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9.5mm Cinak film box & cassette/film (60 foot/20 metre)

Another rare find! A series of little 60 foot (approx 20 metre) French 9.5mm film releases. The examples I have are all in (on?) special metal semi enclosed cassettes, a little like the early Pathé film cassettes (but probably different enough to avoid the Pathé patents!). The black white and yellow printed boxes have no address, just 'Cinak' and 'Le Cinema en Famille' - ('The Family Cinema'). One is entitled "506 Une Grande Chasse Dessin Anime GB" (A Big or Great Chase - cartoon ) - does the GB mean Great Britain? The running titles are obviously in French and the drawings look very early, like pencil sketches). The films appear to be contact printed from a 9.5mm master - probably printed onto ordinary 9.5mm charger reloads of camera film - the example I have just rewound has a splice at about halfway. . Quality is none too good and some of my examples have sudden exposure changes - too light etc.

Pierre Gauriat had e-mailed from France to explain that Cinak were a French firm who made toy 9.5mm projectors in the 1920's. So these little films were intended for these projectors. Pierre has his own 9.5mm web-site at:

@GLN '96                         INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ALPHABETIC  ORDER  LISTING                     30/12/2011
                            ('Released by' = CK  and/or  'Film Star' =     and/or  'Class' =          )
  PA=Pathescope(UK)  PB=Pathe-Baby(FR)  Pathe: PG=(GER)  PI=(IT)  PN=(India)  PS=(Spain)   PT=(Aus)   PW=(Sweden)   PX=Pathex(US)
  FO=Film Office(FR)  PU=Pinquin(FR)  HF=Hefa(FR)  LA=LaPierre(FR)  CK=Cinak(FR)  TB=Tobis(GER)  AV=Adventure(UK) LP=LGP Cine(UK)
  DI=Diamond(UK)   NV=Novascope(UK)  PK=Peak(UK)  WL=Walton(UK)  WH=Wallace Heaton(UK)  BC=Birmingham Comm.Flm(UK)  PR=Presto(UK)
  V=30ft notched  G=60ft notched  L=30ft  D=60ft  J/C=100ft  M=200ft  SB=300ft  S=300ft notched  T/CT=UK sound  SS/MS/GS=FR sound
  BK=Buster Keaton   BB=Billy Bevan   BT=Ben Turpin   CC=Charlie Chaplin   CH=Charley Chase   DA=Animated   DD=Dinky Doodle
  DF=Fleischer   DL=Lortac   DY=Disney    FX=Felix   HB=Hallroon Boys   HL=Harold Lloyd    LH=Laurel&Hardy    ML=Max Linder
  MM=Mickey McGuire   OG=Our Gang   PP=Paul Parrott  PY=Dippy Doo Dad   SL=Stan Laurel    SP=Snub Pollard   WF=Walter Forde
 9.5mm Number    9.5mm Film Title              Class.               Issue-Delete      Original Film Title       Date
  1 D(CK)      CAMPEMENT D'UNE TRIBUT LAPONE   Interest B/W Silent     ??-     :                               ??/??/?? ??*
  2 D(CK)      CHARLIE MECHANICIEN             Comedy   B/W Silent     ??-     :                               ??/??/1? US*CC
  1 D(CK)  506 GRANDE CHASSE (UNE)             Animated B/W Silent     ??-     :                               ??/??/?? ??*DA
  1 D(CK)   10 MIAOU ET LE BELIER              Animated B/W Silent     ??-     :FELIX IN BLUNDERLAND           ??/??/26 US FX
  1 D(CK)   19 MIAOU ET LE GEANT               Animated B/W Silent     ??-     :FELIX IN BLUNDERLAND           ??/??/26 US FX
  1 D(CK)   23 PAVEUR D'OCCASION               Animated B/W Silent     ??-     :                               ??/??/?? ?? DA
  2 D(CK)  502 SLICK DETECTIVE                 Comedy   B/W Silent     ??-     :                               ??/??/1? US*
                                                                                                    ( 7 titles)

                  9.5mm 60 FOOT / 15 METRE FRENCH CINAK SHORTS

Number            Title                   Subject     Probable Source       DD/MM/YY

       CAMPEMENT D'UNE TRIBUT LAPONE      Interest                       ?? ??/??/??
Translates as "A Famous Laplanders Encampment"? - maybe a bit from "Nanook"?
No intertitles - 
       CHARLIE MECHANICIEN [Charlie Mechanic] Comedy                     US ??/??/1?
Supposedly a Chaplin - an intertitle mentions 'Charlot' the French name for Chaplin.
Intertitle: "Charlie takes delivery of a car in pieces" - boxes being unloaded 
from truck. "Betsy has two beaus Charlot & Dede but still doesn't know who she
prefers" - girl on telephone.  Later shots of taxi in road etc.  Two chaps, but
possibly not Chaplin; nor can I find a suitable Chaplin film ... Maybe fake? 
 506   GRANDE CHASSE (UNE) [A Big Chase]  Animated                       ?? ??/??/??
Has various intertitles: "So as to chase the fauves, Jeff disguises himself a
little as the beast he wants to capture"/"Chasing the lynx" (French translated)
Simple line drawings - hunter on tree branch, with dog behind him, bears etc.
Has 'GB'after title - Great Britain? - maybe a Mutt & Jeff cartoon?
  10   MIAOU ET LE BELIER                     Animated  Felix in Blunderland US 14/02/26
Title translates as "Miaou and the Battering Ram"
  19   MIAOU ET LE GEANT                  Animated  Felix in Blunderland US 14/02/26
Title translates as "Miaou and the Giant"
  23   PAVEUR D'OCCASION                  Animated                   ?? ??/??/??
Translates as "Bargain Paving" Simple line drawings - horse and cart raised in
air by a water fountain.
 502   SLICK DETECTIVE - Pts 1 & 2        Comedy                         US ??/??/1?
No intertitles. Title card also says: "Scene policiere" - (Police story)
American - vintage car (model T?), street fire hydrant sprays people,
finally scenes with large wicker basket. Maybe imitation Chaplin 
Box was labelled (original) "Stick Detective"! but film title is "Slick Detective"

These Cinak 9.5mm short films were obviously made in France and presumably for use on the Cinak 9.5mm cine projector which accepted both 30 foot / 7.5 metre and 60 foot / 15 metre films in cassettes and films on spools up to about 100 foot / 30 metres . I guess they were destined for toy shops rather than proper photographic stores - can anyone provide any further information please?.

Thanks go to Colin Cowles who has supplied details of films numbered 10, 19, 23 found by his son in a Paris fleamarket.

I would love details of any other titles in this series (and content), and would also be happy to purchase other examples for my collection.
Grahame Newnham :-
presto @ (remove spaces for correct e-mail address)

     The little Cinak 9.5mm cine projector from the early 1930s

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