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Paul Carnell in 1964

Another short but interesting listing! It was towards the end of the 1950s that a number of 9.5mm amateur film entries appeared in the UK Amateur Cine World ("the amateur cine enthusiast's bible") magazine's annual "Ten Best" film competition from a P.R. Carnell. A teenager like myself at the time, in 1958 he had a 9.5mm three star award for the 65 foot "Snowflakes" and a 9.5mm two star award for the 100 foot "Zat". The most unusual thing was that these films were actually drawn onto the 9.5mm film frame in colour and with an optical sound track!

In the Amateur Cine World magazine for June 1960, we see that in the 1959 "Ten Best" he had four 9.5mm film awards - two in the two star category and two in the one star category - all again animated drawn-on-film items. The two star 120 foot "A Whale Of A Whale" done in colour and with optical sound track was described in detail - "The cavortng of a whale among ships drawn directly onto 9.5mm film. The outline was first scratched with a needle and then filled in with coloured inks; sound also scratched on film. This ambitious cartoon has a more coherent line than the author's earlier unstarred work ...... drawings necessarily rudimentary ..... but impressive in their curious fluidity and impact ....there is imagination at work here and a firmer grasp of the medium ....... but the cacophony on the sound track is almost unbearable! ....... The 16 year old author is to be congratulated on a considerable achievement." Another two star award was a longer effort of 210 feet with sound on tape " Men From Mars" - Martians in flying saucers bomb the earth and make a landing, but are driven off. The one star awards were - "Bird Feed" - 100 foot with optical sound on film - "drawn on film - bird persues worm, cat intervenes" and "Ooola Oops" - 85 foot colour with optical sound on film - "drawn on film; explosions of circular patterns suggestive of fireworks, and moving vertical and diagonal lines".

Dating events so long ago is always difficult, but I guess Paul began actually producing 9.5mm film prints for sale around 1962. The most interesting item was a remarkable 9.5mm colour cartoon with optical sound - drawn on film, the film was titled "Cariolo" and was 50 foot long. My prnt still has excellent colour - I'm not sure if they were printed on the Pathécolour (Ferrania) stock or Kodachrome. The sound track consisted of some guitar chords but also various 'bangs' etc. hand drawn. An amazing feat and at the price of 50 shillings - (£2.50) - it was hardly going to show a decent profit.

Amateur Cine World magazine "Front Page News" item - 6Dec1962

Paul Carnell traded from various St. Albans, Herts (UK) addresses, initially from his parents' home I guess. In late 1962 the address was 46 Hill Street, St. Albans, Herts. By 1964 (ACW 1964 classified adverts), still trading as P.R. Carnell he was at 109 London Road, St. Albans, Herts and selling various 9.5mm items including the remaindered "Prince" cine cameras, but also spools, lamps, films and equipment. By 1965 Paul had become "Nine Five Cine" based in Paxton Road, St. Albans.

Part of a whole page advert in the Group 9.5mm magazine "The 9.5 Review" April-May 1965

He had introduced a small range of 9.5mm black and white glamour films - these were just 30 foot shorts and seemed to be out-cuts from a series of simple glamour films issued in the UK on 8mm by Heritage Films. I believe these shorts were printed on 16mm and reperfed to 9.5mm. Ninefive dealer Larry Pearce (LGP Cine) was certainly involved and later began issuing full length glamour films from the 8mm Heritage Films series on 9.5mm.

A full page advert in the Group 9.5mm magazine "The 9.5 Review" June-July 1965

The 30 foot short "Studio Girl" was one of the many 9.5mm glamour films to originate from Heritage Films material - Dawn Grayson was born in Ireland as Catherine Sheddock and was probably 18 years old in 1960. Once she married (in 1962) she became Kay Kirkham and won the "Miss Luton" competition. Measurements listed as 37-34-36; a 5 foot 4inch red-head at the time we read.

Finally from around 1966 onwards the address was 64 Ladies Grove, St. Albans - ACW classified adverts included bargain price 8mm glamour shorts.

Around 1968 Paul marketed the Adsonic magnetic stripe sound unit, modified to 9.5mm for use with the Cinegel G/GR cine projectors. I actually bought one and still own it, although it has been loaned to the ill-fated Curzon movie museum. I think from what the late Larry Pearce (one of the main 9.5mm dealers at the time) told me - Paul later moved to the West Country involved with the antiques trade..

Naturally any extra accurate information, film titles etc. would be greatly appreciated, contact with Paul again would be even better!
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 9.5mm Number  9.5mm Film Title       Class.               Issue-Delete     Original Film Title         Date

 1 L(CA) S302  SCOOTIN                Interest B/W Silent  May63-     :SCOOTIN                        ??/??/63 GB
 1 L(CA) S303  ANIMAL SNAPSHOTS       Interest B/W Silent  May63-     :ANIMAL SNAPSHOTS               ??/??/63 GB
 1 D(CA) S604  JUNK PILE (THE)        Animated B/W Silent     63-May63:JUNK PILE (THE)                ??/??/63 GB
 1 L(CA) S305  ANIMAL SNAPSHOTS       Interest B/W Silent  May63-     :ANIMAL SNAPSHOTS               ??/??/63 GB
 1 L(CA) S306  IT'S A SMALL WORLD     Interest B/W Silent  May63-     :IT'S A SMALL WORLD             ??/??/63 GB
 1 D(CA) S307  SOUTHEND ILLUMINATIONS Interest Col Silent  May63-     :SOUTHEND ILLUMINATIONS         ??/??/63 GB
 1 D(CA)       CARIOLO                Animated Col OptSnd  Dec62-     :CARIOLO                        ??/??/62*GB
 1 L(CA)       STUDIO GIRL            Glamour  B/W Silent  Apr65-     :STUDIO GIRL (Dawn Grayson)     ??/??/6?*GB
 1 L(CA)       TELEPHONE GIRL         Glamour  B/W Silent  Apr65-     :MARIE CLAIRE AT HOME           ??/??/6?*GB

 (L=30foot; D=60foot; "Southend Illuminations" was 75 foot long)          ( 9 entries )


 The first (and only!) 9.5mm optical sound film in colour

Although LGP (Cine) had reperfed a number of 16mm opticsl sound colour prints with the slitting off-set to retain part of the 16mm optical sound track, these can't really count as genuine 9.5mm optical sound colour releases - they were secondhand prints, there was only one copy of each item and about a third of the picture was lost on one side! "Cariolo" was hand drawn and coloured directly onto the 9.5mm film.

I am still intrigued how the 9.5mm prints were produced - some say the master was pinned on top of the film stock and then a light was momentarily switched on!! Surely it must have been via a continuous contact printer of some sort. I have currently dated "Cariolo" as 1962, (it is first mentioned in the 6th December 1962 Amateur Cine World "Front Page News" and later in the 5th December 1963 Amateur Cine World magazine "Package Films Review"). Some other titles are dated 1963 as I have a single page list dated by me on the back, (May 1963) and using the Hill Street, St. Albans address.

The short glamour releases were the beginnings of a large range of 9.5mm glamour releases originating from Heritage Films material. See the LGP (Cine) film listings for the full range of titles. I am sure there were more black & white shorts, some re-prints of earlier Pathéscope releases. Please let me know of other titles to add to the list.

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