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Here is a puzzle! Little 2 foot long 9.5mm films (or so I'm told by a reliable source). These appear to have been sold as a batch of six film lengths each packed in little individual oblong card boxes in one larger cardboard box. Having now actually seen the little boxes they are remarkably like the red colour Radex 9.5mm film loop boxes; they also cost the same, but Woolworths sold the Radex 9.5mm film loops at 6d each rather than in a pack of six. Perhaps the Radex & Fairy film loops came from the same company? They appear to be pre-war (or just post-war?), marketed in the UK, and from the box cover printed details there appears to have been three sets to choose from (A, B or C). A correspondent reports that as a boy, his friend had a few of these in the 1950's.

A closer inspection of the box lid provides a list of the titles in each set. Presumably sourced from Pathéscope 9.5mm short films - "Getting His Man" was a Pathéscope release and Pathéscope also released films with Chaplin and Bonzo.

Although it is fairly likely that Pathéscope printed these short extracts for use with toy 9.5mm projectors, the titles were never mentioned in Pathéscope sales literature or the Pathéscope Monthly magazine. Each length was intended to be joined as a continuous loop and featured a single scene. No doubt they were destined for toy shops - can anyone provide any further information please?.

I would love details of the content of any titles in this series, and naturally would also like to purchase an example for my collection.
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