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The then newish amateur cine magazine, ambitiously named Home Movies & Home Talkies. proudly announced in it's September 1933 editorial pages "A Real Newsreel At Last". The text explained that by the joint enterprise of Home Movies & Home Talkies magazine and a well known press photographic agency - Fox Photos, a monthly film newsreel would be made available on 16mm (silent). Fox Photos of 6 Tudor Street, Fleet Street, London EC4 had a full page advertisement for these monthly newsreel films. Priced at £2.10sh each (£2.50 in today's money) they were about 200 foot (60 metres) long and ran for 8 minutes (obviously filmed at 16 frames/second). A year's subscription in advance was offered for £25, which represented a £5 discount and came with a free magazine film release.

Two months later, the November 1933 edition of Home Movies & Home Talkies magazine carried a full page advert announcing that this series, ("The Hit of the Evening") was now available on 9.5mm as well as 16mm, at the same prices. The first 9.5mm newsreel film issue was for September 1933. These 9.5mm films were actually released - thanks to Rob of Dandy Records, I now have a dozen of these in my collection. The films were supplied on Stedman spools (cardboard!), it is evident from the perforation pitch that the films are genuine 9.5mm prints, obviously produced by Stedmans, not Pathéscope as I had previously guessed.

The contents of each release was topical news, filmed by Fox Photos cameramen, on 16mm, but not really up to the standard of the Pathé Gazette or Gaumont British cinema newsreels of the time. Even so, a brave effort for the amateur showman. Each monthly release was titled and usually numbered but with no month of release (like the later Pathéscope Gazettes). In December 1933 a range of magazine type films was announced, three 400foot (120 metre) releases and three 200foot (60 metre) releases on 9.5mm and 16mm. The 200ft 9.5mm newsreel and magazine prints were reduced to £1.13sh.6d from £2.10sh; whilst the annual 9.5mm newsreel subscription was reduced to £20 (from £25) with a free 100foot (30 metre) film.

Just when I thought I had listed all these releases, a new series "Film-At-Home News Pictorial" appears - the copy I have (again printed on 9.5mm stock) is number 12 - so there must be others! (August 2013)

The first nail in the coffin for Fox Photos 'Film-at-Home News' was in April 1934 when Pathéscope announced that the cinema Pathé Gazette newsreel was to be issued (edited I suppose) each month on 9.5mm as The Pathéscope Gazette. Now these were 300foot (100 metre) in length and only cost £1.12sh.6d; a shilling less than the shorter 200foot (60 metre) Fox Photos effort. By then our friends at Pathéscope were also taking whole page adverts for the latest 9.5mm offerings, whilst Fox Photos had dropped back to a quarter page, now just advertising the 16mm magazine type film releases. Only an occassional mention of the Film-At-Home newsreel now appeared in the editorial content of the later issues of the Home Movies & Home Talkies magazine. In fact I think that the last Fox Photos advertisement was at the end of 1934, when I assume these film releases were quietly abandoned.

Fox Photos had originally been formed by Mr Fox and Mr Salmon, it became a limited company (Fox Photos Limited) on 1st January 1935. After the war George Freston was a photographer with them and later took over the business sometime in the 1970s or 1980s. By then the company was based at 69/71 Farringdon Road (London, UK) with a laboratory in Scoresby Street where the big photographic enlargements were produced. Fox Photos also had offices in Manchester and Glascow. George Freston died in 2006. The company's still photo image library had, some years before, (Fox Photos Limited became 'dormant' in 1999) been passed to the Hulton Archive which is now part of Getty Images. (Much of this paragraph was provided (July 2012) by Mike Geary who started there as a messenger and worked his way up to an assistant and says it was a wonderful place to work! ) Just had another interesting email from Fred Taylor, who worked at Fox Photos - also starting as a messenger and ending up as Junior Photographer by 1969. Fred worked for John Waterman (later of Fox Waterman) and Vic Stacey. (Nov 2014)

Copies of these interesting releases on our 9.5mm film gauge are out there somewhere, keep a look on dealers' lists, film fairs and of course "E-Bay". Happy hunting!

Below are detailed releases I have in my collection and discovered listed in contemporary advertisements. Hopefully other collectors can maybe add more information ..... Contact me, Grahame Newnham at presto @ (no gaps in real address)

Note the "Steadman" cardboard spools!

November 1933 Film-At-Home News - Burning huts at Dudley / aircraft carrier HMS "Fearless" 
Watch my 9.5mm copy of "Film-At-Home News 3" - November 1933 on YouTube -  - 18Aug2019
Watch my 9.5mm copy of "Film-At-Home News 4" - December 1933 on YouTube -  - 27Oct2019

9.5mm frames from December 1933 Film-At-Home News

©GLN '96                   INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ALPHABETIC  ORDER  LISTING           28/04/2007

 9.5mm Number  9.5mm Film Title       Class.               Issue-Delete     Original Film Title         Date

 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME MAGAZINE REEL NO.1    B/W Silent  Dec33      :FILM-AT-HOME MAGAZINE REEL NO.1 ??/12/33 GB
             "Graceful Womanhood of Many Nations" - young women from schools throughout the World
             are attending the English Scandinavian Summer School of Physical Education at Sturry,
             Kent; "Great Sheep Drive in Welsh Mountains" - Annual sheep dipping in the Beawyn
             Mountains, North Wales; "Unique Occasions At the Herne Hill Track" - A Penny Farthing
             cycle race & basket carrying competition; "Surf Riding Thrills" - Sandown, Isle of Wight
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME MAGAZINE REEL NO.2    B/W Silent  Dec33      :FILM-AT-HOME MAGAZINE REEL NO.2 ??/12/33 GB
             An ideal reel for a party show (200ft)
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME MAGAZINE REEL NO.3    B/W Silent  Dec33      :FILM-AT-HOME MAGAZINE REEL NO.3 ??/12/33 GB
             A collection of unique subjects (200ft)
            (n.b. - 'Film-At-Home Magazine No.4' doesn't exist - my mistake listing it for a day or two!! - gln)
 1 M(FP) 01 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS SEPTEMBER 1933   B/W Silent  Nov33-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/09/33 GB
             Duke of York at Boys' camp; Trials of new giant engine - Royal Scot;
             Opening of Firework season etc.
 1 M(FP) 02 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS OCTOBER   1933   B/W Silent  Nov33-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/10/33 GB
             Irish T.T,; Parachute descent from aeroplane; Braemar gathering etc.
 1 M(FP) 03 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS NOVEMBER  1933   B/W Silent  Nov33-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/11/33*GB
             North Sea herring harvest; Fleet manoeuvres - air-craft carrier "HMS Furious";
             Great Fire at Dudley, burning WW1 huts; sailing of "Discovery" for Antartic
 1 M(FP) 04 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS DECEMBER  1933   B/W Silent  Dec33-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/12/33*GB
             Gordon Richards champion jockey - 247 winners in one season; SS Mauretania
             enters dry dock at Southampton; State Opening of Parliament - Nov 21st;
             Prince of Wales visits Bedford School; Winglass Autogiro at Hanworth; 
             Miss Britain 111 breaks records at Southampton; Santa at Harrods.
 1 M(FP) 05 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS JANUARY   1934   B/W Silent  Jan34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/01/34*GB
             Rickmansworth professional ice skating championship; High Wycombe water
             rationing; "Fairly Hard" - Linsdale, Bucks - Whaddon Chase Hunt; Peak 
             district rock-climbing at Dovedale; Circus at Olympia.
 1 M(FP) 06 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS FEBRUARY  1934   B/W Silent  Feb34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/02/34*GB
             New submarine "HMS Severn" launched at Barrow-in-Furness; Eynsham, Oxford
             - A rampageous ram; Leicester - Rubber road signal; Harrow, Middx. -
             Monster 9 foot kite; Fencing club on London rooftops; A happy event in
             the penguin enclosure at London Zoo; Games in gas masks at Portsmouth
             Naval Training
 1 M(FP) 07 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS MARCH     1934   B/W Silent  Mar34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/03/34*GB
             Shrove Tuesday celebrations; New air-liner & The Flying Scotsman;
             Open air "David Copperfield"; Oxford lacrosse match; Whipsnade Zoo etc.
 1 M(FP) 08 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS APRIL     1934   B/W Silent  Apr34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/04/34*GB
             The Navy visits the West Indies (H.M.S. Rodney in rough seas); In Cornwall
             thousands of daffodils and narcissi are gathered and packed ready for the
             market; The Royal Air Force pageant at Heliopolis, Egypt; Crystal Palace
             first dirt track car racing.
 1 M(FP) 09 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS MAY       1934   B/W Silent  May34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/05/34*GB
             Maurice Tate, famous cricketer; Royal Naval & Miltary Tournament;
             Westminster Bridge race whilst Big Ben strikes twelve; Hungerford Hop-pole;
             Great Moslem festival at Delhi etc.
 1 M(FP) 10 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS JUNE      1934   B/W Silent  Jun34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/06/34*GB
             Brooklands 200 mile International trophy race; "Jungle" for Whipsnade tigers;
             World's largest airliner maiden flight at Croydon; Highland Games in London
 1 M(FP) 11 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS JULY      1934   B/W Silent  Jul34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/07/34*GB
             Big yachts at Southend; Aldershot searchlight tattoo; Isle of Man Senior
             motor cycle TT race; Trooping the Colour; Horse racing in slow motion
 1 M(FP) 12 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS AUGUST    1934   B/W Silent  Aug34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/08/34 GB
             King & Queen in Edinburgh; Tennis at Wimbledon; Police testing life jackets;
             British golf championship at Sandwich; Prince of Wales at Kent county Show
 1 M(FP) 13 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS SEPTEMBER 1934   B/W Silent  Sep34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/09/34*GB
             Propeller for new giant Cunarder; International six-day cycle race;
             Upside down English channel flight; Empire swimming pool diving; Hop picking
 1 M(FP) 14 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS OCTOBER   1934   B/W Silent  Oct34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/10/34*GB
             Braemar Games; launching of the "534" ("Queen Mary") etc.
 1 M(FP) 15 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS NOVEMBER  1934   B/W Silent  Oct34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/11/34 GB

 1 M(FP) 16 FILM-AT-HOME NEWS DECEMBER  1934   B/W Silent  Oct34-     :FILM-AT-HOME NEWS              ??/12/34 GB
             these monthly newreels continued maybe till the end of 1934?

 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.01  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.1            ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.02  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.2            ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.03  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.3            ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.04  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.4            ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.05  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.5            ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.06  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.6            ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.07  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.7            ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.08  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.8            ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.09  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.9            ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.10  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.10           ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.11  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.11           ??/??/3? GB
 1 M(FP)    FILM-AT-HOME NEWS PICTORIAL NO.12  B/W Silent  ?? 3?      :NEWS PICTORIAL NO.12           ??/??/3?*GB
             Sandwich - British golf triumph - Cotton wins the British Open; 
             Maidstone - The Prince of Wales opens The Kent County Show;  
             London - Policeman's intentional ducking to test lifejackets.
 1SB(FP)    FLYING SCOTSMAN (THE)              B/W silent  Dec33      :FLYING SCOTSMAN (THE)          ??/12/33 GB
             Pictures of the world famous express (400foot)
 1SB(FP)    OUR NAVAL AIR ARM                  B/W Silent  Dec33      :OUR NAVAL AIR ARM              ??/12/33 GB
             Unique pictures on an aircraft carrier (400foot)
             Herrings and heroes (400ft)
 1SB(FP)    SAWDUST AND TINSEL                 B/W Silent  Apr34      :SAWDUST AND TINSEL             ??/04/34*GB
             Circus thrills

                                                                    (36+ entries )

Frames from "Sawdust & Tinsel" - thanks Geoff!
(Obviously filmed by Fox themselves)

Home Movies and Home Talkies magazine December 1933

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