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Just when you think you have found it all something like this turns up! A whole range of these 9.5mm 'Mickey Mouse' titles turned up on Belgian e-bay during 2009. A bit expensive I had to get a couple of examples, which are shown above. The series appears to be French (the waxed paper packets are made in Paris and my copies came from a French antique dealer); just 10 metre / 30 foot shorts, probably printed on 9.5mm camera film, and all Mickey Mouse cartoons. The little metal spools are non-standard, as they have a circular hole on one side for the spindle (smaller diameter than normal 9.5mm spindles!), and a small oblong slot on the other, presumably for a special take-up drive on the toy projector illustrated on the back of the packets. Despite the 'licence Walt Disney' printed on the front of the packets, I'm sure Disney didn't licence these little films as the quality really is quite poor (I have yet to view them on a screen).

And now in May2016, I have just discovered another example from this rare series! This time it is 20 metres (60 foot) but not sure of the type of spool, as it is offered on French ebay for 94 Euros! I will still keep looking!

Naturally further information, corrections, updates, extra titles are all very welcome. Contact me Grahame Newnham at:-
presto @ (no gaps in actual e-mail address).

 @GLN '96                         INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  NUMERIC  ORDER  LISTING                     08/08/2009
                            ('Released by' = MM  and/or  'Film Star' =     and/or  'Class' =          )

  PA=Pathescope(UK)  PB=Pathe-Baby(FR)  Pathe: PG=(GER)  PI=(IT)  PN=(India)  PS=(Spain)   PT=(Aus)   PW=(Sweden)   PX=Pathex(US)
  FO=Film Office(FR)  PU=Pinquin(FR)  HF=Hefa(FR)  LA=LaPierre(FR)  CK=Cinak(FR)  TB=Tobis(GER)  AV=Adventure(UK) LP=LGP Cine(UK)
  DI=Diamond(UK)   NV=Novascope(UK)  PK=Peak(UK)  WL=Walton(UK)  WH=Wallace Heaton(UK)  BC=Birmingham Comm.Flm(UK)  PR=Presto(UK)

  V=30ft notched  G=60ft notched  L=30ft  D=60ft  J/C=100ft  M=200ft  SB=300ft  S=300ft notched  T/CT=UK sound  SS/MS/GS=FR sound

  BK=Buster Keaton   BB=Billy Bevan   BT=Ben Turpin   CC=Charlie Chaplin   CH=Charley Chase   DA=Animated   DD=Dinky Doodle
  DF=Fleischer   DL=Lortac   DY=Disney    FX=Felix   HB=Hallroon Boys   HL=Harold Lloyd    LH=Laurel&Hardy    ML=Max Linder
  MM=Mickey McGuire   OG=Our Gang   PP=Paul Parrott  PY=Dippy Doo Dad   SL=Stan Laurel    SP=Snub Pollard   WF=Walter Forde
 9.5mm Number    9.5mm Film Title               Class.              Issue-Delete      Original Film Title       Date
   D(MM)  08 MICKEY ET L'ENLEVEMWENT DE MINNIE Animatee B/W Mute        -     :                                       US DY
   L(MM)  31 MICKEY ORGANISE LA BAGARRE        Animated B/W Mute        -     :                                       US*DY
   L(MM)  36 MICKEY SE FAIT VENGER             Animated B/W Mute        -     :                                       US DA
   L(MM)  38 MICKEY REVE D'ETRE COUR-BOY       Animated B/W Mute        -     :                                       US DA
   L(MM)  42 FARANDOLE CHEZ MICKEY (UNE)       Animated B/W Mute        -     :                                       US DY
   L(MM)  43 POURSUITE MOUVEMENT DE MICKEY     Animated B/W Mute        -     :                                       US DA
   L(MM)  47 MICKEY ET LE VOLEUR VOLE          Animated B/W Mute        -     :                                       US DA
   L(MM)  50 MICKEY UN SOIR DE REVEILLON       Animated B/W Mute        -     :                                       US*DY
   L(MM)  53 MICKEY DOMESTIQUE MODERNE         Animated B/W Mute        -     :                                       US DA
   L(MM)  54 COURSE DE VITESSE CHEZ MICKEY     Animated B/W Mute        -     :                                       US DA              
                                                                                                        ( 10 entries )


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