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The 9.5mm film gauge started life in France around 1922. Likewise 9.5mm optical sound was also launched first in France around 1937 with the introduction in the UK coming a year later. In France almost 300 9.5mm optical sound films were released over the years. Unlike the UK, there were very few short films released, mostly longer feature films.

Before the second world war, Pathé-Baby didn't bother to prepare special sound tracks, just using the 35mm positive sound track for printing the triple 9.5mm copies. This meant the resultant 9.5mm optical sound tracks were actually a negative image - so that the intended black noise suppression areas were actually white on the 9.5mm prints, making for a very noisy soundtrack. After the war Pathé-Baby did the same as Pathescope in the UK and printed up a proper sound track negative and improved the picture image. As many of the features were French Pathé productions, the source material was excellent making for very good post-war 9.5mm French sound prints.

The '9rl' etc. refers to the number of 'reels' (approx 300ft) length of the 9.5mm film release. Films over one reel (300ft) in length were actually spooled on larger 850ft/900ft spools; so that a 9 reel feature will actually be spooled on 3 x 900ft spools etc. A 9.5mm sound 'one reel' approx 300 feet / 100 metres runs for about 8.5 minutes.
The Pathé-Baby 'release date' on 9.5mm is taken as the earliest where there are differing dates in various Pathé-Baby leaflets/magazines

some of the feature films releaaed on French 9.5mm optical sound

           @GLN '94    FRENCH PATHE 9.5MM SOUND FILMS - NUMERIC LIST        23/04/99

            Pathe     Film Title                      Class    Prod          Pathe
           Ref.No.                                             Date         Rel.Date

           GS.70000   ACCUSEE, LEVEZ-VOUS!            Drama    1930 FR   9rl Mar37
           GS.70001   AU COIN PERDU                   Comedy   1931 FR   3rl Mar37
           GS.70002   MONT SAINT-MICHEL (LE)          Travel   1935 FR   3rl Oct37
           MS.70002   REVES D'ENFANT                  Comedy   193       1rl      
           GS.70003   ROI DES RESQUILLEURS (LE)       Comedy   1930 FR   9rl Mar37
           GS.70004   VIE D'UN CIRQUE (LA)            Interest 193  FR   3rl Mar37
           MS.70005   CHANSON DE BOUBOULE (LA)        Musical  1930 FR   1rl Mar37
           GS.70006   LAUREL EXPLORE L'AFRIQUE        Comedy   1923 USA  3rl Oct37
           GS.70006   HERITIER DU BAL TABARIN (L')    Comedy   1933 FR   6rl      
           GS.70007   AMI FRITZ (L')                  Comedy   1933 FR   7rl Oct37
           MS.70008   ELEPHANTS DRESSES DES INDES(L)  Interest 193  FR   1rl Mar37
           GS.70009   GAITES DE L'ESCADRON (LES)      Comedy   1932 FR   6rl Mar37

           GS.70010   MONASTERE (UN)                  Interest 1933 FR   3rl Mar37
           GS.70011   SANS FAMILLE                    Drama    1934 FR   9rl Oct37
           SS.70011   PIANO A DEUX MAINS              Musical  193  FR   1rl      
           GS.70012   MALHEUR AUX VAINCUS             Interest 1933 US   6rl Nov37
           GS.70012   THEODORE ET CIE                 Comedy   1933 FR   6rl      
           GS.70013   PIERROT, MON AMI                Comedy   1934 FR   6rl Mar37
           MS.70014   OUVERTURE DE L'ARLESIENNE....   Musical  193  GER  1rl Oct37
           SS.70014   TANGOS                          Musical  193       1rl      
           GS.70015   MERVEILLEUSE JOURNEE (LA)       Comedy   1932 FR   6rl Mar37
           GS.70016   VOYAGE EN HOLLANDE              Travel   193  FR   3rl Mar37
           GS.70017   CHARLOT, HOMME AU POING DE FER  Comedy   1915 USA  2rl Nov37
           SS.70017   REVUE ANTILLAISE                Musical  193       1rl      
           SS.70018   ETOILES DE MUSIC-HALL           Musical  1936 FR   1rl Nov37
           GS.70018   CHARLEMAGNE                     Comedy   1933 FR   6rl      
           SS.70019   SUISSE CHANTE (LA)              Musical  193  FR   1rl Mar37

           SS.70020   VU AU PORTUGAL                  Travel   193  FR   1rl Mar37
           GS.70021   FOIS DANS LA VIE (UNE)          Comedy   193  FR   6rl Apr37
           GS.70022   MARIA CHAPDELAINE               Drama    1934 FR   9rl Nov37
           GS.70022   DE SOLEIL ET DE NEIGE           Interest 193  FR   3rl      
           MS.70023   A BON CHAT, BONS RATS           Animated 193       1rl Nov37
           MS.70023   PARADE DES SOLDATS DE BOIS      Comedy   193  FR   1rl      
           GS.70024   ROSAIRE (LE)                    Comedy   1934 FR   9rl Dec37
           GS.70024   ATOUT COEUR                     Comedy   1931 FR   6rl      
           GS.70025   ECOLE DE JOINVILLE              Interest 1933 FR   3rl Jun37
           SS.70026   CROISIERE D'ESCADRE             Interest 193  FR   1rl Jun37
           GS.70027   QUARANTE ANS DE CINEMA          Interest 1935 FR   6rl Jun37
           GS.70028   FERME EN FOLIE (LA)             Comedy   1928 USA  2rl Dec37
           GS.70028   JOSEPH TU M'ENERVES             Comedy   1936 FR   3rl      
           MS.70029   FETES ARABES                    Interest 193  FR   1rl Jun37

           GS.70030   CROIX DE BOIS (LES)             Drama    1932 FR   9rl Jun37
           GS.70031   DERNIER DES MOHICANS (LE)       Western  1932 USA  7rl Dec37
           GS.70031   RAT DE VILLE ET RAT DES CHAMPS  Animated 1924 FR   2rl      
           MS.70032   SYMPHONIE PASTORAL              Musical  193       1rl Jun37
           GS.70033   CENDRILLON DE PARIS             Drama    1930 FR   6rl Jun37
           GS.70034   COMMISSAIRE EST BON ENFANT(LE)  Comedy   1935 FR   3rl Jun37
           GS.70035   MANOEUVRES NAVALES              Interest 193  FR   3rl Jun37
           GS.70036   CENT JOURS (LES)                Drama    1935 ITAL 9rl Jan38
           GS.70036   JOCELYN                         Drama    1932 FR   6rl      
           GS.70037   MAMAN !                         Drama    193  FR   6rl Jan38
           GS.70037   CLAIR DE LUNE                   Drama    1932 FR   6rl      
           MS.70038   SPORTS D'ETE                    Interest 193  FR   1rl Aug37
           SS.70039   QUATRE SIECLES DE DANSE         Musical  193  FR   1rl Jan38
           GS.70039   IL ETAIT UNE FOIS               Drama    1933 FR   6rl      

           GS.70040   CHARLOT FETE SON ANNIVERSAIRE   Comedy   1915 USA  2rl Jan38
           GS.70040   DESIRE LANQUETIN                Unclass. 1933 FR   3rl
           GS.70041   FORAINS                         Interest 193  FR   3rl Aug37
           GS.70042   CINQUIEME EMPREINTE (LA)        Drama    1934 FR   6rl Aug37
           MS.70043   INITIATION AUX SPORTS           Interest 193  FR   1rl Jan38
           SS.70043   CHIEN QUI RACCROCHE (UN)        Unclass. 19   FR   1rl
           GS.70044   SHIRLEY TEMPLE AIME LES CHIENS  Comedy   1933 USA  2rl Feb38
           MS.70044   POUPEES ET MARIONNETTES         Comedy   193       1rl
           GS.70045   CES MESSIEURS DE LA SANTE       Comedy   1933 FR   9rl Aug37
           GS.70046   ICARE                           Interest 193       3rl Aug37
           SS.70047   AMOUR BLANC ET NOIR             Animated 1927 FR   1rl Oct37
           GS.70048   BUSTER KEATON, HORLOGER         Comedy   1934 USA  2rl Feb38
           GS.70049   SHIRLEY TEMPLE CHERCHEUSE D'OR  Comedy   1933 USA  2rl
           GS.70049   MARI GARCON (LE)                Comedy   1933 FR   6rl

           GS.70050   ESCARGOT EXPRESS (L')           Comedy   1931 USA  2rl
           GS.70050   AMOUREUX DE COLETTE (L')        Comedy   1932 FR   3rl
           MS.70051   FRANCE D'OUTRE-MER (LA)         Travel   193  FR   1rl Dec37
           GS.70052   PECHEUR D'ISLANDE               Drama    1933 FR   6rl Feb38
           GS.70053   COLLIER DU GRAND DUC (LE)       Comedy   1935 FR   6rl Feb38
           SS.70054   ETOILES DE MUSIC-HALL, 2 SERIE  Musical  1936 FR   1rl
           MS.70054   VIE DES CHIENS (LA)             Interest 193  FR   1rl Apr38
           GS.70055   MONTS EN FLAMMES (LES)          Drama    1931 GER  9rl    38
           GS.70055   MISERABLES (LES) - EPISODE 1    Drama    1934 FR   9rl
           GS.70056   GARS DU BATIMENT (UN)           Comedy   1924 USA  2rl Apr38
           MS.70057   VIE DES CHIENS (LA)             Interest 193  FR   1rl Apr38
           GS.70057   CLIENT PAS SERIESE (UNE)        Comedy   19        3rl
           GS.70058   AFFAIRE BLAIREAU (L')           Drama    1931 FR   9rl Apr38
           GS.70058   MISERABLES (LES) - EPISODE 2    Drama    1934 FR   6rl
           GS.70059   SHIRLEY TEMPLE A L'ECOLE        Comedy   1933 USA  2rl Apr38
           GS.70059   LEON ... TOUT COURT             Comedy   1932 FR   6rl
           GS.70059   CHIQUE                          Comedy   1930 FR   3rl

           SS.70060   EN CHINE MERIDIONALE            Travel   193  FR   1rl Apr38
           GS.70061   SHIRLEY TEMPLE MOUCHARDE        Comedy   1933 USA  2rl
           GS.70061   MISERABLES (LES) - EPISODE 3    Drama    1934 FR   6rl
           GS.70062   CLOITREES                       Interest 1935 FR   6rl
           GS.70062   SYSTEME D...                    Drama    193  USA  3rl
           GS.70063   CHARLOT, FIANCE                 Comedy   1915 USA  2rl Aug38
           SS.70064   DERNIERS DES INCAS (LES)        Travel   193  FR   1rl
           GS.70065   SAUT DANS L'ABIME (LE)          Drama    1933 GER  9rl Aug38
           GS.70066   ASSASSIN C'EST MOI! (L')        Drama    1933 FR   3rl Jan38
           SS.70067   AVEC LES TERRE-NEUVAS           Interest 193  FR   1rl Jan38
           MS.70068   ZIZI, COLLEUR D'AFFICHES        Animated 1933 USA  1rl Aug38
           GS.70068   DERNIER MILLIARDAIRE (LE)       Comedy   1934 FR   9rl Jan38
           MS.70069   A LA FRAICHE, QUI VEUT BOIRE?   Animated 1933 USA  1rl    38
           GS.70069   CRIME DE MONSIEUR PEGOTTE (LE)  Drama    1935 FR   3rl

           MS.70070   NATATION                        Interest 193  FR   1rl
           GS.70071   INCOGNITO                       Comedy   1933 FR   6rl
           GS.70072   SHERIFF MALGRE LUI              Comedy   1934 USA  2rl
           GS.70072   DERNIER DES PREUX (LE)          Comedy   1934 FR   3rl Apr38
           GS.70073   GRANDE ILE DE MADAGASCAR (LA)   Travel   193  FR   3rl Apr38
           GS.70074   GUILLAUME TELL                  Drama    1934 GER  7rl
           GS.70074   ON DEMANDE UN EMPLOYÉ           Comedy   1933 FR   3rl Apr38
           GS.70075   AFFAIRE STEINBERG (L')          Drama    1937 FR   3rl
           GS.70076   AFRIQUE OCCIDENTALE FRANCAIS    Travel   193  FR   3rl    38
           GS.70077   ADEMAI AVIATEUR                 Comedy   1934 FR   4rl    38
           GS.70077   GLORIA                          Drama    1931 FR   6rl
           GS.70078   MONSIEUR BRELOQUE A DISPARU     Comedy   1937 FR   9rl
           GS.70078   CENTENAIRE (LE)                 Comedy   1934 FR   3rl Sep38
           SS.70079   CHASSE AUX CAIMANS              Interest 193  FR   1rl Sep38

           GS.70080   SI J'ETAIS LE PATRON            Comedy   1934 FR   9rl
           GS.70081   PASTEUR                         Drama    1935 FR   9rl Sep38
           GS.70082   ABBAYE DE SOLESMES (L')         Interest 1942 FR   3rl    38
           GS.70082   EQUIPAGE (L')                   Drama    1935 FR   9rl Nov38
           GS.70083   NEIGES DU SUD                   Travel   193  FR   3rl Nov38
           MS.70084   EMBOUTEILLAGE                   Animated 1936 GB   1rl Nov38
           GS.70085   PERE - LA CERISE (LE)           Comedy   1936 FR   6rl Jan39
           SS.70086   EN AVION AU-DESSUS DES CHATEAU  Travel   193  FR   1rl Feb39
           SS.70087   BAL COSTUME                     Animated 1937 GB   1rl Jun39
           GS.70088   ROMAN D'UN JEUNE HOMME PAUVRE   Drama    1935 FR   9rl Apr39
           SS.70089   AU PAYS LIMOUSIN                Travel   193  FR   1rl Apr39

           SS.70090   CENDRILLON CANASSON             Animated 1937 GB   1rl Aug39
           GS.70091   ROULETABILLE AVIATEUR           Comedy   1932 HUN  9rl Jun39
           GS.70092   CITE, ORIGINE DE PARIS (LA)     Travel   1941 FR   3rl
           GS.70094   JACQUES ET JACOTTE              Comedy   1936 FR   6rl
           GS.70095   QUATRE DE GROENLAND             Interest 19   FR   3rl
           GS.70097   SON EXCELLENCE ANTONIN          Comedy   1935 FR   6rl
           GS.70098   OPERA DE PARIS (L')             Interest 193  FR   4rl

           GS.70100   SIDONIE PANACHE                 Comedy   1934 ALG  6rl
           GS.70101   CHABICHOU                       Comedy   1934 ALG  9rl
           GS.70102   MON ONCLE ET MON CURE           Comedy   1938 FR   9rl
           GS.70104   TITIN DES MARTIGUES             Comedy   1937 FR   9rl
           GS.70105   PONTCARRAL, COLONEL D'EMPIRE    Drama    1942 FR  15rl
           GS.70106   KING KONG                       Drama    1933 USA  9rl
           GS.70107   NOUS LES GOSSES     * US KIDS   Comedy   1941 FR   9rl
           GS.70108   FEUX DE JOIE                    Musical  1938 FR   6rl

           GS.70110   DANSE ETERNELLE (LA)            Musical  1942 FR   3rl
           GS.70111   SYMPHONIE EN BLANC              Musical  1942 FR   3rl
           GS.70112   JOUEUSE D'ORGUE (LA)            Drama    1934 FR   9rl
           GS.70113   GARDIENS DE LA MER (LES)        Interest 19   FR   1rl
           GS.70114   BRIGADE SAUVAGE (LA)            Drama    1939 FR   9rl
           GS.70115   PETIT JACQUES (LE)              Drama    1934 FR   9rl

           GS.70120   AILES BLANCHES                  Interest 194  FR   3rl
           GS.70121   30 JOURS AU-DESSUS DES NUAGES   Interest 1942 FR   3rl
           GS.70122   MAIN DE L'HOMME (LA)            Interest 1943 FR   3rl
           GS.70123   AUTOUR D'UN FILM DE MONTAGNE    Interest 1943 FR   3rl
           GS.70124   PECHE SPORTIVE (LA)             Interest 1944 FR   3rl
           GS.70125   REVOLTE (LE)                    Drama    1938 FR   9rl
           GS.70127   DERNIER ATOUT                   Drama    1942 FR   9rl
           GS.70128   PORT D'ATTACHE                  Drama    1943 FR   6rl
           MS.70129   TELEVISION EXPLIQUEE (LA)       Interest 193  FR   1rl

           GS.70131   AVENTURE EST AU COIN DE LA RUE  Drama    1943 FR   9rl
           GS.70132   MONSIEUR DES LOURDINES          Drama    1943 FR   9rl
           MS.70133   SAUVETAGE DU DAKOTA             Interest 193       1rl
           MS.70134   PELERINAGE DU RETOUR            Interest 1946 FR   1rl
           GS.70135   TARASS BOULBA                   Drama    1936 FR   9rl
           GS.70136   CHIMO                           Interest 19   FR   3rl
           SS.70137   IMAGES DES VACANCES             Interest 193  FR   1rl
           SS.70138   HIPPOCAMPE (L')                 Interest 1932 FR   1rl
           GS.70139   NUITS MOSCOVITES (LES)          Drama    1934 FR   9rl

           GS.70141   VEILLE D'ARMES                  Drama    1935 FR   9rl
           SS.70142   FOURMIS (LES)                   Interest 19   FR   1rl
           SS.70143   CRISTAUX (LES)                  Interest 19   FR   1rl
           SS.70144   PAPILLONS (LES)                 Interest 193  FR   1rl
           GS.70145   ILES ENCHANTEES (LES)           Travel   19   FR   2rl
           MS.70145   FRIMOUSSET PECHE UN TRESOR      Animated 1932 USA  1rl
           GS.70146   COURSE AU TRESOR (LA)           Drama    1935 USA  6rl
           GS.70147   PANORAMA MUSICAL                Musical  1945 FR   3rl
           SS.70148   FORET VIVANTE (LA)              Interest 1942 FR   1rl
           GS.70149   ILS ETAIENT 9 CELIBATAIRES      Comedy   1939 FR  12rl

           SS.70150   MATIN DE FRANCE                 Interest 1942 FR   1rl
           SS.70151   COMME UN POISSON DANS L'EAU     Interest 193  FR   1rl
           GS.70152   MOT DE CAMBRONNE (LE)           Comedy   1937 FR   4rl
           SS.70153   CHARRON (LE)                    Interest 1945 FR   1rl
           MS.70154   FRIMOUSSET PECHE UN TRESOR      Animated 1932 USA  1rl
           MS.70155   FRIMOUSSET PASSE UNE NUIT BLAN. Animated 1932 USA  1rl
           MS.70156   EMBOUTEILLAGE                   Animated 1936 GB   1rl
           MS.70157   CANNONIERS, A VOS PIECES        Animated 1937 GB   1rl
           MS.70158   MIOUSIC CABARET                 Animated 1929 USA  1rl
           GS.70159   GRINGALET                       Drama    1946 FR   9rl

           GS.70161   CAGE AUX ROSSIGNOLS (LA)        Drama    1944 FR   9rl
           GS.70162   CAPITAINE CRADDOCK (LE)         Drama    1931 GER  9rl
           GS.70163   BATAILLON DU CIEL (LE)  Ep.1    Drama    1945 FR   6rl
           GS.70164   BATAILLON DU CIEL (LE)  Ep.2    Drama    1945 FR   6rl
           GS.70165   I.F.1 NE REPOND PLUS            Drama    1932 GER  9rl
           MS.70166   PIRATES DE L'AIR (LES)          Animated 1937 GB   1rl
           MS.70167   IDYLLE HAWAIENNE                Animated 1938 GB   1rl
           MS.70168   FAMEUX COWBOY (UN)              Animated 1937 GB   1rl
           MS.70169   BATEAU CORSAIRE (LE)            Animated 1937 GB   1rl

           MS.70170   BELLE AU BOIS DORMANT (LA)      Animated 1934 GB   1rl
           GS.70171   OR (L')    (French version)     Drama    1934 GER 12rl
           GS.70172   REVE BLOND (UN) *DREAMY BLONDE  Comedy   1932 GER  9rl
           GS.70173   VOILE BLEU (LE)                 Drama    1942 FR  11rl
           GS.70174   GUERRE DES VALSES (LES)         Musical  1933 GER  9rl
           GS.70175   BRIGAND GENTILHOMME (LE)        Drama    1943 FR   9rl
           GS.70176   INEVITABLE MONSIEUR DUBOIS(L')  Comedy   1943 FR   9rl
           GS.70177   FANTOMAS CONTRE FANTOMAS        Drama    1948 FR   9rl
           GS.70178   TOURBILLON DE L'ARIZONA (LE)    Western  1944 USA  6rl
           GS.70179   CHEVAUCHEE DES HORS-LA-LOI(LA)  Western  1947 USA  6rl

           GS.70180   SILENCE EST D'OR (LE)           Comedy   1947 FR  12rl
           GS.70181   DERNIERE CHARGE (LA)            Drama    1949 USA 12rl
           GS.70182   MEFIEZ-VOUS DES BLONDES         Drama    1950 FR   9rl
           GS.70183   EN PATROUILLE                   Western  1946 USA  6rl
           GS.70184   PAS SI BETE                     Comedy   1947 FR   9rl
           GS.70185   FLORENCE EST FOLLE              Comedy   1944 FR   9rl
           GS.70186   AIGLE NOIR (L')                 Drama    1946 ITAL 9rl
           GS.70187   COURONNE DE FER (LA)  Epoque 1  Drama    1940 ITAL 6rl
           GS.70188   COURONNE DE FER (LA)  Epoque 2  Drama    1940 ITAL 6rl
           GS.70189   JOSETTE                         Comedy   1936 FR   9rl

           GS.70190   VENGEURS DU SUD (LES)           Western  1947 USA  6rl
           SS.70191   TROUBADOUR DE LA JOIE (LE)      Animated 1949 FR   1rl
           GS.70193   UN DE LA LEGION                 Comedy   1936 FR   9rl
           GS.70194   AUX YEUX DU SOUVENIR            Drama    1948 FR   6rl
           GS.70195   MISSION A TANGER                Drama    1949 FR   9rl
           GS.70196   GOSSES MENENT L'ENQUETE (LES)   Drama    1947 FR   9rl
           GS.70197   TROIS DE SAINT CYR              Drama    1938 FR   9rl
           GS.70198   GAI CAVALIER                    Western  1946 USA  6rl
           GS.70199   ROI DES CAMELOTS (LE)           Comedy   1951 FR  11rl

           GS.70200   MORT OU VIF                     Drama    1948 FR   8rl
           GS.70201   ADEMAI AU MOYEN AGE             Comedy   1935 FR   8rl
           GS.70202   TROIS MOUSQUETAIRES (LES)  (1)  Drama    1953 FR   8rl    55
           GS.70203   TROIS MOUSQUETAIRES (LES)  (2)  Drama    1953 FR   6rl    55
           GS.70204   JUNGLE (LA)                     Drama    1952 USA  8rl
           GS.70205   NUIT EST MON ROYAUME (LA)       Drama    1951 FR   9rl
           GS.70206   IMPECCABLE HENRI (L')           Comedy   1948 FR   8rl
           GS.70207   VEUVE ET L'INNOCENT (LA)        Drama    1949 FR   8rl Oct55
           GS.70208   DEBOUT, LA-DEDANS!              Comedy   1935 FR   9rl    55
           GS.70209   FEMMES S'EN BALANCENT (LES)     Drama    1953 FR   9rl    56

           GS.70210   BRACO                           Drama    1954 FR   3rl
           GS.70211   MONSIEUR TAXI                   Comedy   1952 FR   8rl Oct56
           GS.70212   VOLEUR DU BICYCLETTE (LE)       Drama    1948 ITAL 8rl Feb57
           GS.70213   IMPOSSIBLE MONSIEUR PIPELET(L'  Comedy   1955 FR   8rl Mar57
           GS.70214   MES BELLES ANNEES               Drama    1951 GB   8rl Nov57
           GS.70215   GENDARMES ET VOLEURS            Comedy   1951 ITAL 9rl Dec57

           GS.80000   CHANSON D'UNE NUIT (LA)         Musical  1932 FR  10rl
           GS.80001   MONSIEUR MET LA MAIN A LA PATE  Comedy   193       3rl
           GS.80002   RONDE DES HEURES                Musical  1930 FR  10rl
           MS.80003   ZIZI, FROTTEUR                  Animated 1933 USA  1rl
           MS.80004   JOIES DU CAMPING (LES)          Animated 1932 USA  1rl
           GS.80005   PLEIN GAZ                       Musical  1935 GB   6rl
           GS.80006   EXTRAVAGANT MONSIEUR DEEDS      Comedy   1935 USA 12rl    38
           SS.80007   ELIXIR MERVEILLEUX (L')         Animated 1933 USA  1rl Jan39
           MS.80008   FANFARE A QUATRE PATTES (LA)    Animated 1931 USA  1rl Feb39
           GS.80009   SEIGNEURS DE LA JUNGLE (LES)    Interest 1932 USA  6rl Feb39

           GS.80010   NOUVELLES AVENTURES DE TARZAN   Drama    1935 USA  9rl Jan39
           GS.80011   MIRACLE DE SAINTE THERESE (UN)  Drama    193  FR   9rl Feb39
           GS.80012   VIES DE CHIEN                   Comedy   193  GER  7rl Apr39
           GS.80013   QUATRE DE L'INFANTERIE          Drama    1930 GER  9rl Jun39
           GS.80014   BEAUCITRON ET PLEIN DE JUS      Comedy   1926 USA  2rl Jun39
           GS.80015   CHEVALIERS DE LA MONTAGNE(LES)  Drama    1930 FR   9rl Aug39
           GS.80016   A LA RESCOUSSE                  Western  1934 USA  6rl Aug39
           MS.80017   QUAND UN CANARD                 Animated 1934 USA  1rl
           SS.80018   PRISE DE COLMAR.....            Interest 1945 FR   1rl
           SS.80019   GARS DE LECLERC (LES)           Interest 194  FR   1rl

           SS.80020   PRISE DE STRASBOURG             Interest 194  FR   1rl
           GS.80021   RIVAUX DE LA MER (LES)          Drama    1935 USA  7rl
           GS.80023   GOSSE EN OR (UN)                Comedy   1938 FR   9rl
           SS.80026   A L'ASSAUT DE LA TERRE          Interest 194  FR   1rl
           GS.80027   AILES BLANCHES                  Interest 194  FR   3rl
           GS.80028   30 JOURS AU-DESSUS DES NUAGES   Interest 1942 FR   3rl
           GS.80029   MAIN DE L'HOMME (LA)            Interest 1943 FR   3rl

           GS.80030   AUTOUR D'UN FILM DE MONTAGNE    Interest 1943 FR   3rl
           GS.80031   PECHE SPORTIVE (LA)             Interest 1944 FR   3rl
           GS.80032   PETIT JACQUES (LE)              Drama    1934 FR   9rl
           MS.80033   PELERINAGE DU RETOUR            Interest 1946 FR   1rl
           MS.80034   SAUVETAGE DU DAKOTA             Interest 193       1rl
           GS.80035   GRAINE AU VENT                  Drama    1943 FR   9rl
           GS.80036   PARTIR OU MOURIR                Drama    1937 GB   9rl
           GS.80037   CAPITAINE FRACASSE (LE)         Drama    1942 FR  12rl
           GS.80038   GRAND-PERE                      Comedy   1938 FR   9rl
           GS.80039   FROID (LE)                      Interest 1941 FR   3rl

           MS.80040   COUPEURS DE BOIS                Interest 19   FR   1rl
           SS.80041   ATTENTION AUX VIPERES           Interest 1942 FR   1rl
           GS.80042   RODIN                           Interest 1942 FR   3rl
           GS.80043   JOURNAL TOMBE A 5 HEURES (LE)   Comedy   1942 FR   9rl
           GS.80044   JEANNOU                         Comedy   1943 FR   9rl
           GS.80045   TONNELIER (LE)                  Interest 1942 FR   3rl
           SS.80046   COMMENT LA PLANTE SE NOURRIT    Interest 1939 FR   1rl
           GS.80047   PIROQUES SUR L'OGOGUE           Interest 1946 FR   3rl

           SS.        9.5 SOUND ADVERTISING FILM      Interest 194  FR   1rl
           GS.        CANAUX (LES)                    Interest 19   FR   3rl
           GS.        CITE (LA)                       Travel   1956 BEL  3rl
           SS.        EN ESCADRE      - see SS.70026  Interest 19   FR   1rl
           SS.        PATHE MAGAZINE 1                Interest 1948 FR   1rl
           MS.        QUELQUES IMAGES SUR LA T.V.     Interest 19        1rl
           SS.        RENDEZ VOUS AVEC PARIS          Travel   1954 FR   1rl
           GS.        TECHNICIENS A POMPONS ROUGE     Interest 1953 FR   2rl

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