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From April 1934 through to October 1939 Pathéscope issued a monthly "Pathéscope 9.5mm Super Gazette" newsreel. These were a full 300ft "SB" reel, all numbered in a 40000 series. Whilst these titles also appear in the complete Pathéscope 9.5mm printed films catalogues available on these web pages - this extra listing contains brief details of the news items covered in each edition.

All the news material was edited from the current cinema Pathé Gazette newsreels, Pathé Pictorials and Pathétone Weeklies (it is thought that Pathéscope had free access to the Pathé News material). For some reason, these Pathéscope 9.5mm Super Gazettes didn't contain the month of issue in the main titles. However each copy had just two frames containing the last two digits of the film reference number at the start and end of each print.

Pathéscope dated these Gazettes the month they were released on 9.5mm . The actual events took place up to six weeks before the date given. Originally the 9.5mm Gazettes were released by Pathéscope on the 15th of the month; from August 1934 they were released on the 1st of each month.

I am always interested in copies of titles not already in my collection or additions/corrections.
Grahame Newnham :-
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SB/40001 Eton College Steeplechase. Rugby Championship. Bridging the River Tees. The Passing of King Albert. The Boat Race. The Grand National.

May 1934
SB/40002 Veteran Car Club Rally at Godstone, John Cobb at Brooklands. Gliding Over the Channel. An Actual Rescue at Sea. The Cup Final, Aviation's Latest Wonder, Unveiling the Irwin Statue. U.S. Taxi Strike, Monte Carlo Grand Prix. Work Resumed on Cunarder "534".

June 1934
SB/40003 Meet the Australian Cricketers, Rugby League Football Final. The Afghan Frontier. Kentucky Derby. The Walker Gold Cup. "Endeavour" leaves Gosport. H.M.S. Nelson puts to sea. Royal Tournament at Olympia. The American Streamlined Train. Smart Work (German cadets on training ship Gorch Fock). Naval Manoeuvres (German fleet leaves Kiel for exercises)

(There was no Super Gazette for July 1934)

August 1934
SB/40004 Signor Mussolini welcomes Herr Hitler in Venice, Royal Ascot. Trooping the Colour, Third Test Match. Henley Finals. Car Testing in Chicago, R.A.F. Pageant, French Grand Prix. Open Golf Championship. Wimbledon Tennis Finals.

SB/40005 Cricket-1734. Cricket-1934. "Endeavour" off to America, Opening Mersey Tunnel. French Naval Manoeuvres. The Death of Dr. Dollfuss. Italian Troops in Training. The Passing of von Hindenburg. British Empire Games.

October. 1934
SB/40006 Camerons take up Guard Duties at Buckingham Palace. Flight in Stratosphere. Three Thousand Feet under the Sea. Brixham Regatta. Lakeland Sports. Royal Braemar. Covent Garden Porters' Sports Day. Ards Circuit Tourist Race. Beauty Queens at Hastings. Carrara Mine Explosion.

November 1934
SB/40007 The American liner "Morrow Castle" Disaster. World's Featherweight Boxing. Launching of Cunard-White Star liner 534 "Queen Mary". Civil War in Saylesville USA. England v. Wales Football Match. SS "Penelope" leaves for Antarctic Exploration Trip. Wonder Pumping Plant of the Fens. Japanese Feast of Lanterns. H.R.H Prince George and His Bride-to-be Princess Marina of Greece.

December 1934
SB/40008 London-Melbourne Air Race. Boomerang Fliers Return. The Assassination of King Alexander. The New Jugo-Slavian King. Mid-Atlantic Air Crash. Kennel Club Show. The Cambridgeshire. Fascist Celebration in Rome. Breaking Motor Racing Records. Outboard Motor-boat Racing. Manchester-Blackpool Walking Race. Record Run by Streamline Train.

January 1935
SB/40009 Remembrance Day in London and Paris. Italian Footballers visit England. Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. London-Melbourne Air Race last stage. Air Record Breakers Return. Midget and Mammoth Airplanes. Aircraft Carriers squeeze through Panama Canal. Lord Mayor's Show. Veteran Car Club Rally. Captain Ulm. Italian Mass Marriage. The Royal Wedding.

Fehruarv 1935.
SB/40010 Olympia Circus. The Saar Plebiscite. U.S.A. Army v. Navy at Football. Testing Railway Engine. Germany's New Liner. Passing of Cardinal Bourne. New Speed Record. Australian Eucharistic Congress. A Peace Agreement signed.

March 1935.
SB/40011 The Saar Plebiscite. Vesuvious in Eruption. Rugby International. Cat and Dog Show. 'Plane Crash. Colmore Trial. Austrian Winter Sports. Neusel v. Petersen Fight. Malcolm Campbell leaves for Daytona.

April 1935.
SB/40012 "Macon" Disaster. The Saar Plebiscite. Latest Fire-fighter. Boulder Dam. Pirate Chaser. Riviera Gaiety. Frisky Winner. Greek Revolt. Spanish Shipwreck. World Speed Record. Propellers for "Normandie". Old Time Custom.

May 1935
SB/40013 Second Royal Levee. Lincolnshire Handicap. "Air-raid" on Berlin. Grand National. Mr. Eden in Moscow. University Boat Race. Royalty in Barrow. Association Football International. Paris Horse Show. Jubilee Review Rehearsal.

June 1935
SB/40014 Cup Final. Latest Air Transport. Van Horse Parade. Sweep Drum Fire. Italian Manoeuvres. Archbishop Enthroned. Brussels Exhibition. Scouts' March Past. Air Graduation Test. "Normandie" first trials. Royal Silver Jubilee - State Drive and Celebrations.

July 1935
SB/40015 Passing of Col. Lawrence. Abyssinian Troops. Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. First "Normandie" Trip. Harwich Regatta. Fleet Visits London. Coaching Meet. Costers' Church Parade. Trooping the Colour. Swedish Royal Wedding. Bahran's Derby.

August 1935
SB/40016 "Mauritania" Scrapped. Petersen v. Neusel return match. Blue Riband Captured. Kiel Regatta. Aldershot Tattoo Rehearsal. Wimbledon Finals. Endurance Flight. Floods in America. R.A.F. Royal Review. Ill-fated plane flight.

September 1935
SB/40017 The Army Review. Old Style Travel. New Car Records. Latest in Aircraft. Naval Review. Tidworth Tattoo. The Prince at Jersey. Cowes Regatta. The King commands Fleet Exercise.

October 1935
SB/40018 Football Begins. Royal Holiday. Flying Fleas. Marines at Buckingham Palace. Liner Collision. Berlin Radio Exhibition Fire. Boys' International Golf. Funeral of Queen Astrid of Belgium. Boo Boo and Jubilee.

November 1935
SB/40019 London Wharf Fire. Royal Braemar Gathering. Florida Hurricane. Land Speed Record~Breaking. Motor-Boat Racing. World's Fastest Train. Marines in the City All Blacks' First Match. War Clouds Break. R.A.C. Tourist Trophy Race.

December 1935
SB/40020 Last Voyage of "Olympic". Daring Car Display. Winged "War" in America. Montana Earthquake Damage. Lord Mayor's Show. The Royal Wedding. Wedding Gifts. Funeral of Lord Carson. Blazing Ship in Mersey.

Januarv 1936
SB/40021 Stratosphere record. King of Hellenes leaves London. Commander to be for the "Queen Mary". Duke and Duchess of Gloucester Hunting. Oil for "Queen Mary". England v. Germany Football Match. Rubbernecks on Broadway. Eton Wall Game. First meeting of New Cabinet. Armistice Day.

Februarv 1936
SB/40022 Thames in Flood. Scottish Curling. Lindberghs arrive. Snowy England. Olympia Circus. Training Lions. M.C.C. in Australia. All Blacks v. Wales and England.

March 1936.
SB/40023 Table Mountain Ablaze. French Floods. Proclamation of new King. Royal Funeral. Davis Cup Tennis Draw. Wreck Blown Up. Monte Carlo Rally Finals. Intense cold in USA. Sports Dispute. Oil tanker launched at Clydebank.

April 1936
SB/40024 New Zeppelin. Dockland Fire. Ellesworth Saved. Skidding Thrills. The "Majestic" Cape return flight. Farming in the Snow. Olympic winners. German Troops enter Rhineland.

May 1936.
SB/40025. The Boat Race. Grand National Finish. Crack US Trains. Burial of Earl Beatty. England v. Scotland at Twickenham. "L'Atlantique" scrapped. "Hindenburg" in flight. "Queen Mary" leaves for the sea. "Queen Mary" reaches the Solent.

June 1936.
SB/40026. Motor Racing at Brooklands. Gerrnany's new double-decker train. "Queen of Sail" aground. Circus prepares for the Road. H.M. inspects Royal Horse Guards. Dionne Quintuplets learn to dance. May Day in Berlin. Amy Mollinson lands in Croydon after record Cape flight. Bird Man in flight.

July 1936.
SB/40027 Dionne Quintuplets' Birthday Party. The Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. The Emperor of Abyssinia arrives. Queen Mary's Maiden Voyage. The Derby. Aldershot Tattoo Rehearsal. Bo'ness car Trial. Coronation proclamation. Hendon Air Display Rehearsal.

August 1936.
SB/40028 Trooping of the Colour. Light-Weight T.T. Races. Model Speedboat Meeting. Practice for the Olympic Games. Air Force Display. England v. Australian Rugby League Football. Bristol Zoo Apiary. Wimbledon Tennis Finals. The Guards New Colours.

Sentember 1936.
SB/40029 Dionne Quins gardening. Spanish Civil War. Vimy Memorial unveiled. 11th Olympiad. Royal Palace Guards. Navy Week Rehearsal.

October 1936
SB/40030 East to West Flyers arrive. Mrs. Markham's reception in New York. Giant Flying Boat takes the Air. Ards Circuit T.T. Spanish Civil War. Salved Warship. Safety First Measures in S. Africa. Mother and Baby Bears at Play. Troops leave for Palestine.

November 1936
SB/40031 Boulder Dam Opened. US Air Pageant. South Africa Empire Exhibition. The Quins again. Altitude Record won. New Style Physical Training. Fleet Gun Practice. Auto-Giro Cum Car. High Power Eye Power.

December 1936.
SB/40032 Paris mock Air Attack. New Type Bomber. J Mollinson Arrives. Lord Mayor's Show. Commodore Sir E. Britten Buried at Sea. Remembrance Day. Another Forth Bridge. Roosevelt Speedway. His Majesty with the Fleet.

January 1937
SB/40033 Crystal Palace Blaze. World's Wonder Bridge (San Francisco). Mishap Ship Launch of "Orcades". Police Demonstration. Eagle recaptured. Peace Alliance. Balloon Party at Zoo. New Speed Record. Foord v. Neusel.

February 1937
SB/40034 Dionne Quintuplets Christmas. Dutch Marriage Juliana-Bernhard. Underground Fire in Berlin. Ceremony "Prince of Wales" Ship. Earthquake Damage. Holy River Ganges. Mountain Rescue. New Locomotive "King George VI".

March 1937.
SB/40035 The New Princess. Hill of the Angels, (Spanish Civil War). Premier Duke Weds. Petersen v. Neusel. Floods in American. Fury of the Sea. Sit-down Strike. Quins in the Snow.

April 1937.
SB/40036 A Plague of Locusts at Johannesburg. The King's first Levee. Farr v. Foord Championship Fight. Preparing Paris Exhibition. In the London Zoo Aquarium. A New Light Plane demonstration. The Crowns of England. H.M. the King at Buckingham Palace.

May 1937
SB/40037 Fenland Floods. School Explosion in Texas. "Ark Royal" Launched. Japan-London Flyers Arrive. Battersea Park Rail Smash. The Queen's Coronation Train. Australian Coronation Contingent arrives. Hazardous Lighthouse Relief. Oxford win Boat Race. The Lincolnshire. The Grand National.

June 1937
SB/40038 Charmingly informal pictures of the Royal Family in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. The King Unveils the Windsor memorial to his Father. Anzac Day at the Cenotaph, The Royal Coronation Coach. Television Tests. The New Stamps. Scouts at Windsor. Chelsea Bridge Opened. The Coronation Procession.

July 1937

SB/40039 The "Hindenburg" crashes in flames. Official Royal Coronation Groups. Basque Refugee Children arrive. Their Majesties attend Empire Day Service. Epsom Derby. R.A.C. Car Race. North Pole Camp Expedition. Knights of the Garter Meet at Windsor.

August 1937
SB/40040 Hendon R.A.F. Display. Ex-Servicemen and Women Royal Review. Empire Air Mail Inaugurated. New Colours for Scots Guards. Two-Way Atlantic Flights. Festival of Youth at Wembley. Wimbledon Tennis Finals. The King and Queen in Scotland.

September 1937
SB/40041 At Caernarvon. The "Mayo" Plane. Fire Headquarters. Russians Fly over the Pole. Royal visitor to Boy's Camp. Vogelanzang. Tortoise racing. Egypt's King. Royal Holiday Making.

October 1937
SB/40042 Dorothy Round married. East Indies volcano erupts. Robert Taylor arrives in U.K. The St. Leger. Gypsy Wedding. London Market Sports. England's T.T. The peace is threatened.

November 1937
SB/40043 Pet's Zoo Parade. Danish Bridge Opens. R.A.F. Fire Guard. Sheep Dipping. Anti-Aircraft Territorials. The old ship Discovery. Racing at Newmarket. Kane v. Lynch at Glasgow.

December 1937
SB/40044 State Opening of Parliament. Neusel v. Strickland. Children's Safety First for Traffic. Flying record broken (Jean Batten). New cruiser "H.M.S. Gloucester". Lord Mayor's Show. Shanghai Falls. Dick Sheppard Funeral.

January 1938.
SB/40045 Whirling Girls. Mother Elephant. French Visitors. R.A.F. Seaplane Flight. King in Cornwall. Scottish Train Disaster. Bicycle Race. Toilers of the Sea (fishermen in Breton)

February 1938
SB/40046 Wright Memorial. Franco Rebuilds. Unending Drought in South Africa. Play Up Arsenal. Prince Paul of Greece Wedding. Vesuvious Erupts (this item actually not included) . Circus Rehearsal. Welsh Rugby Match. Comedy football in Berlin.

March 1938
SB/40047 Hail Beatrix in Holland. Horseless R.H.A. Modern Infantry. Schmeling v. Foord. Australia 150 Anniversary. Japan enters China. The Cresta Run. New R.A.F. Bomber.

April 1938
SB/40048 Pick-a-Back Plane. New Eastern Base. New Royal Seal. Hockey - Canada v. England. Speedboat Regatta. Maharajah Jubilee. Games of the Empire. Sea Invasion in Norfolk. Barcelona bombed.

May 1938
SB/40049 Rugby Match at Twickenham. Germany Expands. Lynch v. Kane. The Boat Race. U.S.A. Floods. Ocean Drama (Trawler "Pegaway"). Grand National.

June 1938
SB/40050. The Cup Final. U.S. Army Day. Rome Affairs. Royal Corp of Signals Display. Midget Car Racing. Italy's Navy. "Layfayette" Ablaze in Dock. Empire Exhibition in Scotland.

July 1938
SB/40051 The Derby Stakes. Dutch Christening. The Tower's Constable. Tactics in the Air. Guards' Trooping.

August 1938
SB/40052 His Majesty with the Fleet. Tennis of the 1870's. Business men Mount Guard at Buckingham Palace. Police Sports at Hendon. Queen Mary's Visit to the Tower of London. Boxing Match - Benny Lynch v. Jurich. Speedway Crash in Australia. Girl Guides at Windsor Castle.

September 1938
SB/40053 New "Mauritania". Royal Holidays. Bombing of Hankow. Wembley Swimming Champions. The Fourth Test. Royal Camp Visit. The "Wrong Way" Flyer. Trained Eagles.

October 1938
SB/40054 Mountain Motor Race. Windsor Funeral. Cobb's Land Speed Record. Tunny Fishing. New "Graf Zeppelin". The New Cunarder. Fire Outbreak in Australia. The Peace Maker.

November 1938
SB/40055 International Crisis. Into Sudentenland. "Queen Elizabeth". Dynamiting a River. The Composite Plane. Uncle Sam's Cavalry. Army Motor Cyclists. Hurricane Sweeps U.S.A. Herring Fisher at Yarmouth.

Decemiber 1938
SB/40056 Marseille's Fire. Phillip Island. Football International Match. State Opening of Parliament. Horses Fight It Out. Armistice Day. Siegfried Line. Royal Visitors.

January 1939
SB/40057 Maginot Line. Daredevil Crash. Film Colony Fire. Palestine Today. Parachute Safety. Parade in Moscow. A Bear on Skates.

Februarv 1939
SB/40058 Circus Highlights. Daladier's Triumphant Tour.Lighter Than Ever K2. Bondi Beach. Preparing H.M.S. "Repulse". Premier in Rome. Thrills on Skates. Crazy Automobiles.(Pathécope announced this item - Crazy Automobiles - but not included)

March 1939
SB/40059 March of Misery in Spain. Fire in the Bush. At Berlin Zoo. Rugby - England v. Wales. Ipswich Floods. Aldershot Military Occasion. Unusual Juggling. Pope Pius XI.

April 1939
SB/40060 Franco in Barcelona, Wings of the Navy. Election of the Pope. Battleship Launched. Air Raid Precautions. New South Wales Police Carnival. China Acrobatics.

May 1939
SB/40061 State Visit of French President. Artillery Demonstration at Larkhill. Farr v. Burman Boxing Match. Italy's Invasion of Albania. Finals for Paperweight Pugilists. New Drill for Infantry. The Grand National.

June 1939
SB/40062 Wembley Cup Final. Windsor Scout rally. N.Y. World's Fair. New Fire Extinguisher. All-In Wrestling. Royal Canadian Tour.

July 1939
SB/40063 Their Majesties, the King and Queen, arrive in Canada. Blackpool's Tower gets a new coat of paint. Rescue of Survivors from Sunken U.S. Submarine. Wooderson breaks the Three Quarters of a mile record. Royal Review of London's Fire Fighters. Motor Gymkhana at Brooklands. Hunting the Fox in Australia.

August 1939.
SB/40064 National Service Rally. International Polo. Navy off France. America's Secret Gun. Poland's day of Freedom. Chicago's Trick Cyclists. Wooderson's Mile of the Century. Royal Wedding in Italy.

September 1939
SB/40065 Trooping of the Colour in Three's. The Davis Escape Apparatus. The "Mauretania" comes to London. The War in China. French National fete. Flight Fuelling Mid-Air.

October 1939 (This was the very last one)
SB/40066 The River Severn Bore. H.M.S. "Formidable" launches herself. Home Defence Air Exercises. War! - On the Home Front.

(No more Gazette releases were mentioned in the next Pathéscope Monthly magazines, (there was the little problem of World War 11!), although 9.5mm film historian Maurice Trace notes in an article in the Group 9.5 magazine (No.140 Winter 2009/2010) that Gazettes for November and December 1939 were logged in the Pathéscope Register (the company's private 9.5mm film release schedule). However no copies of these (SB/40067 & SB/40068 I suppose) are known to have been produced)

(Based on an original catalogue produced by the late Cecil Cramp assisted by Pat Moules)

(correct box, but not the original label on "News Review of 1958")

From 1936 through to 1958 Pathéscope issued an annual news review. Although listed in their catalogues (and in my own web-site listings) as "News Review 1956" etc. the films were often actually titled "Pathé Gazette Reviews the News of 1941" or "Review of the Year 1956" etc. These were a full 300ft "SB" reel; hence all silent releases, except for the last year 1958 when the news review was also issued in 9.5mm optical sound and 8mm silent. (The 9.5mm optical sound release title begins with a "Pathéscope Presents" then cuts to the original Pathé News title as it reads - "Reviews" - "1958" - the best the Pathéscope editor could do without paying for a title card to be filmed!). Whilst these titles also appear in the complete Pathéscope 9.5mm printed films catalogues available on these web pages - this extra listing contains brief details of the news items covered in each edition.

All the news material was edited from the current cinema Pathé newsreels, (it is thought that Pathéscope had free access to the Pathé News material). Pathéscope dated these News Reviews on the main title with the year of the content; naturally they were released by Pathéscope some months into the next year.

Many of these newsreel items were also issued as longer extracts in separate 9.5mm films of various lengths.

I am always interested in copies of titles not already in my collection or additions/corrections.
Grahame Newnham :-
presto @ (remove spaces for correct e-mail address)


News Review 1936
SB/30210 Jan 20th - death of His Majesty King George V; year of achievement in the air - Tommy Rose smashed the Cape record, Amy Mollison wrestled it from him. Germany launched her new airship the "Hindenburg"; March - re-occupation of the Rhineland by German troops and breaking of the Treaty; the Boat Race; the Grand National; May - maiden voyage of the "Queen Mary" and her arrival in New York on June 1st; July - outbreak of civil war in Spain; August - the Olympic Games in Berlin; September - trouble for us in Palestine; October - record breaking in the air.

News Review 1937 (announced February 1938)
SB/30272 The Coronation of King George VI at Westminster Abbey; the second year of a civil war, in which, no matter who was the winner, Spain was the loser; Oxford win the Boat Race; the Sino-Japanese War; the first successful commercial two-way aeroplane flight between England and America; the loss of the giant airship "Hindenburg", pride of the German airfleet; Trooping the Colour on Horse Guards Parade; Naval Review at Spithead; Tennis at Wimbledon; the "Endeavour" forging across the Atlantic under her own sail; the Royal Tours of Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

News Review 1938 (announced February 1939)
SB/30338 A period of unrest and uncertainty; relieved by a few cheery chapters; it marked the occasion of growing international tension and the menace of war; the Mayo composite aircraft successfully passed its tests; the guns of war still boomed in China and Spain; the launching of the liner "Queen Elizabeth".

News Review 1939
SB/30434 Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax visit Italian leader Benito Mussolini; Victory Parade through Barcelona; Pope Pius X11 elected; French President state visit to Britain; Grand National; F.A.Cup; The Derby; King George V1 and Queen Elizabeth visit North America; conscription introduced; Britain declares war.

News Review 1940 (announced March 1941)
SB/30454 First pictures of the ignominious end of the "Graf Spee"; Scuttling of the great Nazi liner "Columbus"; Return of the victorious "Ajaz" and "Exeter"; The hell-ship "Altmark" in Josing Fiord"; Their majesties greet the rescued; Royal visit to Clydeside; Actual pictures of the Battle of Narvik Fiord in progress; The great beach evacuation of Dunkirk; General de Gaulle, leader of all Free Frenchmen; Nazis bomb a convoy; Blitzkrieg on England; R.A.F. repel and claw down the Luftwaffe (the commencement of the Battle of Britain); U.S. destroyers for England; Greece resists invasion; Roosevelt re-elected U.S. President; Evacuees go overseas; Coventry: bloody but not unbowed; London's underground as night shelter; Middle East onslaught on Italians; This Nation in uniform.

News Review 1941
SB/30458 Jan: London - the capital still on fire on New Year's Day after the blitz.; Feb: America-In Washington President Roosevelt takes the oath of office; March: Norway-British commandos raid the German held Lofoten Islands; America - President Roosevelt signs the "Lease and Lend" bill at the White House; London- Prime Minister Winston Churchill signs the Atlantic Bases Agreement; April: Matapan- Allies sink the Italian warship "Vittorio Veneto", two destroyers and several cruisers; London- Another blitz raid by German bombers causes great fires and damage; May: Malta- Air raids and scenes of devastation; Greece- Allied troops withdraw from the country; North Sea- The Royal Navy hunts the battleship "Bismark"; September: Norway- Raid by British and Canadian commandos on Spitsbergen; December: Pearl Harbour- Start of the Japanese war on America..

News Review 1942 - no News Review was issued by Pathéscope for 1942

News Review 1943
SB/30473 Major conference in Casablanca; Tripoli falls to Allied forces; Russian troops liberate Stalingrad; RAF 25th birthday celebrations; battle of the Bismark Sea; Tunis is liberated by the Allies; King George V1 makes a surprise visit to the troops in North Africa; Allied army invades Sicily; RAF planes attack German U-Boat submarines; Italy surrenders; British prisoners of war return to Britain; conferences in Cairo and Teheran.

News Review 1944
SB/30487 Russian army sweeps to Polish frontier; American planes bomb Berlin in daylight; USA advance in the Pacific; Rome occupied; D-Day - Allied troops land on Normandy beaches; V2 Flying Bombs attack London; liberation of Paris; Brussels liberated; Antwerp liberated; Allied troops cross the Siegfried Line; German battleship "Tirpitz" is sunk by Allied planes; Nazi thrust to Meuse halted.

News Review 1945
SB/30489 Russian army advances through Warsaw; President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin meet at Yalta; Allied armies take Cologne; Allied troops reach the Rhine after a massive parachute drop; Concentration Camp horrors; American President Theodore Roosevelt dies; Russian army enters Berlin; at Luneberg Heath (near Hamburg) on 4th May, Field Marshall Montgomery supervises an unconditional surrender treaty signed by German Admiral von Friedeburg and General Kinzel; VE (Victory In Europe) Day celebrations in London; footage of leading Nazis who have died; Atom Bombs dropped on Japan; VJ (Victory Over Japan) Day celebrations in London; Labour Government elected in Britain; Quislings are brought to justice; Nuremberg Trials commence; "thus an end to this" - montage of war scenes.

News Review 1946
SB/30496 United Nations Conference held at Central Hall, Westminster; General Charles De Gaulle resigns as President of France; England hit by floods; Oxford defeat Cambridge in the Boat Race; trouble on the streets in Trieste; FA Cup Final - Derby play Charlton; Lien Ho a giant panda, arrives at London Zoo; Japanese war trials; World War 11 Victory Parade in London; second atomic bomb test; bread rationing in UK; Paris peace conference; exiled King George 11 is recalled to Greece; Nuremberg Nazi war criminals trials; liner "Queen Elizabeth" sails from Southampton for New York after complete refit; Lord Mayor's procession in London; Royal Command Film Performance at Empire Cinema, Leicester Square, London; Swiss mountaineers rescue crashed Dakota passengers; Test Matches resumed after the war.

News Review 1947
SB/30530 Japanese earthquake kills over 1000; start of South Africa Royal Tour; heavy snow storms hit Britain; following the snow - severe flooding; Texas City (USA) disaster kills 567 people; liner "Queen Elizabeth" runs aground; Trooping the Colour ceremony resumed; large scale floods in China; statue of Eros is brought back to Piccadilly Circus; India - Independence Day 15th August; hurrican savages Florida; Croydon (London) rail crash; Scottish Express train wrecked; Princess Elizabeth marries Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten.

News Review 1948
SB/30550 Fierce blizzards hit New York; celebrations as Burma is granted independence; funeral of assassinated Indian leader Mahatma Ghandi; celebrations in Ceylon as it is granted independence; troops return from Palestine; farewell ceremony for troops following India's independence; King George V1 lays wreath for late American President Theodore Roosevelt; Cambridge win the Boat Race; Columbia River in America bursts its banks in Oregon; 'My Love' wins the Derby; Ontario forest fires; Berlin Air Lift; world's largest plane, the Lockheed Constitution makes non-stop flight across the continent; King George V1 opens the Olympic Games at Wembley; Queen Juliana new Queen of Holland; Harry Truman elected President of the USA; Prince Charles, born November 14th is seen with his parents at Buckingham Palace.

News Review 1949
SB/30558 The great French forest fires; a tribute to Britain's greatest comedian Tommy Handley; excerpts from the thrilling Oxford and Cambridge boat race; Bristol Brabazon's successful maiden flight; a pictorial record of Plymouth's great welcome to H.M.S. Amethyst; first pictures of the rescue of 13 American airmen marooned in the Artic; Australian farmers' war on flying foxes; first pictures from Berlin after winning the blockade battle; graphic rescue pictures tell the story of the sinking of the cross-channel steamer "Princess Astrid".

News Review 1950
SB/30579 The Truculent disaster; storm havoc in Sydney; visit to London of the French President; jet Comet makes aviation history; Bangkok Royal Wedding; Belgium says no to Leopold; Knockshinnoch mining disaster; the jet age car; disaster strikes Canada; welcome to Queen Juliana; christening of Princess Anne; Britain decides (General Election); Dunkirk memorial ceremony; Korea - first pictures from Taejon; a tribute to General Smuts; Inchon landings; a tribute to Bernard Shaw; Mount Etna in eruption; story of Death Valley in Korea.

News Review 1951
SB/30595 Fruitless search for H.M. submarine "Affray"; H.M. King George VI opens the Festival of Britain; Welcome to King Haakan of Norway; Trooping the Colour; Princess Margaret's 21st birthday; Oil disaster at Avonmouth; A nation waits and watches for news of the King's health; Montreal welcomes Their Royal Highnesses at the start of the Canadian Tour; Britain decides (General Election); The Glorious Gloucesters arrive home from Korea; welcome home to Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip from Canada; Mr Churchill's birthday.

News Review 1952
SB/30621 The story of the "Flying Enterprise"; Britain keeps the Suez Canal working; departure of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to East Africa; bush fires in Australia; the end at the South bank; Koje prisoners defy British; Egyptian Coup D'Etat; the Lynmouth disaster; John Cobb dies; the Farnborough tragedy; Harrow rail disaster; Duchess of Kent in Borneo; Britain explodes Atom Bomb; the death of H.M. King George VI and the Royal Proclamation.

News Review 1953
SB/30662 The Coronation; Naval Review at Spithead; Royal river pageant; Mount Everest conquered; air speed records broken; death of Queen Mary; death of Joseph Stalin; end of the Korean War; General Dwight Eisenhower installed as new President of America; Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill attends 'big three' talks in Bermuda; Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother tours Rhodesia; the Queen and Prince Philip leave London Airport for Bermuda as they start their tour of the West Indies; Earls Court Motor Show; national petrol crisis; oil deposits found in Exmouth Gulf, North West Australia; first pictures of surviving siamese twin Baby Boko.

News Review 1954
SB/30694 Swiss avalanches; Britain hit by freezing weather; American evangelist BGilly Graham visits Britain; Queen Elizabeth 11 and Prince Philip visit Ceylon during their Commonwealth Tour; Queen Elizabeth 11 and Prince Philip return from their Commonwealth Tour sailing up the Thames; at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, Queen Elizabeth 11 knights Winston Churchill; Geneva peace talks; Vancouver Commonwealth Games - Roger Banister wins Mile Race; Roman Temple uncovered in London; Comet airlliner crashes in sea; Queen Mother gets warm welcome in New York; storms wreak havoc around UK coast.

News Review 1955 (announced in Feb/Mar 1956)
SB/30730 Snow, hurricanes and floods plus the the unbelievable British heatwave; economic setbacks of a newspaper; rail strike; Princess Margaret's visit to the West Indies; tragedy of the Le Mans motor racing accident; goodwill exchange visits of the British and Soviet fleets; the fantastic Flying Bedstead and the unique Flying Mattress. resignation of two great leaders, Sir Winston Churchill and Mr Atlee; excitement of the General Election; worrying unrest in Cyprus; women of Britain sales hunting; Royal Family serving at a village bazaar; triu,ph of Donald Campbell's water speed record; triumphant round the world flight of Comet III.

News Review 1956. (announced in Feb/Mar 1957)
SB/30783 The conflict in Budapest; invasion of Egypt by the Allies; Peter Twiss breaks the world air speed record in a Fairy Delta 2 - 1132 miles per hour; the Grand National which proved a disastrous event for Her Majesty the Queen Mother, Dick Francis the jockey and the loyal public who supported Devon Loch; the wedding of Princes Rainier and Grace Kelly; the Royal visit of Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to Nigeria, the visit to London by Bulgarin and Khrushchev; Donald Campbell achieving the world's water speed record in Bluebird.;

News Review 1957 (announced Feb/Mar 1958)
9/35 Prince Philip visits Antarctica; Giant new radio telescope at Jodrell Bank; Russia sends Sputnik II rocket into space with husky dog Laika; Britain's first hydrogen bomb exploded above Christmas Island in the Pacific; Eight year old Prince Charles arrives at Cheam School where he is to be a border; Footballer Stanley Mathews receives his CBE from Queen Elizabeth II; Stirling Moss wins the Italian Grand Prix at Monza; Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visit America; Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip make a state visit to France.

News Review 1958 (announced April/May 1959 - This was the very last one)
9/61 (9.5mm silent) - 8/61 (8mm silent) - T/9763 (9.5mm optical sound) Sir Edmund Hillary and Dr. Fuchs arrive at New Zealand after making history with the Trans-Antarctic Expedition; Target the moon! Will it be achieved soon?; U.E. Submarine "Nautilus" sails beneath the North Pole for 2,000 miles; ZETA at Harwell applies the peaceful principles of the "H" bomb, using sea water. Unlimited economical power is within men's grasp; Comet IV enters the Atlantic service, bringing more prestige to British aviation; The 'bus strike hits London for seven weeks, but life carries on; Smithfield Market has one of London's worst fires since the Blitz; Baghdad - King Feisal and his uncle assassinated as a result of a milltary coup d'etat; The American Marines land at the request of the Lebanese Government to avoid a similar revolution to the one that took place in Iraq; King Hussein of Jordan invites British Paratroops to temporarily police his country as a precautionary measure; The Cyprus problem still unsolved and the casualty list grows higher; "Hard Ridden" wins the Derby brilliantly - Charlie Smirke's fourth Derby win; The Queen reviews the Territorial Army in its Golden Jubilee Year, and the weather is far from golden!; President Heuss of West Germany makes a State Visit to England; Pope John XXIII crowned in Rome; General de Gaulle takes over the reins in France; Sir Winston Churchill is invested with the Cross of Liberation by his old war-time ally, General de Gaulle; The Queen opens Parliament - television and film cameras record the event for the first time in modern history.

(No more News Reviews were issued by Pathéscope as the recently formed Pathéscope (Great Britain) Ltd went into receivership in 1960. At the time they were considering a news film release of Princess Margaret's wedding to Lord Snowdon; but in any event although a reformed Pathéscope (London) Ltd appeared from the ashes, no more UK printed 9.5mm films were released by Pathéscope)

(Prepared from Pathéscope Film Catalogues and Pathéscope Monthly/Gazette magazines - the actual film content may well vary from that advertised)

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