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Another short 9.5mm listing, but extra titles for Super 8mm! In the 1950s, a keen 9.5mm enthusiast opened an extensive 9.5mm film library, specialising in 9.5mm optical sound titles. The fellow's name was Geoff S. Holyoake and his retail premises at 12 Central Road, Worcester Park, Surrey (UK), also sold the full range of Pathéscope equipment. Sometime in the late 1950s Geoff also began producing a range of transport films, with a new company Link Productions Ltd. These short films were filmed on 16mm, mostly using Kodak Ektachrome and Kodachrome film stock. I think the titles were released on all three film gauges (std 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm). Colour versions of some titles were offered in std 8mm and 16mm, but I think just black and white versions were offered in 9.5mm

Most titles were 100foot / 30 metres long on 9.5mm and 16mm (50foot / 15 metres on std 8mm), running for around 4 minutes at the 16fps (frames/second) silent projection speed; except "
Veteran Car Run" which was 200foot / 60 metres on 9.5mm & 16mm (100foot / 30 metres on std 8mm) - running for around 8 minutes at 16fps. The earlier 9.5mm prints were standard 9.5mm pitch so were presumably printed by Pathéscope for Meteor Films. Two of my prints are genuine 9.5mm, another "North From York" is a 16mm reperf. presumably done by Walton Films for Meteor. There are also later 16mm reperfs in circulation, done by LGP Cine - see below.

This was certainly a genuine 9.5mm print, presumably by Pathéscope

leaflet enclosed with the film

Watch the 200foot / 60 metre 9.5mm print of "Veteran Car Run 1959" -

By the 1970s the films were re-launched, as a much larger series on Super 8mm - some titles with a magnetic sound track. A series of 35mm transport colour slides had also been and gone. Once the shop was closed, Geoff Holyoake continued with the film sales from his house in Kingsmead Avenue, Worcester Park and later from Fay Road in Horsham. I will try to include below the full list of Link Productions transport films (but these didn't appear on 9.5mm).

Just to confuse matters, later, (my list is dated January 1969), enthusiastic 9.5mm dealer, Larry Pearce, trading as LGP Cine re-released a number of these Link titles as 9.5mm black and white printed films, but printed as 16mm prints from the 16mm master negatives and reperforated / slit to 9.5mm.

And for more confusion! - Michael Bentley (prolific 9.5mm main dealer) - trading as Bentleyfilms issued a large illustrated printed film sales catalogue around 1967/68 - this included some 9.5mm transport titles - some that came from Meteor Films but I have now also added them on the LGP lists - these have been added to the transport list below - (gln 03July2015)

The lists below may not yet be complete - if you know of other titles please let me know!
(gln Sept2015)

I'm still looking for decent 9.5mm (black & white) or 16mm Kodachrome copies of most of these titles by the way!

Grahame Newnham: gln @ (no gaps in real e-mail address)

©GLN '96                     INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ALPHABETIC  ORDER  LISTING           29/08/2011

V=30ft notched G=60ft notched L=30ft D=60ft J/C=100ft M=200ft SB=300ft S=300ft notched T/CT=UK sound SS/MS/GS=FR sound

 9.5mm Number  9.5mm Film Title             Class.              Issue-Delete     Original Film Title         Date

 1 C(LI) 30 4472 THE FLYING SCOTSMAN        Interest B/W Silent    69-     :4472 THE FLYING SCOTSMAN         ??/??/63 GB #
 1 C(LI)  8 AIRCRAFT OF TODAY               Interest B/W Silent    67-     :AIRCRAFT OF TODAY                ??/??/61 GB
 1 C(LI) 16 BLUEBELL LINE (THE)             Interest B/W Silent    6?-     :BLUEBELL LINE (THE)              ??/??/61 GB #
 1 C(LI) 26 BRITISH OCEAN LINERS            Interest B/W Silent    67-     :BRITISH OCEAN LINERS             ??/??/63-64 GB
 1 C(LI) 22 CASTLES AND KINGS               Interest B/W Silent    6?-     :CASTLES AND KINGS                ??/??/62 GB #
 1 C(LI) 28 EAST GRINSTEAD - THREE BRIDGES  Interest B/W Silent    67-     :EAST GRINSTEAD - THREE BRIDGES   ??/??/62-63 GB
 1 C(LI) 20 ENTHUSIASTS' SPECIAL NO.1       Interest B/W Silent    62-     :ENTHUSIASTS' SPECIAL NO.1        ??/??/62 GB
 1 C(LI) 21 ENTHUSIASTS' SPECIAL NO.2       Interest B/W Silent    62-     :ENTHUSIASTS' SPECIAL NO.2        ??/??/62 GB
 1 C(LI) 17 FORTH BRIDGE (THE)              Interest B/W Silent    67-     :FORTH BRUDHE (THE)               ??/??/51 GB
 1 C(LI)  7 KARTING                         Interest B/W Silent    6?-     :KARTING                          ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LI) 23 N.E. REGION                     Interest B/W Silent    63-     :N.E. REGION                      ??/09/63 GB
 1 C(LI) 11 NINE ELMS LOCOMOTIVE SHED       Interest B/W Silent    60-     :NINE ELMS LOCOMOTIVE SHED        ??/??/60 GB
 1 C(LI) 13 NORTH FROM YORK                 Interest B/W Silent    6?-     :NORTH FROM YORK                  ??/??/60 GB*#
 1 C(LI)  9 OCEAN LINERS                    Interest B/W Silent    67      :OCEAN LINERS                     ??/??/63 GB
 1 C(LI) 24 SCOTTISH BELLE (THE)            Interest B/W Silent    63-     :SCOTTISH BELLE (THE)             ??/??/63 GB
 1 C(LI) 18 SOUTH WESTERN LIMITED           Interest B/W Silent    62-     :SOUTH WESTERN LIMITED            02/09/62 GB
 1 C(LI) 19 TRACTION ENGINE PARADE          Interest B/W Silent    67-     :TRACTION ENGINE PARADE           ??/??/63 GB #
 1 C(LI)  6 TRACTION ENGINES-APPLEFORD 1960 Interest B/W Silent    60-     :TRACTION ENGINES-APPLEFORD 1960  ??/06/60 GB
 1 C(LI)  1 TRAINS - MIDLAND & N.E. REGIONS Interest B/W Silent    59-     :TRAINS - MIDLAND & N.E. REGIONS  ??/??/59 GB*#
 1 C(LI)  3 TRAINS - SOUTHERN REGION        Interest B/W Silent    61-     :TRAINS - SOUTHERN REGION         ??/??/61 GB
 1 C(LI)  2 TRAINS - WESTERN REGION         Interest B/W Silent    59-     :TRAINS - WESTERN REGION          ??/??/59 GB
 1 C(LI) 25 TRAMS IN LISBON                 Interest B/W Silent    67-     :TRAMS IN LISBON                  ??/??/64 GB
 1 C(LI) 10 TROLLEY BUSES                   Interest B/W Silent    67-     :TROLLEY BUSES                    ??/??/62 GB #
 1 C(LI) 27 TUGS AND PILOT BOATS            Interest B/W Silent    67-     :TUGS AND PILOT BOATS             ??/??/64 GN
 1 M(LI)  5 VETERAN CAR RUN 1959            Interest B/W Silent    59-     :VETERAN CAR RUN 1959             ??/??/59 GB*
 1 C(LI) 12 WINTER SERVICE                  Interest B/W Silent    6?-     :WINTER SERVICE                   ??/01/61 GB

                      ( 27 9.5mm releases listed, but only 23 entries originally released on 9.5mm directly from Link)
    1.  * at end of entry means - 9.5mm copy in gln collection
        # at end of entry means - 16mm negative in gln collection


                         (These titles issued on Super 8mm during the 1970s perhaps?
          mostly filmed/produced by Geoff Holyoake - Link Productions Ltd. unless otherwise stated)

     Number Film Title                                        Filmed

  60ft   1  TRAINS - MIDLAND AND N.E. REGIONS    B/W Silent   1959 Ektachrome
  60ft   2  TRAINS - WESTERN REGION              B/W Silent   1959 Ektachrome
  60ft   3  TRAINS - SOUTHERN REGION             Col Silent   1961 Kodachrome
(120ft   5  VETERAN CAR RUN                      Col Silent   195? Ektachrome  )
  60ft   6  TRACTION ENGINES - APPLEFORD 1960    Col Silent   1960 (June) Kodachrome Produced by A.R. Morris
( 60ft   7  KARTING                              Col Silent   196? Ektachrome  )
  60ft   8  AIRCRAFT OF TODAY                    Col Silent   1961 Kodachrome Produced by A.R. Morris
  60ft   9  OCEAN LINERS                         Col Silent   1963 Kodachrome  A Morris Movie
  60ft  10  TROLLEY BUSES                        Col Silent   1962 Kodachrome
  60ft  11  NINE ELMS LOCOMOTIVE SHED            Col Silent   1960 
  60ft  12  WINTER SERVICE                       B/W Silent   196? 
  60ft  13  NORTH FROM YORK                      Col Silent   196? Ektachrome
  60ft  14  ROMNEY HYTHE & DYMCHURCH RAILWAY     Col Silent   1961 Kodachrome
  1 rl  15  OPERATION BLUEBELL                   B/W Silent   1960 Produced by Trevor White
  60ft  16  BLUEBELL LINE (THE)                  Col Silent   1961 Kodachrome
  60ft  17  FORTH BRIDGE (THE)                   Col Silent   1961 
  60ft  18  SOUTH WESTERN LIMITED                Col Silent   196? Kodachrome
  60ft  19  TRACTION ENGINE PARADE (THE)         Col Silent   1963 (July) Kodachrome Produced by A.R. Morris
  60ft  20  ENTHUSIASTS' SPECIALS NO.1           Col Silent   1962 Kodachrome
  60ft  21  ENTHUSIASTS' SPECIALS NO.2           Col Silent   1962 Kodachrome
  60ft  22  CASTLES AND KINGS                    B/W Silent   1959-62 Ektachrome & Kodachrome 11
  60ft  23  N.E. REGION                          Col Silent   1963 (September)
  60ft  24  SCOTTISH BELLE (THE)                 Col Silent   1963 Kodachrome
  60ft  25  TRAMS IN LISBON                      Col Silent   1964 Kodachrome
  60ft  26  BRITISH OCEAN LINERS                 Col Sil/Snd  1963/64 Kodachrome  A Morris Movie
  60ft  27  TUGS AND PILOT BOATS                 Col Silent   1964 Kodachrome
  60ft  28  EAST GRINSTEAD - THREE BRIDGES       Col Silent   1962/63 Kodachrome
  60ft  29  ENTHUSIASTS' SPECIALS NO.3           Col Silent   1962/63 Kodachrome
  60ft  30  4472 THE FLYING SCOTSMAN             CoL Silent   1963/64 Kodachrome
  60ft  31  MIDHURST BELLE RAIL TOUR             Col Silent   1964 Kodachrome
  60ft  32  BRANCH LINE EXCURSIONS NO.1          Col Silent   1963-65 Kodachrome
  60ft  33  BRANCH LINE EXCURSIONS NO.2          Col Silent   1964 Kodachrome
  60ft  34  ENTHUSIASTS' SPECIALS NO.4           Col Silent   1963-64 Kosdachrome
  60ft  35  ON THE ISLE OF MAN                   Col Silent   1964 (September)
  60ft  36  WESTERN FINALE                       Col Silent   1964/65 Kodachrome
  60ft  37  LAST STEAM THROUGH THE CHILTERNS     Col Silent   1966 Kodachrome
  60ft  38  MAUNSELL HAULED                      Col Silent   1961/66 Kodachrome
  60ft  39  QUEEN MARY                           Col Silent   1963/67 Kodachrome
  60ft  40  GREAT CENTRAL JOINT LINES            Col Silent   1959-1963
  60ft  41  CROMFORD & HIGH PEAK RAILWAY         Col Silent   1967 (30th April) Kodachrome
  60ft  42  OVER SHAP 1963                       Col Silent   1963 (March/April)
  60ft  43  A4 TO WEYMOUTH                       Col Silent   1967 Kodachrome
  60ft  44  ISLE OF WIGHT STEAM                  Col Silent   1964/65 Kodachrome
  1 rl  45  WALLINGFORD BUNK (THE)               B/W Silent   196?
  60ft  46  SWANAGE BRANCH SPECIALS              Col Silent   1966/67
  60ft  47  TROLLEY BUSES - READING              Col Silent   1961/1967
  60ft  48  BLACKPOOL BY TRAM                    Col Silent   196?  A John Tarrant Film Production
  60ft  49  DOUBLE HEADED                        Col Silent   1965/66
  60ft  50? KING GEORGE V  (is this number 50?)  Col Silent   1969/70
  60ft  51  BULLEID LIGHT PACIFICS               Col Silent   1961/67
  60ft  52  BULLEID PACIFICS                     Col Silent   1962/67
  60ft  53  BRADFORD BY TROLLEY BUS              Col Silent   1970  A John Tarrant Production
  72ft  54  STEAM AROUND NAIROBI                 Col Silent   1971  Produced by M.J. Baxter
  60ft  55  TAL-Y-LLYN RLY., 1950 (THE)          B/W Silent   1950 (September)
  1 rl  56  STEAM ON ALL REGIONS                 B/W Silent   1959-64
  60ft  57  DART VALLEY RAILWAY - 4555           Col Silent   1972
  60ft  58  METROPOLITAN & DISTRICT              Col Silent   1963/72
  60ft  59  G.W.R. TANKS                         Col Silent   1962/73
  60ft  60  MERSEY & HUMBER FERRIES              Col Silent   1972/73  A John Tarrant Production
  60ft  61  HOLY TERMINUS                        B/W Silent   1962  Produced by Wilf Watters
  1 rl  62  VALLEYS OF STEAM                     B/W Sil/Snd  1973  Produced by Wilf Watters
  1 rl  63  TENTERDEN RAILWAY                    B/W Sil/Snd  1961/74  Produced by Wilf Watters
  60ft  64  TRANSPORTS OF DELIGHT                B/W Silent   1971/74  A John Tasrrant Production
  60ft  65  RHODESIAN GARRATTS                   Col Silent   1975 (April) Produced by Wilf Watters
  1 rl  66  SOUTH AFRICAN LOCOMOTIVES            Col Sil/Snd  1975 (April) Produced by Wilf Watters
  240ft 67  STEAMING THROUGH THE 1930s           B/W Silent   193?
  1 rl  68  MAIN LINE STEAM PRESERVATION         Col Silent   197?
  220ft 69  POWER TO ORDER                       B/W Sil/Snd  194?
  1 rl  70  LYNTON AND BARNSTABLE RAILWAY        B/W Silent   1935
  1 rl  71  BRITANNIA PACIFICS                   Col Sil/Snd  1963/64
  1 rl  72  ENTHUSIASTS' SPECIALS NO.5           Col Sil/Snd  1963/66
  60ft L104 HIGH STREETS OF YESTERDAY            B/W Silent   192?

       (This list is now complete from my info.   gln 1Sept2011) 

   1. The lengths shown on this listing are for Super 8mm prints (60 feet = approx 4 minutes)
      - '1 reel' approx 200 feet = approx 12 minutes / approx 8 minutes if sound / talkie release.
   2. Items shown in brackets ( ..... ), may not have been released on Super 8mm.

A few descriptions:

  1 TRAINS - MIDLAND & N.E. REGIONS  Produced by Link Productions Ltd. Photographed in Ektachrome 1959
      The film opens between Shap and Tebay where a variety of trains are shown, including a Coronation
      Class 4-6-2, Royal Scot Class 4-6-0, Jubilee Class 4-6-0, Fowler 2-6-4T and Hughes-Fowler 2-6-0.
      A goods train headed by an Ivatt Class 2, 2-6-0 passes through Troutbeck Station.  At Kirkby Stephen
      a B.R. Class 4, 2-6-0 is seen being turned round on the turntable.  Finally at Darlington Station
      where scenes include a Class J72, 0-6-0T and Class A3, 4-6-2 amongst others.

  2 TRAINS - WESTERN REGION  Produced by Link Productions Ltd.  Photographed in Ektachrome 1959
      The reel starts with express trains at Reading Station.  Then to Paddington Station.  Trains shown in
      close-up include action pictures of a Castle Class 4-6-0 and a Hall Class 4-6-0 as well as 0-6-0T and
      2-6-2T locomotives.  Due to bridge reconstruction at West Drayton the cameras were able to record the
      fine detail of trains as they slow to walking pace.  Local, express and goods trains headed by a variety
      of W.R. locomotives are shown at Slough and nearby.  The last scene is on the stretch of line near
      Sonning as an express speeds westwards.
  3 TRAINS - SOUTHERN REGION 1961  Produed by Link Production sLtd. Photographed in 1961.
      The main classes of locomotives seen are at Waterloo. 3-6-2 Merchant Navy 35015, 4-6-0 King Arthur 30451.
      Just outside Victoria can be seen 4-4-0's class D1, 31749 and L1, 31786 double-heading a Railfans Special,
      and the last steam-hauled "Golden Arrow" on the 11th June 1961, in the charge of West Country 34100.
      Un-rebuilt 4-6-2 Battle of Britain 34079, 2-6-0 S.R. class U 31631, 0-4-4T's class H and M7 are among the
      many other locomotives shown. 
  5 VETERAN CAR RUN 1959     Produced by Link Productions Ltd.  Photographed 1st November 1959 in Ektachrome
      The film begins with scenes at Hyde Park as some of the cars line-up & start on the R.A.C. run to Brighton
      From a number of points along the route we see them in action and again as they parade in Brighton.

       Amongst the Veteran Cars shown in this film are shots of an 1896 Arnold, Leon Boiler, Lutzmann, Benz,
       1899 Daimler, Hurtu, International Benz, Star and Locomobile Steamer (officially representing the USA)
       1900 Napier, Peugeot, 1901 De Dion Bouton, 1903 Achilles, Cklement-Talbot, De Dietrich, De Dion Bouton,
       M.M.C.  Gladiator, Humberette, and Oldsmobile representing the USA.  1904 Alldays & Onions, Darracq,
       De Dion Bouton, Gardner Serpoliet Steamer, Minerva, Swift and Wolseley.
   7 KARTING 196?
       We see examples of many classes of Karts. From the smallest Class 1 industrial engine, clutchless Karts
       with their rolling start to the motor cycle engined Class 1V enthusiasts. All the thrills but rarely the
       spills of motor racing! By courtesy of the Four Counties Karting Club
   8 AIRCRAFT OF TODAY 1961 Photographed in 1961.
       This film brings some of the world's famous aircraft, in flight, to your home movie screens. Pictures
       include the Boeing 707,Douglas DC8,DC7 and DC3,Vickers Viscounts and Vanguards, de Havilland Comets,
       Bristol Brittania, Lockheed Constellations and the French Caravelle.
   9 OCEAN LINERS 1963 
       This film, photographed in 1963, shows ocean liners, ranging from 10,000 to 83,000 tons, including
       Transvaal Castle, United States, Queen Elizabeth, Canberra, Iberia Star and Strathmore
   16 BLUEBELL LINE (THE) 1961 Photographed 1961.
        A brief glimpse of the approach to Sheffield Park Station, and we are off to see th main attractions
        of this line. L.B. & S.C.R. Terrier 0-6-0T No.55 Stepney, restored to its original Brighton livery.
        Former S.E.C.R. 0-6-0T Wainwright No.323 Bluebell and No.27 Primrose. Then on to the Society's temporary
        halt at Horsted Keynes where we see their latest acquisition L.S.W.R. No.488 Adams 4-4-2T. The concluding
        sequences show the approach and departure of the first Bluebell passenger train, on 29th October 1961,
        at Horsted Keynes S.R. Station. All four of the Society's locomotives were used on this memorable occasion.
   22 CASTLES AND KINGS 1959-62  Photographed 1959-1962. 
        A reel devoted to action scenes of these two fine classes of locomotive of the Western Region.
        Kings: Edward V11, George 1, Richard 11 and 11, Henry V111 and V11. Castles: Hartlebury, Eastnor, Taunton,
        Thornbury, Montgomery, Goodrich and Elmly, Earl of Dunraven and Great Western. 
   24 SCOTTISH BELLE (THE) 1963 
        Two restored locomotives, Caledonian Railway 4-2-2 No.123, and the L.S.W.R. T9 4-4-0 No.120 on their
        visit to the Bluebell Line are the feature of this film. Also seen in action restored S.E. & C.R. "P"
        Class 0-6-0T No.27, L.B.S.C. 0-6-2T E4 named "Birch Grove" and ex-G.W.R Dukedog 4-4-0 No.9017.
   25 TRAMS IN LISBON 196? 
        A quick look at the high frequency tram service in this Capital City, concluding with scenes of two,
        three, four and five car electric train sets running through the dock area. There is never a tram or
        train out of sight during the whole length of this film.

Notes:                                  DVD boxed set
        Selections of these transport films later became available on VHS video.  Today you can view much of the
        Link Productions' material on DVD.  Just look on Amazon / e-bay etc. for "The Geoff Holyoake Collection".

        At the time of writing (August 2011) the company name Link Productons Ltd. is registered at Brick Lane,
        London and is involved with film and theatre production.  I have no idea if this is another family member
        or someone who has just bought the company name. 

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