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Typical Pinguin Films boxes

A puzzling one - this range of 100 foot (30 metre) and 50 foot (15 metre) films arrived in very similar boxes to the Film Office product (see separate listing) under the Pinguin label. From the box illustrations, the Pinguin name is intended to be a penguin - however correctly spelt in French this should be 'Pingouin' not 'Pinguin' - perhaps there was a problem with copyright (hardly likely this was a consideration as they also have Disney pictures on the boxes!) or the chappie wasn't good at spelling! No address was shown, but many of the film spools are Film Office ones and the boxes were produced at the same printers as the Film Office ones in Colombes (north of Paris). Even the hand written titles on the leaders are the same as those on Film Office prints. The material seems to be from ex Film Office and French Pathé triple negatives, but all the titles are shortened to 100 feet / 30 metres (or in the case of Felix cartoons to 50 feet / 15 metres). The films begin with a plain title, no Film Office or Pathé credits, nor Pinguin credits. (Except "Saut A La Perche" which still has the Film Office title - maybe an actual Film Office print?)

Pinguin appear to have used the triple negatives (on special 35mm filmstock) and printed the 9.5mm releases as triple prints on the specially perforated 35mm print stock, then slit them to 9.5mm in the original Pathé way. So I assume that these releases came from the same chap who was making (or made) the Film Office releases. Maybe he was 'moonlighting', or these prints were made after the Film Office company had discontinued 9.5mm and 16mm film releases. (I have both 16mm and 9.5mm Pinguin film releases in my collection). Currently I have no catalogue of these films (was one ever issued?) so have no idea how many titles were issued. Certainly on the colour box they mention Dessins Animés (cartoons), Westerns, Documentaires, Comédies and Sports so there must be some more titles to catalogue.

My list of these films is quite small, limited to films in my collection and those I have spotted elsewhere. Naturally any information of extra titles or details of the Pinguin business would be very gratefully accepted.
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 @GLN '96                        INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ALPHABETIC  ORDER  LISTING                 17/02/2008
                             ('Released by' = PU  and/or  'Film Star' =     and/or  'Class' =        )

 PA=Pathescope(UK)  PB=Pathe=Baby(FR)  Pathe: PG=(GER)  PI=(IT)  PN=(India)  PS=(Spain)  PT=(Aus)  PW=(Sweden)     PX=Pathex(US)
 FO=Film Office(FR)  PU=Pinquin(FR)  HF=Hefa(FR)  LA=LaPierre(FR)  MS=Mascre(FR)  TB=Tobis(Ger)   CK=Cinak(FR)   LP=LGP Cine(UK)
 AV=Adventure(UK)  NV=Novascope(UK)  PK=Peak(UK)  WL=Walton(UK)  WH=WallaceHeaton(UK)  BC=Birmingham Comm.Flm(UK)  PR=Presto(UK)

 V=30ft notched  G=60ft notched  L=30ft  D=60ft  J/C=100ft  M=200ft  SB=300ft  S=300ft notched  T/CT=UK sound  SS/MS/GS=FR sound

 BK=Buster Keaton    BB=Billy Bevan   BT=Ben Turpin   CC=Charlie Chaplin    CH=Charley Chase   DA=Unclassifoed Animated
 DD=Dinky Doodle  DF=Fleischer   DL=Lortac   DY=Disney  FX=Felix   HB=Hallroom Boys   HL=Harold Lloyd   LH=Laurel&Hardy
 ML=Max Linder   MM=Mickey McGuire   OG=Our Gang   PP=Paul Parrott   SL=Stan Laurel   SP=Snub Pollard   WF=Walter Forde
 9.5mm No.  9.5mm Film Title                 Classification       Issue-Delete      Original Film Title     Date
 1 J(PU)    A COUP DE TOMATES                Comedy   B/W Mute         -     :PERFECT GENTLEMAN (A)         ??/??/2? US
 1 J(PU)    CHASSE A L'ORANG-OUTANG          Interest B/W Mute         -     :                              ??/??/??
 1 D(PU)    FELIX AU ROYAUME DES PERLES      Animated B/W Silent       -     :FELIX TRIES FOR TREASURE      15/04/23*US FX
 1 D(PU)    FELIX RENTRE TARD                Animated B/W Silent       -     :UNKNOWN FELIX CARTOON         ??/??/2? US FX
 1 J(PU)    MALEC CHASSEUR DE FAUVES         Comedy   B/W Silent       -     :HARD LUCK                     16/03/21 US BK
 1 J(PU)    NAPOLEON A MONTENOTTE            Drama    B/W Silent       -     :NAPOLEON                      ??/??/27*FR
 1 J(PU)    NAPOLEON EN CORSE                Drama    B/W Silent       -     :NAPOLEON                      ??/??/27*FR
 1 J(PU)    OURSONS CASCADEURS               Interest B/W Mute         -     :                              ??/??/??*
 1 J(PU)    PECHE SPORTIVE DU TARPON         Sport    B/W Mute         -     :                              ??/??/??*FR
 1 J(PU)    PLUTO VOLEUR DE CHEWING GUM      Animated B/W Mute         -     :                              ??/??/?? US
 1 J(PU)    POURSUITE INFERNALE (LE)         Western  B/W Mute         -     :                              ??/??/?? US
 1 J(PU)    ROUND SANGLANT (UN)              Drama    B/W Mute         -     :CHAMPION                      01/01/49*US
 1 J(PU)    SAUT A LA PERCHE                 Sport    B/W Mute         -     :JEUX OLYMPIQUES DE MELBOURNE  ??/??/56*FR
                                                                                                           ( 13 entries )
1.  An English translation of the film "Un Round Sanglant"'s three sub-titles - 
    From "Champion" (US 1949) with Kirk Douglas
    He decides not to 'throw' this fight for money.
    1. "Arrete. A quoi ca sert d'encaisser d'avantage?"
    2. "Je te tuerais si tu fais ca."
    3. "Cette fois les jeux sont faits."
       "Nous aurons un nouveau champion du monde."
        WE HAVE A NEW WORLD CHAMPION. (23.6.98/gln) 


I wonder if these 8mm titles were also on 9.5mm? Apart from "Le Roi Midas" the other two were originally Film Office titles

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