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These little 15 foot silent 9.5mm films, supplied unspooled in little green or red boxes labelled 'Pathescope 9.5mm safety film for Bingoscope' (or 'Bing British'), had no titles, but a number & title were hand-written on the leader and trailer. On some examples there is just the number hand written; some have one frame of the 'safety film' triangle. Most seem to be short extracts from Pathescope 9.5mm releases. Closer inspection reveals that some of these titles were contact printed on 9.5mm Pathé camera stock, however at least three of my 'Bing British' examples appear to be standard Pathescope triple prints. From the duplicate numbering it would appear there may have been more than one series of these titles, maybe one in the red box labelled 'for use with Bing British safety cinemas' , another red boxed 'for use with Bingoscope safety cinemas', and another green boxed - 'for use with Bingoscope safety cinemas' etc.

From recent (2013) finds it appears many of the same titles appeared packed in both 'Bingoscope' and 'Bing British' boxes.

Although it is obvious that Pathéscope printed these short extracts for use with toy 9.5mm projectors, the titles were never mentioned in Pathéscope sales literature or the Pathéscope Monthly magazine. No doubt they were destined for toy shops.

Another series of 10 foot silent 9.5mm short films were packed and marketed under the name of "Ray" - see the separate listing.

I have listed brief plot details for copies in my collection. Educated guesses as to each film's origin are appended, but I would be pleased to have any additions/comments/corrections.

I would love to hear of any other titles in this series, and purchase titles not in my collection.
Grahame Newnham:-
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Watch an excellent 9.5mm transfer of a couple of Bingoscope films



 Number        Title                     Subject          Probable Source        DD/MM/YY

  1     HOT DOG                   Mickey Mouse cartoon - THE KARNIVAL KID     US 31/07/29
         Mickey gives Minnie a hot dog to eat but the sausage jumps out and runs away.
         Mickey pulls down the sausage's trousers and gives him a good spanking
* 1     JIBBING GEE GEES          Mickey Mouse cartoon - TWO GUN MICKEY       US 15/12/34 
         Minnie in cowboy boots & hat is in wagon pulled by two horses.  Minnie tries to
         get them to go through a large puddle. She loses his grip & falls into puddle.
         This scene (at start of film) is almost entirely missing from the Pathescope 
         9.5mm 200ft "Mickey Out West" version.
  1 ?   SLEEPY CHARLIE            Chaplin comedy       - THE FIREMAN          US 12/06/16
  1 BI  TRAFFIC COP               Mickey Mouse cartoon - TRAFFIC TROUBLES     US 07/03/31
         Starts with fat cop blowing a whistle

  2     ????????????????????      Mickey Mouse cartoon -                      US ??/??/??
         Mickey at fireplace, trying to entertain a baby. Mickey does a dance with stick
  2 BI  ROAD  HOG                 Mickey Mouse cartoon - TRAFFIC TROUBLES     US 07/03/31
         Starts with car driving along
* 2 BB  SNUB'S BREAKFAST          Snub Pollard comedy  - IT'S A GIFT          US 14/10/23 
    BI   A snippet from the funniest of the Snub Pollard comedies.  Snub is in bed using  
         his classic inventions to get his breakfast.  There are two short illustrated
         intertitles probably from Pathescope notched "It's A Gift" version - "Cocette
         has been well trained & always gives her master entire satisfaction" & "Snub's 
         inventiveness certainly solves the servant problem".
* 2 BI  IMPRESSARIO MICKEY        Mickey Mouse cartoon - MICKEY PLAYS PAPA    US 29/09/34
         Mickey imitates Chaplin - not in Pathescope 9.5mm 200ft "Come To Papa Mickey"
  2     MICKEY MILKS THE COW      Mickey Mouse cartoon - THE PLOW BOY         US 28/06/29
         CU up of teeth spitting. Mickey is milking cow who licks him. Mickey squirts cow
         with milk from udder; cow licks again, Mickey ties cow's tongue around its head 
* 3 BI  DEAR LITTLE DUCK          Pluto cartoon        - MICKEY PLAYS PAPA    US 29/09/34
         Pluto in house by armchair. He is chased by a wind-up toy duck, then jumps on
         it and hides under the chair. Initial armchair shot not in Pathescope 9.5mm 
         200ft "Come To Papa Mickey" version.
  3 BI  HARVEST TIME              Mickey Mouse cartoon -                      US
         Starts with Mickey stood under a branch with large fruit on it
* 3     MICKEY'S SHOW             Mickey Mouse cartoon - THE OP'RY HOUSE      US 20/03/29
         Snake in vase turns out to be animal's tail.  Another character does a dance.
  4 BB  NO OBSTACLES              George Formby comedy - NO LIMIT             GB ??/11/35
         George crashes his home-made motor bike into a neighbour's garden.
* 4     JUST BUBBLES              Mickey Mouse cartoon - THE OP'RY HOUSE      US 20/03/29
         Mouse type animal playing tuba type instrument produces bubbles. When he spots
         another animal bursting the bubbles with a pin he opens the vent and soaks him.
* 4 BI  BOWL THEM OVER            Mickey Mouse cartoon - GULLIVER MICKEY      US 19/05/34
  5 BB  NO LIMIT                  George Formby comedy - NO LIMIT             GB ??/11/35 
         George rides his bike over the cliff, but catches a branch and catapults back
         onto the two villians.
* 5 BI  THE HELPING HAND          Mickey Mouse cartoon - GULLIVER MICKEY      US 19/05/34
         Mickey, in a rough sea, is being thrown from wave to wave. Eventually a wave
         like a hand throws Mickey ashore.
  5     MICKEY MAKES A GETAWAY    Mickey Mouse cartoon - THE BARNYARD BATTLE  US 02/07/29
         Mickey has just fired a cork gun at helmeted villain who is frothing at the mouth.
         Mickey comes up behind villain with a mouse trap and catches villain's tail.
* 6     BIG BOY GET IN            Mickey Mouse cartoon - THE OP'RY HOUSE      US 20/03/29
         Mickey, outside ticket office, has trouble getting fat punter through entrance.
         Eventually uses pin when the fat punter deflates.
* 6 BI  OVER THE ROLLING WAVES    Mickey Mouse cartoon - GULLIVER MICKEY      US 19/05/34
         Mickey in his easy chair, watches the kids pretending to row along in a wooden
         bucket.  He ducks under the carpet like a wave and overturns them.
* 7 BI  BUZZING ABOUT             Mickey Nouse cartoon - CAMPING OUT          US 17/02/34             
* 7     THE THEME SONG            Mickey Mouse cartoon - MICKEY'S FOLLIES     US 28/08/29
         Mickey on 'box seat' in yard, then bouncing on grand piano - two of audience
         jump up & down and crash through shed roof.  (From the very end of the film)
  7     OUR GANG                  Our Gang comedy      - SUNDOWN LTD ?        US
  7     RIVAL TRANSPORT           Unknown

  8     ????????????????????      George Gee comedy    - CLEANING UP          GB ??/05/33
         George Gee demonstrates his "apparatus" to Betty Astell
* 8     PLOUGH MICKEY PLOUGH      Mickey Mouse cartoon - THE PLOW BOY         US 28/06/29
         Mickey bumps into rocks as he and his plough are dragged along by a runaway
         Horace Horsecollar.  Suddenly the plough breaks up and showers Mickey with bits. 
* 8     THE COW INTERUPTS         Mickey Mouse cartoon - THE BARNYARD CONCERT US 05/04/30
         Mickey, stood on a soap box in the farmyard, tries to conduct his animal band.
         He has problems with the cow and ties her tail to a bucket of water which ends
         up all over Mickey's head.
  8     POPEYE'S VICTIM           Popeye cartoon       - I EATS MY SPINACH    US 17/11/33
         Popeye has trouble with a bull
         King George V1 & Queen Elizabeth arrive in Canada on their 1939 North American tour.
  9 BI  MICKET TO THE RESCUE      Mickey Mouse cartoon - WILD WAVES           US 21/12/29

  9     WASP STING                Mickey Mouse cartoon - THE PLOW BOY ?       US 28/06/29

 10 BB  PICK-A-BACK PLANE         Interest             - from L.30280

 10     BY THE SEA                Mickey Mouse cartoon

*10 BI  SEE BLUTO SAW             Popeye cartoon       - KING OF THE MARDI GRAS  27/09/35 
*11 BI  BETWEEN TWO FIRES         Popeye cartoon       - PLEASED TO MEET CHA! US 22/03/35
         Popeye and Bluto are sitting either side of Olive Oyl on a sofa.  Bluto offers
         Olive a box of chocolates.  As Olive takes one, Popeye and Bluto attempt to
         punch each other but only succeed in both punching Olive.
*11     SUM??? MEA???             Tailoring comedy     - WALTER'S WORRIES ?   GB ??/??/26 
         Fat man in check waistcoat being measured in tailors.  Another customer gets
         hooked to the tape measure giving a waist measurement of 5 yards.
*11     THE SONGSTER              Mickey Mouse cartoon - THE KARNIVAL KID     US 31/07/29
         Mickey with two friends, tries to serenade Minnie (who is in a hot-dog van)
         in the moonlight.  An annoyed onlooker throws missiles until all three singers
         are laid out cold. (This clip from the very end of the film)
 12 BI  VARIETY TRIO              Mickey Mouse cartoon - ORPHANS BENEFIT      US 11/08/34
         Starts with dog in a dress in mid air - dancing?
*13     THE TRAIN SMASH           Railway drama        - THE WRECKER ?        GB ??/12/28
         Shots of rails, engine csb, shot through passenger coach window, gauges in cab,
         driver looks out, brakes applied, train smash.  Looks like style of "The Wrecker"
         but not all shots seem to appear in 9.5mm print....
*14     MUSIC IN THE JUNGLE      Stan Laurel comedy    - ROUGHEST AFRICA      US 30/09/23
         (from the 9.5mm 3G.10280 "Oh Shoot"?)
*18 BB  CATCHING THE TRAMP        Our Gang comedy      - THE COBBLER ?        US 18/02/23
         Our Gang on a farm chase a tramp around a haystack.  There are two frames of the
         safety film triangle at the start.
*21  BB THE END OF THE BALL       Chaplin comedy ?
         (box title)
*22     FELIX LOSES HIS LOVE      Felix cartoon        - FELIX LOSES OUT      US 15/01/24
         Felix makes up to a lady cat, but when he goes for roses, she goes off in a car 
         with Baron Bob. (Contains short titles in verse) from 9.5mm "Felix Falls in Love"?
*24 BB  THE CHEESE                Chaplin comedy       - THE COUNT            US 04/09/16
         The cook is giving Charlie a quick snack in the kitchen but he hides in the 
         'dumb waiter' when her policeman admirer turns up. Charlie's boss also arrives 
         but by the front door. Finally the policeman ends up in the laundry basket.
         One short intertitle - "Snippet never missed the chance of a free meal".
*27     TRIALS OF A CONDUCTOR     Paul Parrott comedy  - TAKE NEXT CAR        US 30/07/22
         Paul Parrott has problems with a child whilst driving a tramcar. (from the 9.5mm
         3G.10405 "Conductor Paul")
*28     JOHN THE BRAVE            Children's comedy    - OUR GANG             US 05/11/22
         Actual title on film leader is "Jonh the Brave"!  Young boy and girl with dog;
         later boy picks up something from the sea, little girl says "Oh thank you, Jimmy.
         You've saved my only child"
*30     WALTER THE NURSE MAID     Walter Ford comedy   - WALTER'S DAY OUT ?   GB ??/??/26
         Walter Ford rests child on a pram which lady promptly pushes off.  He catches
         up and grabs the child but another lady gives chase thinking he has stolen it.

  ?     AT THE MOTOR RACES        Chaplin comedy       - GENTLEMEN OF NERVE   US 29/10/14
         (from the 9.5mm S.586 "Charlie At the Motor Races")   
  ?     BALANCING BLUTO           Popeye cartoon       - KING OF THE MARDI GRAS  27/09/35 

  ? BI  THE BEAR IDEA             Comedy               -                      US
         A bear chases two men in the woods, they run to a building where they are met
                     by two ladies in cowboy outfits. American, maybe from "A Man Sized Pet"?
  ? BI  CASSANOVA CHARLIE         Chaplin comedy       -                      US ??/??/1?

  ?     THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE   Drama ?      - BALACLAVA ?          GB 01/12/28
         (there is a Pathescope short 2G.30026 with a similar title)
  ?     CHARLIE ON HOLIDAY        Chaplin comedy ?     - HIS NEW PROFESSION ? US 31/08/14
         (there is a Pathescope short V.10013 with a similar title)
  ? BI  CAUGHT ON THE BORDERS     Western              - THE TWO FISTER       US 08/01/27
          (final fight on the border)                     (Edmund Cobb)
* ?     THE FIREWORK    (This one actually has a very short printed title)

  ?     FOOTPATH FIASCO           Popeye cartoon       - FOR BETTER OR WORSER US 28/06/35

  ?     HAIR RESTORER (THE)       Animated ?           - LA SEVE POILIFERE ?  FR ??/??/24
         (there is a 30ft Pathescope short V.565 with the same title)
  ?     HAROLD THE HERO           Harold Lloyd comedy  - BY THE SAD SEA WAVES US 30/09/17

  ? BI  JUST MARRIED             Unknowm

         (maybe Spat Family - possibly "The Rubberneck")
  ? BI  THE LION HUNT            Stan Laurel comedy    - ROUGHEST AFRICA      US 30/09/23
         (from the 9.5mm 3G.10280 "Oh Shoot"?)
* ?     MICKEY THE ??????
  ? BI  MISCARRIED PLAN (A)      Western               - THE TWO FISTER       US 08/01/27
         (climax - two thugs ambush hero but defeated    (Edmund Cobb)
  ? BB  MUSIC IN THE JUNGLE                            -

  ?     POPEYE'S SLIPPERY WORK   Popeye cartoon        - SEASIN'S GREETINKS   US 14/12/33
         (there is a 30ft Pathescope short L.30264 with the same title)
  ? BB  SNUB'S AWAKENING        Snub Pollard comedy    - IT'S A GIFT          US 14/10/23
  ? BB  SNUB WILL NOT BE BEATEN Snub Pollard comedy   -                       US
  ? BB  THE MAGNET CAR          Snub Pollard comedy    - IT'S A GIFT          US 14/10/23   
(* asterix means copy in gln 9.5mm collection / BI Bingoscope box / BB Bing British box)

          THE LOVE GAME

(An * asterix means a copy is in gln 9.5mm collection)

updated with 6 titles from Paul Scott collection 02.05.2005
three new titles "Snub's Breakfast"; "Catching the Tramp"; "The Cheese" added
 - thanks to Miss Mira Curtis 25.01.2007
three new titles "Footpath Fiasco";"Balancing Bluto";"Music In the Jungle" added
 and eight titles identified - thanks to Maurice Trace 03.03.2009
"Impressario Mickey" updated - thanks to Maurice Trace 15.03.2010
three new titles "Charge of the Light Brigade";"Shooting the Elephant";"At the Motor Races"
 thanks to Douglas Macintosh. one identified - thanks to Maurice Trace
 and a few more 'educated guesses' from me! 28.05.2011
"Popeye's Victim" added - thanks to Maurice Trace 03.11.2011
Four more titles thanks to Mark Poole 25.07.2012
"End of the Ball" added - thanks to Clinton Hunt, New Zealand 07.09.2012
"A Bear Idea" added - thanks to Maurice Trace 25.02.13
"Cassanova Charlie" added, "Theme Song" & 14 identified, minor updates 27.05.2013
12Feb2014 "Mickey To the Rescue"/"Harold the Hero"/"Rival Transport" added-thanks Maurice Trace!
07Apr2014 - "Music In the Jungle" added
22May2014 - Snub's Awakening" & "The Magnet Car" added - thanks to Patrick Adamson
11Mar2015 - "The End of the Ball" number identified / 24Aug2015 5 more titles & others identified - thanks to Maurice Trace
13Jan2016 - Another no.2 - no title, but Mickey Mouse - added  / 22Mar2016 - Three nmore titles from Maurice Trace                                                               

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