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One of the main benefactors of the 9.5mm movie gauge when Pathéscope in its various forms had withdrawn from the movie scene after 1964, was the late Larry Pearce, initially trading from his then home at Bowrons Avenue, Wembley, UK. I think a builder by trade, Larry was a keen film man, but also a very dynamic entrepreneur in the film world. Once 'official' 9.5mm film stocks had dissapeared, enthusiasts attempted to obtain new supplies - Ferrania were willing to supply 9.5mm camera film stock, but there were problems as someone explained to Larry - "the minimum order was something like £30,000" - "What's the problem" said Larry and immediately set an order in motion! Most of the Pathéscope equipment and 9.5mm stock was being junked, so Larry managed to rescue much of it. For many years LGP (Cine) kept the gauge alive together with one or two other dealers like D.M. Bentley at Brighouse.. Sadly Larry Pearce died a while ago, but he will still be remembered most for supplies of leader film in all cine film gauges and the "Thermofilm" cine film cleaner/lubricant! (See another earlier photo and 9.5mm filmstock article "Mister Nine-Five" by Ivan Watson in ACW for 9June1966)

Larry Pearce of LGP (Cine) at a film fair

Although Larry Pearce had rescued the Pathéscope equipment that had been used to produce the triple 9.5mm prints on special 35mm positive stock, he passed this onto another group of enthusiasts who formed Novascope (see separate lists) and helped them get started on 9.5mm film printing. Meantime Larry Pearce had also acquired the 16mm to 9.5mm perforator and slitter designed and used by Walton Films to produce their 9.5mm film releases. Having moved into large commercial premises at Ealing Road with Ian Perry of Perries Movies, they had a continuous processing machine and printing equipment to produce 8mm package movies. Now standard 8mm package movies were often printed two-at-a-time on specially perforated 16mm positive film stock. With the arrival of Super 8mm, large stocks of this 'double-8' print stock were being cleared. Using any available 16mm negatives LGP (Cine) printed many vintage film titles, then reperforated these 16mm 'double-8' prints to sell as 9.5mm prints.

Another keen 9.5mm enthusiast and keen drawn-on-film animator - Paul Carnell - had been printing 9.5mm shorts, some in colour (and just one in 9.5mm colour optical sound!) mostly of his own animated films. Later he began marketing short 30ft and 60ft 9.5mm glamour films, soon in conjunction with Larry Pearce the glamour releases became 100fts and were printed by LGP (Cine) themselves..

Most of the 9.5mm glamour releases have an interesting history - (they are listed separately lower down this page). Peter Walker (later a well known cinema film director) formed a company Heritage Films which released package films initially in 8mm, then later Super 8mm. Some Heritage 1 reel releases were std 8mm sound "Flicker Flashbacks" of American RKO musical shorts and vintage movies; some UK colour musical pop music shorts; plus cut-downs of American cheap horror film offerings like "Plan 9 From Outer Space". However the biggest part of the catalogue (and the biggest sellers!) were a large range of glamour films. Walton glamour films had been bikini style productions, but Pete Walker's Heritage series were full nude (but in the best possible taste of course!). Later when Peter Walker moved into cinema feature film work, his package movie stuff was taken over by Mountain Films who tended to rather cut corners on film length and quality - probably to stay in business though! Incidentally much of Peter Walker's initial cinema output was 'sexploitation' with films like "Cool It Carol" (later released in the UK, cut, on Super 8mm sound by Mountain Films); later he moved into the horror genre with titles like "House Of Whipcotd"; "Frightmare"; "The Comeback" etc. Look for the collectable coffin shaped DVD boxed set!

The interesting thing is that LGP (Cine) took over much of the Heritage Films master glamour material and used the 16mm negatives to print up the 9.5mm releases. Interesting because they also appear to have used various rehearsals/offcuts from the original filming to produce some of the short films (Most glamour releases at that time were about 4 minutes - 50ft on std 8mm / 100ft on 9.5mm or 16mm). At about the same time Ferrania were clearing some of their 16mm camera film stocks - much of this was 100foot colour reversal stock. So using this and reperfing to 9.5mm, a number of the glamour titles were also released in colour. Once teething troubles were overcome (colour balance for example) the prints were very good and today (2013) my copies still have very good colour.

Advert in Group 9.5 Review magazine Autumn 1965

Listed below are currently a total of 76 film releases on 9.5mm. Further information or extra titles would be appreciated.
I am always interested in purchasing any titles not already in my collection

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LGP (Cine) Transport Series

The first LGP (Cine) 9.5mm releases appear to be the rerelease in the early 1960s of a series of steam transport shorts, originally filmed by Geoff Holyoake of Meteor Films and released by them under the Link Productions banner (see the separate Link Productions film lists for full details) - the transport titles are listed first below:

Most of these titles were later marketed by Bentleyfilms, but still printed by LGP Cine - these were 16mm contact printed then reperfed to 9.5mm. In fact I still have some of the 16mm negatives in my garage from the times when myself and a film friend intended to release more 9.5mm printed films!

Some of the Geoff Holyoake material (from the Meteor Films days) can be found on a three DVD boxed set from Duke Marketing - titled " The Geoff Holyoake Collection", it may be found on Amazon etc., from a local garden centre or branches of EWM (Edinburgh Woollen Mill). In colour like the 8mm and 16mm offerings - sadly no 9.5mm releases were in colour, but you may come across a colour 16mm print later reperforated to 9.5mm..

DVD boxed set

©GLN '96                     INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ALPHABETIC  ORDER  LISTING           14/08/2013

V=30ft notched G=60ft notched L=30ft D=60ft J/C=100ft M=200ft SB=300ft S=300ft notched T/CT=UK sound SS/MS/GS=FR sound

 9.5mm Number  9.5mm Film Title             Class.              Issue-Delete     Original Film Title         Date
 1 C(LP)    4472 THE FLYING SCOTSMAN        Interest B/W Silent    69-    :4472 THE FLYING SCOTSMAN         ??/??/63 GB
 1 C(LP)  8 AIRCRAFT OF TODAY               Interest B/W Silent    67-    :AIRCRAFT OF TODAY                ??/??/61 GB
             Photographed in 1961. This film brings some of the world's famous aircraft, in flight, to your
             home movie screens. Pictures include the Boeing 707,Douglas DC8,DC7 and DC3,Vickers Viscounts and
             Vanguards, de Havilland Comets,Bristol Brittania, Lockheed Constellations and the French Caravelle.
 1 C(LP) 16 BLUEBELL LINE (THE)             Interest B/W Silent    6?-    :BLUEBELL LINE (THE)              ??/??/61 GB
             Photographed 1961. A brief glimpse of the approach to Sheffield Park Station, and we are off to
             see th main attractions of this line. L.B. & S.C.R. Terrier 0-6-0T No.55 Stepney, restored to its
             original Brighton livery. Former S.E.C.R. 0-6-0T Wainwright No.323 Bluebell and No.27 Primrose.
             Then on to the Society's temporary halt at Horsted Keynes where we see their latest acquisition 
             L.S.W.R. No.488 Adams 4-4-2T. The concluding sequences show the approach and departure of the
             first Bluebell passenger train, on 29th October 1961, at Horsted Keynes S.R. Station. All four
             of the Society's locomotives were used on this memorable occasion.
 1 C(LP) 26 BRITISH OCEAN LINERS            Interest B/W Silent    67-    :BRITISH OCEAN LINERS             ??/??/63-64 GB
             Photographed 1963/64. A selection of ships all seen "under way". These are Andes, Arcadia,
             Egyptian Prince, Franconia, Orsova, and the Towensville Star.
 1 C(LP) 22 CASTLES AND KINGS               Interest B/W Silent    6?-    :CASTLES AND KINGS                ??/??/59-62 GB
             Photographed 1959-1962. A reel devoted to action scenes of these two fine classes of locomotive
             of the Western Region. Kings: Edward V11, George 1, Richard 11 and 11, Henry V111 and V11.
             Castles: Hartlebury, Eastnor, Taunton, Thornbury, Montgomery, Goodrich and Elmly, Earl of
             Dunraven and Great Western.
 1 C(LP) 28 EAST GRINSTEAD - THREE BRIDGES  Interest B/W Silent    67-    :EAST GRINSTEAD - THRE BRIDGES    ??/??/63 GB
 1 C(LP) 17 FORTH BRIDGE (THE)              Interest B/W Silent    67-    :FORTH BRIDGE (THE)               ??/??/61 GB
 1 C(LP)  7 KARTING                         Interest B/W Silent    6?-    :KARTING                          ??/??/6? GB
             We see examples of many classes of Karts. From the smallest Class 1 industrial engine, clutchless
             Karts with their rolling start to the motor cycle engined Class 1V enthusiasts. All the thrills
             but rarely the spills of motor racing! By courtesy of the Four Counties Karting Club.
 1 C(LP) 23 N.E. REGION                     Interest B/W Silent    67-    :N.E, REGION                      10/09/63 GB
 1 C(LP) 11 NINE ELMS LOCOMOTIVE SHED       Interest B/W Silent    67-    :NINE ELMS LOCOMOTIVE SHED        ??/??/60 GB
             All aboard locomotive No.30699 0-6-0 Drummond (1897) and you are off on an engine packed film tour
             of the Nine Elms Motive Power Depot of the Southern Region of British Railways. Then No.36001
             Channel Packet hauling the Bournemouth Belle at speed towards Waterloo.
 1 C(LP) 13 NORTH FROM YORK                 Interest B/W Silent    6?-    :NORTH FROM YORK                  ??/??/60*GB
 1 C(LP)  9 OCEAN LINERS                    Interest B/W Silent    67-    :OCEAN LINERS                     ??/??/63 GB
             This film, photographed in 1963, shows ocean liners, ranging from 10,000 to 83,000 tons, including
             Transvaal Castle, United States, Queen Elizabeth, Canberra, Iberia Star and Strathmore.
 1 C(LP) 24 SCOTTISH BELLE (THE)            Interest B/W Silent    67-    :SCOTTISH BELLE (THE)             ??/??/63 GB
             Two restored locomotives, Caledonian Railway 4-2-2 No.123, and the L.S.W.R. T9 4-4-0 No.120 on their
             visit to the Bluebell Line are the feature of this film. Also seen in action restored S.E. & C.R.
             "P" Class 0-6-0T No.27, L.B.S.C. 0-6-2T E4 named "Birch Grove" and ex-G.W.R Dukedog 4-4-0 No.9017.
 1 C(LP) 18 SOUTH WESTERN LIMITED           Interest B/W Silent    67-    :SOUTH WESTERN LIMITED            02/09/62 GB
 1 C(LP) 19 TRACTION ENGINE PARADE (THE)    Interest B/W Silent    6?-    :TRACTION ENGINE PARADE (THE)     ??/07/63 GB

 1 C(LP)  6 TRACTION ENGINES-APPLEFORD 1960 Ibterest B/W Silent    67     :TRACTION ENGINES-APPLEFORD 1060  ??/06/60 GB
 1 C(LP)  1 TRAINS - MIDLAND & N.E. REGIONS Interest B/W Silent    59-    :TRAINS - MIDLAND & N.E. REGIONS  ??/??/59*GB
             The film opens between Shap and Tebay where a variety of trains are shown, including a Coronation
             Class 4-6-2, Royal Scot Class 4-6-0, Jubilee Class 4-6-0, Fowler 2-6-4T and Hughes-Fowler 2-6-0.
             A goods train headed by an Ivatt Class 2, 2-6-0 passes through Troutbeck Station. At Kirkby Stephen
             a B.R. Class 4, 2-6-0, is seen being turned round on the Turntable and leaving there on the line
             to Darlington are the two car Diesel sets. Finally at Darlington Station where the scenes include
             a Class J72, 0-6-0T, and Class A3, 4-6-2 amongst others.
 1 C(LP)  3 TRAINS - SOUTHERN REGION        Interest B/W Silent    61-    :TRAINS - SOUTHERN REGION         ??/??/61 GB
             The main classes of locomotives seen are at Waterloo. 3-6-2 Merchant Navy 35015, 4-6-0 King Arthur
             30451. Just outside Victoria can be seen 4-4-0's class D1, 31749 and L1, 31786 double-heading a
             Railfans Special, and the last steam-hauled "Golden Arrow" on the 11th June 1961, in the charge of
             West Country 34100. Un-rebuilt 4-6-2 Battle of Britain 34079, 2-6-0 S.R. class U 31631, 0-4-4T's
             class H and M7 are among the many other locomotives shown.
 1 C(LP)  2 TRAINS - WESTERN REGION         Interest B/W Silent    59-    :TRAINS - WESTERN REGION          ??/??/59 GB
             The reel starts with express trains at Reading Station. Then to Paddington Station. Trains shown
             in close up include action pictures of a Castle Class 4-6-0 and a Hall Class 4-6-0, as well as
             0-6-0T and 2-6-2T locomotives. Due to bridge reconstruction at West Drayton the cameras were able
             to record the fine detail of trains as they slow to walking pace. Local express and goods trains
             headed by a variety of W.R. locomotives are shown at Slough and nearby. The last scene is on the
             stretch of line near Sonning as an express speeds westwards.
 1 C(LP) 25 TRAMS IN LISBON                 Interest B/W Silent    67-    :TRAMS IN LISBON                  ??/??/6? GB
             A quick look at the high frequency tram service in this Capital City, concluding with scenes of
             two, three, four and five car electric train sets running through the dock area. There is never
             a tram or train out of sight during the whole length of this film.
 1 C(LP) 10 TROLLEY BUSES                   Interest B/W Silent    6?-    :TROLLEY BUSES                    ??/??/62 GB
             Scenes taken on the last few days of the South London Trolley buses (1962), including shots of
             the original "Diddler" specially brought out of Clapham Museum for the occasion, leaving Fulwell
             Depot. On to Portsmouth where again we see shots of the last remaining trolley buses, also a
             Corporation Leyland TD4 Titan bus.
 1 C(LP) 27 TUGS AND PILOT BOATS            Interest B/W Silent    67-    :TUGS AND PILOT BOATS             ??/??/64 GB
             Photographed 1964. A variety of small ships, including tugs "Moor Cock", "Foz do Lima" (Lisbon),
             "Sun XX", "Flying Breeze", "Fortunate" (Las Palmas), and, amongst others, the Tangier Pilot Boat.
 1 M(LP)  5 VETERAN CAR RUN 1959            Interest B/W Silent    59-    :VETERAN CAR RUN 1959             ??/??/59*GB
             The film begins with scenes at Hyde Park as some of the cars line-up & start on the R.A.C. run
             to Brighton From a number of points along the route we see them in action and again as they parade
             in Brighton. Amongst the Veteran Cars shown in this film are shots of an 1896 Arnold, Leon Boiler,
             Lutzmann, Benz, 1899 Daimler, Hurtu, International Benz, Star and Locomobile Steamer (officially
             representing the USA) 1900 Napier, Peugeot, 1901 De Dion Bouton, 1903 Achilles, Cklement-Talbot,
             De Dietrich, De Dion Bouton, M.M.C. Gladiator, Humberette, and Oldsmobile representing the USA.
             1904 Alldays & Onions, Darracq, De Dion Bouton,Gardner Serpoliet Steamer,Minerva,Swift and Wolseley.
 1 C(LP)  12 WINTER SERVICE                 Interest B/W Silent    67-    :WINTER SERVICE                   ??/01/61 GB

                                                                     ( 26 entries )

LGP (Cine) General Catalogue

Next is the LGP (Cine) general catalogue of 9.5mm film releases. These run from 30foot / 10metre shorts like "Taxi Fools" through to full 2 reel (800foot / 240metre) silent classics with Laurel & Hardy, Harold Lloyd, Snub Pollard, Our Gang and Stan Laurel. Plus a couple of Van Beuren cartoons from 1930 - the 9.5mm prints are mute, but check out the You Tube links to excellent talkie versions! There were a number of 'specials' - like records of a couple of early Group 9.5 Get-Togethers; a French release of the Apollo 11 moon walk "L'Homme Sur La Lune", an early Pathé 'promo' film of their Paris factories "Visite Aux Usines Pathé Cinema" , and a war-time German newsreel "Ein Volk".

 @GLN '96                       INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ALPHABETIC  ORDER  LISTING                   14/08/2013
                           ('Released by' = LP  and/or  'Film Star' =     and/or  'Class' =        )
 V=30ft notched  G=60ft notched  L=30ft  D=60ft  J/C=100ft  M=200ft  SB=300ft  S=300ft notched  T/CT=UK sound  SS/MS/GS=FR sound

 BK=Buster Keaton   BB=Billy Bevan   BT=Ben Turpin   CC=Charlie Chaplin   CH=Charley Chase   DA=Animated   DD=Dinky Doodle
 DF=Fleischer  DL=Lortac  DY=Disney  FX=Felix  HB=Hallroom Boys  HL=Harold Lloyd  LH=Laurel&Hardy  LS=Larry Semon  ML=Max Linder
 MM=Mickey McGuire   OG=Our Gang   PP=Paul Parrott   PY=Dippy Doo Dad  SL=Stan Laurel    SP=Snub Pollard   WF=Walter Forde

9.5mm Number   9.5mm Film Title                  Class.              Issue-Delete     Original Film Title      Date

1SB(LP)   4TH ANNUAL 9.5 GET-TOGETHER 1965 (THE) Interest B/W Silent     65-   :4TH ANNUAL 9.5 GET-TOGETHER    23/10/65 GB
1 D(LP)   BOYS WILL BE BOYS                      Comedy   B/W Silent     65-   :BOYS WILL BE JOYS              ??/??/25 US OG
2SB(LP)   COUNTY HOSPITAL                        Comedy   B/W Mute    Aug85-   :COUNTY HOSPITAL                25/06/32 US LH
2SB(LP)   DO DETECTIVES THINK?                   Comedy   B/W Silent       -   :DO DETECTIVES THINK?           20/11/27 US LH
2SB(LP)   DON'T PARK THERE                       Comedy   B/W Silent  Aug85-   :DON'T PARK THERE               22/06/24 US
1 C(LP)   EASY STREET                            Comedy   B/W Silent     66-   :EASY STREET                    22/01/17 US CC
1SB(LP)   EIN VOLK                               Interest B/W Silent     65-   :EIN VOLK                       ??/??/4? GE
2SB(LP)   FROM SOUP TO NUTS                      Comedy   B/W Silent  Aug85-   :FROM SOUP TO NUTS              24/03/28*US LH
1 C(LP)   GROUP 9.5 1962 GET-TOGETHER            Interest B/W Silent     63-   :GROUP 9.5 1962 GET-TOGETHER    ??/10/62*GB
2SB(LP)   HAND TO MOUTH                          Comedy   B/W Silent       -   :FROM HAND TO MOUTH             28/12/19 US HL SP
1SB(LP)   HAUNTED SHIP (THE)                     Animated B/W Mute    Jul84-   :HAUNTED SHIP (THE)             27/03/30 US
2SB(LP)   HAUNTED SPOOKS                         Comedy   B/W Silent       -   :HAUNTED SPOOKS                 21/03/20 US HL
1SB(LP)   HER BOY FRIEND                         Comedy   B/W Silent  Aug85-   :HER BOY FRIEND                 ??/??/24 US LS
1 M(LP)   HOMME SUR LA LUNE (L')                 Newsreel B/W Mute       7?-   :(MAN ON THE MOON) - Apollo 11  ??/??/69*US
1 D(LP)   HOW NOT TO DRIVE                       Comedy   B/W Silent     6?-   :                                        GB
1 D(LP)   HOW TO LOAD CHARGERS                   Interest B/W Silent     6?-   :HOW TO LOAD CHARGERS           ??/??/6? GB
1SB(LP)   IT'S A GIFT                            Comedy   B/W Silent     72-   :IT'S A GIFT                    14/10/23 US SP
1SB(LP)   JOLLY JILTER (THE)                     Comedy   B/W Silent  Jul84-   :JOLLY JILTER (THE)             13/03/27 US
1SB(LP)   KEYSTONE KOPS TO THE RESCUE            Comedy   B/W Silent  Jul84-   :                               ??/??/30 US
2SB(LP)   MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY (THE)               Comedy   B/W Silent     72-   :MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY (THE)       14/12/24 US OG
2SB(LP)   NEVER WEAKEN                           Comedy   B/W Silent  Jul84-   :NEVER WEAKEN                   16/10/21 US HL
1SB(LP)   NO NOISE                               Comedy   B/W Silent  Aug70-   :NO NOISE                       23/09/23 US OG
1SB(LP)   OFFICE BOY (THE)                       Animated B/W Mute    Jul84-   :OFFICE BOY (THE)               23/11/30 US
1 C(LP)   PROPULSION                             Interest B/W Silent     6?-   :PROPULSION                     ??/??/5? GB
1SB(LP)   RIOT (THE)                             Comedy   B/W Silent  Jul84-   :RIOT (THE)                     11/08/13 US
2SB(LP)   SAILOR-MADE MAN (A)                    Comedy   B/W Silent  Jul84-   :SAILOR-MADE MAN (A)            25/12/21 US HL
1SB(LP)   SMITHY                                 Comedy   B/W Silent  Aug85-   :SMITHY                         20/01/24 US SL
1SB(LP)   SPRING FEVER                           Comedy   B/W Silent  Jul84-   :SPRING FEVER                   26/06/19 US HL
1SB(LP)   STEPPING ON THE GAS                    Comedy   B/W Silent  Jul84-   :LIZZIES OF THE FIELD           07/09/24*US BB
1 L(LP)   TAXI FOOLS                             Comedy   B/W Silent  Jan69-   :                               ??/??/3? US
2SB(LP)   TAXI SCANDAL (A)                       Comedy   B/W Silent  Aug85-   :TAXI SCANDAL (A)               28/10/28 US
1 D(LP)   TEA TIME CAPERS                        Comedy   B/W Silent     69-   :SLEUTH (THE)                   30/06/25 US SL
1 L(LP)   TROUBLE SHOOTERS                       Western  B/W Silent  Jan69-   :                               ??/??/3? US
2SB(LP)   VAGABOND (THE)                         Comedy   B/W Silent     72-   :VAGABOND (THE)                 10/07/16 US CC
1 C(LP)   VISITE AUX USINES PATHÉ CINEMA         Interest B/W Silent     86-   :VISITE AUX USINES PATHÉ CINEMA ??/??/24*FR
2SB(LP)   WITH LOVE AND HISSES                   Comedy   B/W Silent  Jul84-   :WITH LOVE AND HISSES           28/08/27 US LH

                                                                                                               ( 36 entries )

Actually these two releases had French titles: "Visite Aux Usines Pathé Cinema" and "L'Homme Sur La Lune"

Watch the 9.5mm LGP release "A Visit To the Pathe Cinema Factory" FR 1924

Watch "The Haunted Ship" (Van Beuren Aesop's Fable cartoon) US 1930

Watch "The Office Boy" (Van Beuren Aesop's Fable cartoon) -

Watch "Do Detectives Think?" with Laurel & Hardy -

"A Sailor-Made Man" (full length) with Harold Lloyd -

LGP (Cine) Glamour Series

Most of the LGP (Cine) 9.5mm glamour film releases originated from Pete Walker's Heritage Films material, some is still unidentified. The issue dates refer to the LGP (Cine) 9.5mm prints - obtained from original dated sales lists. Only the 100foot / 30metre (ref. "C") items are complete Heritage releases. The 30foot / 10metre (ref. "L") and 60foot / 20metre (ref."D") were either clips from the 100foot / 30metre releases or even unused out-takes from the original filming. The titles issued in colour were also available in black & white versions. Originally contact printed on 16mm, some prints may later have been contact printed onto 9.5mm positive stock as I have some 9.5mm B/W negatives (all have 16mm perforation pitch).

 @GLN '96                       INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ALPHABETIC  ORDER  LISTING                  14/08/2013
                           ('Released by' = LP  and/or  'Film Star' =     and/or  'Class' = Glamour  )
V=30ft notched  G=60ft notched  L=30ft  D=60ft  J/C=100ft  M=200ft  SB=300ft  S=300ft notched  T/CT=UK sound  SS/MS/GS=FR sound

             9.5mm Film Title                       Issue-Delete  Original Film Title       Model                    Date

 1 M(LP)     ANATOMY                    B/W Silent  Mar69-    :ANATOMY                                            ??/??/6? GB
 1 D(LP) G12 ANNE                       B/W Silent     65-    :                          Anne Wilson              ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LP)     BURGLAR (THE)              Col Silent     66-    :BURGLAR (THE)             Dawn Grayson             ??/??/64 GB
 1 D(LP)     CAROL                      B/W Silent  Mar69-    :CAROL                                              ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LP)     COMPLETE STRIP             B/W Silent  Mar69-    :COMPLETE STRIP                                     ??/??/64 GB
 1 D(LP) G11 DANCE OF THE VEILS         B/W Silent     65-    :                                                   ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LP)     FUNNY CUSTOMS              Col Silent     65-    :FUNNY CUSTOMS             Jayne Tracy              ??/??/65*GB
 1 D(LP) G13 GO GIRL                    B/W Silent     65-    :TYPIST'S ERROR?           Amber Topaz              ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LP)     HEAVENLY BODY              B/W Silent  Mar69-    :HEAVENLY BODY                                      ??/??/6? GB
 1 D(LP) G08 IT GIRL                    B/W Silent     65-    :IT GIRL                   Jayne Tracy              ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LP)     LITTLE MISS MUFFET         Col Silent     66-    :LITTLE MISS MUFFET        Dawn Grayson             ??/??/64 GB
 1 D(LP) G10 LOLA                       B/W Silent     65-    :                                                   ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LP)     MARIE-CLAIRE AT HOME       Col Silent     65-    :MARIE-CLAIRE AT HOME      Marie-Claire             ??/??/64*GB
 1 C(LP)     MISS X                     B/W Silent  Mar69-    :MISS X                                             ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LP)     MUSICAL STRIP              B/W Silent  Mar69-    :MUSICAL STRIP                                      ??/??/64 GB
 1 C(LP)     NUDE LOOK (THE)            B/W Silent  Mar69-    :NUDE LOOK (THE)                                    ??/??/64 GB
 1 C(LP)     PUPPY LOVE                 B/W Silent  Mar69-    :PUPPY LOVE                                         ??/??/64 GB
 1 D(LP) G09 SAUCY SHEILA               B/W Silent     65-    :                                                   ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LP)     SCULPTOR (THE)             B/W Silent  Mar69-    :SCULPTOR (THE)                                     ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LP)     SECRETARY'S SECRET (THE)   Col Silent     65-    :SECRETARY'S SECRET (THE)  Anne Wilson/Jayne Tracy  01/01/70*GB
 1 D(LP) G03 SHE                        B/W Silent     65-    :MARIE-CLAIRE AT HOME      Marie-Claire             ??/??/6?*GB
 1 C(LP) G05 STRANGE ILLUSION           Col Silent  Jun65-    :STRANGE ILLUSION          Anne Wilson              ??/??/6?*GB
 1 L(LP) G01 STUDIO GIRL                B/W Silent     65-    :STUDIO GIRL               Dawn Grayson             ??/??/65*GB
 1 C(LP)     SUN LAMP                   Col Silent     66-    :SUN LAMP                  Amber Topaz              ??/??/6?*GB
 1 D(LP) G06 SUNNY HONEY                B/W Silent     65-    :SUN LAMP                  Amber Topaz              ??/??/6? GB
 1 L(LP) G02 TELEPHONE GIRL             B/W Silent     65-    :MARIE-CLAIRE AT HOME      Marie-Claire             ??/??/65*GB
 1 C(LP)     TRICKY TRICKS              Col Silent     66-    :TRICKY TRICKS             Jayne Tracy              ??/??/6? GB
 1 C(LP) G04 TYPIST'S ERROR             Col Silent  Jun65-    :TYPIST'S ERROR            Amber Topaz              ??/??/6?*GB

                                                                                                               ( 28 entries )
 Model info:

   Dawn Grayson - real name Kay Kirkham; born 1942; 37"-24"-36"  5ft 4ins; moved with her husband
                  to Maryland, USA in 1970
   The Amber Topaz in these films was I believe a London stripper, but is not the current burlesque
    queen using the same name who is only in her twenties!
   Jayne Tracey is her real name - 37"-22"-36"  5ft 6ins; natural hair colour blonde; eyes green 

   The model listed as Anne Wilson seems to be listed elsewhere as Ann Wilson - yes the same model
   also appears in many Harrison Marks 'Camera' publications, but always as Ann Wilson.
   Remember these glamour shorts were made around 1960 - these girls would have been in their late
   teens or early twenties - today if they are still alive they must be in their seventies 
   (yes.... like me!) - sorry ladies - maybe someone is still out there? 
The film footages mentioned are for std 8mm film prints, 9.5mm prints would be twice this footage
(Eleven of these titles were reviewed as 8mm prints in the 24th November 1966 Amateur Cine World)
One of the glamour releases seems to have cime from a Walton Films negative, so watch "Musical Strip" but on Super 8mm! 


Thanks to 9.5mm enthusiast Mike Readioff, we are reminded of other little cine lines that the late Larry Pearce distributed. (Well I think he got these made by a plastic injection moulding company somewhere around the Wembley area)

LGP plastic 9.5mm film clips and 100foot / 30metre 9.5mm cine spools

The little film clips were ideal to secure the end of the film neatly on the various film spools. From the leaflet Mike has sent me, these little film clips were remarkably cheap! This was probably way back in the 1960s (we still had the old coinage!).

The same company made the 100 foot / 30 metre 9.5mm film spools for Larry. Most of his 9.5mm film releases arrived on these spools (which were fine, even if the centre hole did need easing a little with a nail file!). I recall selling both these lines on my sales lists, way, way back. I think the spools may have been a shilling each (5p), but I guess I got them for about half for resale. What value - not quite the same these days!

LGP 9.5mm leader film pack

9.5mm enthusiast Mike Readioff has just contacted me again with this tidied image of the label from one of the LGP film leader packs - in the end Larry became 'Mr Film Leader' supplying leader film in all gauges and colours. (I myself still try to do my best supplying leader film, but looks like bulk supplies may soon be running out!). In fact Mike was buying yet more 9.5mm leader film and enclosed the label shown. Thanks so much Mike! (08Aug2017)

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