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Amateur Cine World June 1956 advert

Amateur Cine World January 1958 advert

Adventure Films seemed to have sprung up sometime around 1955 in the UK. Based at 32 Castle Hill Avenue, Folkstone, Kent (probably a private address), they specialised in the release of amateur prize winning films. Most of their releases were from 16mm amateur film prize winners in the famous UK "Ten Best" competition, sponsored by the Amateur Cine World magazine. (Incidentally the later "Ace" amateur movie magazine, which also owns the ACW trademarks still sponsored this annual amateur, film only, competition up till the magazine's closure in 2003)

Amateur Cine World magazine December 1957 advert

Whilst discussing the amateur "Ten Best" competition, readers may like to know that many of these prizewinning films had copies donated to the I.A.C. (The Institute of Amateur Cinematographers - now known as The Film and Video Instutute) - many titles are now available to hire on VHS and DVD. Check out the catalogue at

Initially Adventure released films in the 16mm, then 8mm formats. A single title ("Coming Shortly") was soon released in 9.5mm - this title being sourced from Pathéscope as a 9.5mm B/W from their standard 35mm triple negative process. Although many other titles appeared in the mid, and later fifties on 16mm & 8mm, it wasn't till the very late 1950's that Adventure advertised 9.5mm prints being available for most of their catalogue. These prints were actually 16mm versions, reperforated and slit to 9.5mm by Walton Films. Although earlier catalogues were labelled Adventure Film Productions, they later advertised as Adventure Film Distributors and sported a London address.

October 1960 Amateur Cine World magazine advert

The film "Coming Shortly" was a spoof cinema film trailer and was a winner in the 1954 Amateur Cine World magazine "Ten Best" annual amateur film competition. It was made by High Wycombe Film Society and written/directed by Tony Rose. A fully detailed article about the film's production appears in the Amateur Cine World magazine dated April 1956. Incidentally we read that the 'star' of this little short was Megan Jones a new member of the cine club.

Watch the 9.5mm print of "Coming Shortly" on YouTube: -

A series of glamour films was also announced, but only two titles were ever advertised it seems. I know "Suzanne's Parlour Tricks" was actually issued, as in my youth I bought the remaining 16mm colour prints, they were reperfed to 9.5mm and all rapidly sold on my sales lists!

From 'The 9.5 Review' (UK Gtroup 9.5 magazine) dated Dec1970

Watch my 16mm print on youTube:- "Suzannne's Parlour Tricks" -

We know that the producer was Philip Hudsmith, but does anyone know who Suzanne was?? Incidentally I'll be interested to buy back a colour copy of this and in fact any other Adventure films not in my collection (9.5mm or 16mm).
Please contact me, Grahame Newnham at:-
presto @ - (no gaps in actual address)

Adventure Films illustrated catalogue

©GLN '96                        INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ALPHABETIC  ORDER  LISTING            02/02/2008
 In this listing:         C=100foot/30metres  M=150-200foot/45-60metres  SB=300-400foot/100-125metres
                  Apart from "Coming Shortly" and the glamour releases, the films seem to have been printed to order
                  so it is possible some of these 9.5mm titles although offered for sale, were never actually printed.
 9.5mm Number   9.5mm Film Title             Class.              Issue-Delete     Original Film Title         Date
 1SB(AV)      BATTLE OF WANGAPORE            Animated Col Mute    Nov57-     :BATTLE OF WANGAPORE            ??/??/55 GB DA
 1SB(AV)      BRIXHAM HARBOUR                Travel   B/W Mute       5?-     :BRIXHAM HARBOUR                ??/??/5? GB
 1 M(AV)      COMING SHORTLY                 Comedy   B/W Mute       55-     :COMING SHORTLY                 ??/??/54*GB
 1 C(AV)      CORK HAT (THE)                 Animated Col Silent  Nov57-     :CORK HAT (THE)                 ??/??/5? GB DA
 1SB(AV)      DRIFTWOOD & SEASHELL           Interest Col Mute       5?      :DRIFTOOD & SEASHELL            ??/??/5? GB
 1 C(AV)      DUEL (THE)                     Animated Col Silent     5?-     :DUEL (THE)                     ??/??/5? GB DA
 1 M(AV)      EGGS FOR BREAKFAST             Drama    Col Silent  Jun56-     :EGGS FOR BREAKFAST             ??/??/49 GB
 1 C(AV) G  2 EXPOSED                        Glamour  Col Silent  Dec59-     :EXPOSED                        ??/??/58 GB
 1 C(AV)      FLORAL FANTASY                 Animated Col Silent     5?-     :FLORAL FANTASY                 ??/??/5? GB DA
 1SB(AV)      GO WEST YOUNG MAN              Animated Col Silent  Nov57-     :GO WEST YOUNG MAN              ??/??/50 GB DA
 1 M(AV)      GOOGLIE GEORGE                 Animated Col Silent  Nov57-     :GOOGLIE GEORGE                 ??/??/5? GB DA
 1 M(AV)      HEADLINE                       Drama    B/W Silent  Jun56-     :HEADLINE                       ??/??/53 GB
 2SB(AV)      HISTORY OF WALTON              Animated Col Silent  Nov57-     :HISTORY OF WALTON              ??/??/57 GB DA
 1 C(AV)      HOUSE OF CARDS                 Animated Col Silent  Nov57-     :HOUSE OF CARDS                 ??/??/52 GB DA
 1SB(AV)      LAND BELOW ZERO                Travel   Col Silent     5?-     :LAND BELOW ZERO                ??/??/5? GB
 1 M(AV)      LATE FOR WORK                  Comedy   Col Silent  Nov57-     :LATE FOR WORK                  ??/??/5? GB
 1 M(AV)      LOW TIDE                       Drama    Col Silent  Nov57-     :LOW TIDE                       ??/??/54 GB
 2SB(AV)      MARIONETTES                    Drama    B/W Silent  Jun56-     :MARIONETTES                    ??/??/57 GB
 1 C(AV)      MILLSTREAM (THE)               Animated Col Silent  Nov57-     :MILLSTREAM (THE)               ??/??/51 GB DA
 3SB(AV)      MIRACLE (THE)                  Drama    B/W Silent  Nov57-     :MIRACLE (THE)                  ??/??/37 GB
 1 C(AV)      MURDER IN MIND                 Drama    Col Silent  Dec59-     :MURDER IN MIND                 ??/??/5? GB
 1 M(AV)      PAINTBOX HOLIDAY               Drama    Col Silent  Nov57-     :PAINTBOX HOLIDAY               ??/??/54 GB
 3SB(AV)      PAPER BOAT                     Interest B/W Silent     5?-     :PAPER BOAT                     ??/??/5? GB
 1 M(AV)      PERILS OF PICTURE GOING (THE)  Comedy   B/W Silent  Nov57-     :PERILS OF PICTURE GOING (THE)  ??/??/53 GB
 2SB(AV)      SAKURA                         Drama    Col Silent  Nov57-     :SAKURA                         ??/??/57 GB
 1 C(AV)      SHORT SPELL                    Animated B/W Mute    Nov57-     :SHORT SPELL                    ??/??/56*GB DA
 1 C(AV) G  1 SUZANNE'S PARLOUR TRICKS       Glamour  Col Silent  Dec59-     :SUZANNE'S PARLOUR TRICKS       ??/??/58*GB
 1SB(AV)      TARGET LUNAR                   Animated B/W Mute    Nov57-     :TARGET LUNAR                   ??/??/51 GB DA
 2SB(AV)      THOUSAND TIMES NO (A)          Drama    Col Silent  Nov57-     :THOUSAND TIMES NO (A)          ??/??/5? GB
 2SB(AV)      TO CAMP IN THE CLOUDS          Travel   Col Silent  Nov57-     :TO CAMP IN THE CLOUDS          ??/??/57 GB
 1 M(AV)      TWO'S COMPANY                  Comedy   B/W Silent  Nov57-     :TWO'S COMPANY                  ??/??/53 GB
 3SB(AV)      VOW TO ETERNITY (A)            Drama    Col Silent     5?-     :VOW TO ETERNITY (A)            ??/??/5? GB
 1SB(AV)      WATCH THE BIRDIE               Animated Col Mute    Nov57-     :WATCH THE BIRDIE               ??/??/5? GB DA
 1 M(AV)      WHOOSH!                        Comedy   B/W Silent  Jun56-     :WHOOSH!                        ??/??/5? GB
                                                                                                        ( 34 entries )

Watch the 9.5mm film release of "Short Spell" on YouTube:


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