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Original A.B.Pathé title frame and Pathéscope 9.5mm title frame

 9/60 (100ft reel 9.5mm silent release by Pathéscope Dec1958/Jan1959)

 "SPOT THE STARS"                   GB    1950     Dir: Various
 ----------------                   Associated British-Pathé Ltd
 3mins B/W Cert "U" (Approx 4mins at 16fps on 9.5mm) 

 A party quiz film - made for home movie release
 available on 8mm(std 8mm) and 16mm silent from
 Associated British-Pathé for Christmas 1950. 
 (the copy on the British Pathé web-site runs silent)
 A compilation of Pathé Newsreel and Pathé Pictorial
 shots, intended as a little quiz to test the audience's
 knowledge of screen personalities.

Advert from (UK) Amateur Cine World magazine December 1950 

Anna Neagle, Herbert Wilcox, Michael Wilding, George Raft, Janette Scott, Michael Denison, Joan Dowling, Cesar Romero, Vera-Ellen and Richard Todd, Lana Morris, Valerie Honbson, Dane Clark, Beatrice Campbell, Richard Attenborough and Sheila Sims attend a Film Stars Garden Party at Morden Hall Park (London).
("Pathe News" issue 50/50 - June 1950 - item titled "Stars Step Out - Fun Steps In!")

Mae West pictured at Southampton.
("Pathe News" issue 47/76 - Sept 1947 - item titled "Mae West Arrives In This Country")

Visitors arriving in Southampton on the Queen Elizabeth liner - Robert Taylor & Barbara Stanwyck (then husband and wife) and Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy.
("Pathe News" issue 47/14 - Feb 1947 - item titled "People In Camera")

David Niven marries Hjordis Tersmeden at a South Kensington registry office.
("Pathe News" issue 48/6 - Jan 1948 - item titled "Around Britaain - London")

Bing Crosby receives an award as favourite actor from Photoplay Magazine.
("Pathe News" issue 47/10 - Feb 1947 - item titled "People In Camera")

Ballerina Moira Shearer and broadcaster Ludovic Kennedy marry at Hampton Court Chapel.
("Pathe News" issue 50/18 - March 1950 - item titled "Thousands See Moira Shearer's Quiet Wedding")

Danny Kaye in his dressing room at the London Palladium shares a joke with Arthur Askey.
("Pathe Pictorial" issue 226 - JJan 1949)

The 1948 Royal Command Performance - London - Scenes at the Empire Cinema and at a cocktail party held at the Savoy Hotel. Seen are Myrna Loy, Margaret Lockwood, Margaret Leighton, Alan Ladd, Patricia Neal, Virginia Mayo, Billy De Wolfe, Joan Crawford, David Lean, Stewart Grainger, John Mills and Jean Simmons, (The film was "Scott of the Antarctic" which starred John Mills]
("Pathe News" issue 48/97 - Dec 1948 - item titled "A Date With The Stars")

At the Carlton Cinema in the Haymarket (London), Ava Gardner and Colleen Gray attend the premiere of "The Dancing Years". (This British film starred Dennis Price & Patricia Dainton)
("Pathe Pictorial" issue 297 - May 1950 - item titled "Dancing Years' Premiere")

Bob Hope 'boxes' former World Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey as part of a show at Madison Square Gardens in New York for the US Airforce Charity. The referee is Adolphe Menjou and in the audience is General Dwight D. Eisenhower
("Pathe News" issue 48/80 - Oct 1948 - item titled "Hope Fights For Charity")

(fantastic detail from Maurice Trace's 9.5mm silent non-fiction catalogue)

Copy of the Pathéscope leaflet enclosed with each 9.5mm film print
(retyped and issued by the late Cecil Cramp - a 9.5mm dealer)
               (Many thanks to Mike Readioff for this clesned up copy)                

 Watch this film at the British Pathé web-site: "Spot the Stars"  

  1. One of the last 9.5mm films issued by Pathéscope (Great Britain) Ltd
     before they went into receivership the following year.

  2. Also announced by Pathéscope (Dec1958/Jan1959) as an 8mm (std 8mm)
     50ft release - number 8/60. (Did those 8mm film releases actually
     appear? I have only seen a std 8mm print of "Shoulder Arms" - gln)

  3. The film was re-released by Novascope in 1972 as C.1033 using
     the original Pathéscope triple negative. Novascope removed the
     Pathéscope main title, starting with the "How Many of these
     British and American Film Stars Can You Spot" intertitle.

  4. One trade review of the film claimed there were more than sixty
     stars featured. However advertising for the 16mm edition (released
     by Associated British-Pathé) said there were just 37. This number
     is also on the 16mm box. (I count about 45 from Maurice Trace's 
     detailed write-up above - gln)

  (Extra Info gratefully sourced from Maurice Trace)  

 Original Pathéscope 'triple negative' from 1958 (35mm) later also used by Novascope 
Triple negative, but scanned to produce a positive image
as produced on the 9.5mm film print and the screen 
The triple negative (35mm wide but with 9.5mm pitch perforations)



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