "Newscope" series was number 12, then Pathéscope began releasing the 100 foot / 30 metre shorts already issued by Associated British Pathé themselves on all gauges as Bantam Packs - maybe I'll list these further down this page, when I have a moment to spare!)

(List above prepared from Pathéscope Film Catalogues and Pathéscope Monthly/Gazette magazines - the actual film content may well vary from that advertised)

Pathéscope Monthly magazine Apr-May 1953

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