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Advert in Home Movies & Home Talkies magazine - May 1936

Another simple and short page! In mid. 1930s editions of the "Home Movies & Home Talkies" amateur movie magazine, small display advertisements appeared for a company trading as Dane, with the address of H.M. Dane, 64 Stanley Street, Liverpool, 1. Advertised are 9.5mm and 16mm film prints so naturally I have included a page here. I have never come across a "Dane" film release, but I suppose a few must be out there somewhere!.

As can be seen from the advert above, only two titles are announced, in 9.5mm and 16mm. This so far seems to be the sum total of Dane Films printed film releases. But now check the small classified advert below! Artistic Films - but again no list!

Naturally any extra titles, information or even 9.5mm Dane film releases gratefully acccepted!
Please contact me, Grahame Newnham at:-
presto @ (no spaces in actual address)

Classified advert in Newnes Practical Mechanics magazine November 1936

Another rather different kind of film product! I notice that one is 'H.M. Dane'; the other 'P.M. Dane'; - this was a system often used to identify which magazine adverts the replies came from. I guess the 'H.M. Dane' means 'Home Movies' magazine; the 'P.M. Dane' refers to 'Practical Mechanics' magazine.

I would really love to find a Dane Films list of titles - maybe either the Artistic or straight titles! I have a number of pre-war glamour films in my collection, but whilst some have titles and even catalogue numbers, there is no sign of the producer's name. Many of my 1930s glamour titles are just short 30 foot or 60 foot , and appear to be printed on 9.5mm camera filmstock. I guess it would be unlikely that Pathéscope would knowingly print and process 'naughty' films, so producers would have to do all this 'in house'. Some are French titles, but maybe still UK produced.

The search continues! (gln Aug2016)

©GLN '96                     INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  NUMERIC  ORDER  LISTING           06/03/2015

 9.5mm Number  9.5mm Film Title       Class.               Issue-Delete     Original Film Title         Date

 1 SB(DA)   QUEEN MARY                Interest B/W Silent     36-     :QUEEN MARY                     ??/??/36 GB
 1 SB(DA)   ROYAL FUNERAL             Interest B/W Silent     56-     :ROYAL FUNERAL                  ??/??/56 GB

                                                                     ( 2 entries )


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