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Associated British-Pathe Ltd were one of the leading cinema film distributors in the UK by the late 1940's. The company began releasing package films of newreel items on 16mm and 8mm during this time. Most were 8 or 9 minutes like "Trooping the Colour"; plus a small range of animal films for the children and a series of items taken from cinema Pathe News or Pathe Pictorials marketed as Pathe Picettes.

In September 1951 they took the plunge and announced a range of short 4 minute subjects, again taken from cinema Pathe News or Pathe Pictorials. These titles were only available as silent (well mute) versions, and were marketed as 'Bantam Packs' in 8mm, 16mm and 9.5mm versions. The 9.5mm versions were printed for them by Pathéscope using their usual economical triple print system on special 35mm film stock. As can be seen from the illustrations, the films were packed in attractive boxes with full details of the contents printed on the back. Running speed for these short films was 24 frames / second, as of course, these were sourced from cinema talkie prints.

By 1955 A.B.Pathe had pulled out of the 9.5mm printed film market. The master 35mm triple negatives were then used to re-issue most of the titles under the Pathéscope banner (Pathéscope just removed the 'Associated British-Pathe presents' logo from the start of each film). These 100ft 9.5mm films then had C.3**** Pathéscope numbers. So if you find one of these titles with the A.B.Pathe intro then it's a genuine Associated British-Pathe product; without the A.B. Pathe intro it's a Pathéscope product - although of course Pathéscope printed all the copies anyway!

If you want to view some of these "Bantam Packs" and don't have the film copies, then go to the British Pathe web-site at and search for Bantam Pack - there's most of them there now to view (including the Vera Ellen "Happy Go Lovely" which was probably never issued).

Incidentally a number of the Associated British-Pathe 16mm sound releases also ended up on 9.5mm sound - like "Trooping the Colour"; "The Last Journey" and "Tin Pan Alley". Because of an earlier tie-up between Pathéscope and Pathe - it is said that Pathéscope were able to source much of the Pathe News library for 9.5mm release without cost. Pathéscope had released a monthly 300ft ('1 reel') 9.5mm news review (Pathé Gazette) up to the second war, then from 1936 also produced an annual News Review of 300ft ('1 reel') length. The last 9.5mm Pathéscope 'Review of the Year' was for 1958 and it was released not only on 9.5mm silent, but also 8mm silent and 9.5mm optical sound.

Front and back of a 100ft Associated British-Pathe Bantam Pack 9.5mm release

 @GLN '96                  INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  NUMERIC  ORDER  LISTING            21/04/2003

9.5mm Number   9.5mm Film Title                 Class.          Issue-Delete   Original Film Title    Date

1 C(AB)    FLYING ENTERPRISE (THE)             Interest B/W Mute   52-55   :PATHE NEWS                ??/??/51*GB
1 C(AB)  1 HAPPY EVENTS                        Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE PICTORIAL           ??/??/50*GB
1 C(AB)  2 ANIMALS BEAUTY PARLOUR              Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE PICTORIAL           ??/11/49 GB
1 C(AB)  3 LION AND THE MOUSE (THE)            Interest B/W Mute   52-55   :PATHE PICTORIAL 261(Mouse)12/09/49*GB
1 C(AB)  4 HAPPY GO LUCKY / HAPPY GO LOVELY    Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE PICTORIAL           ??/??/50 GB
1 C(AB)  5 HORSE SENSE AND NONSENSE            Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE NEWS/PICTORIAL      ??/??/50 GB
1 C(AB)  6 IT'S FUN BEING AN ANIMAL            Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE PICTORIAL           ??/??/50 GB
1 C(AB)  7 CHAS CHASE AND THE HULA HULA GIRLS  Interest B/W Mute   52-55   :PATHE NEWS/PICTORIAL      ??/??/50 GB
1 C(AB)  8 ANIMAL ANTICS                       Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE NEWS/PICTORIAL      ??/??/50*GB
1 C(AB)  9 SPEED CRAZY                         Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE NEWS/PICTORIAL      ??/??/50*GB
1 C(AB) 10 DIZZY DAREDEVILS                    Interest B/W Mute   52-55   :PATHE PICTORIAL           ??/??/50*GB
1 C(AB) 11 OLD CROCKS AND CRAZY BIKES          Interest B/W Mute   52-55   :PATHE NEWS/PICTORIAL      ??/??/50 GB
1 C(AB) 12 STARS ON SKATES                     Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE NEWS/PICTORIAL      ??/??/50*GB
1 C(AB) 13 SPORTING TYPES                      Interest B/W Mute   52-55   :PATHE NEWS/PICTORIAL      ??/??/50*GB
1 C(AB) 14 EVE FIGURES IT OUT                  Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE NEWS/PICTORIAL      ??/??/50*GB
1 C(AB) 15 FAST AND FURIOUS                    Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE NEWS                ??/??/50 GB
1 C(AB) 16 FARNBOROUGH AIR SHOW                Interest B/W Mute   51-55   :PATHE NEWS Sept52 52/72   ??/09/52 GB

                                                                            ( 17 entries )
Notes:  At least two titles didn't get re-released by Pathéscope -
         "Flying Enterprise" and "Happy Go Lucky".
        Bantam Pack 4 is listed in one advert as "Happy Go Lucky"
         (and I believe in the Pathéscope register), but is listed
         in the A.B. Pathe Bantam Pack catalogue (thanks Geoff!), as
         "Happy Go Lovely" the actual name of the feature film it was
         promoting. (But overstamped "In Preparation" & "Withdrawn").
         However as it appears never to have been actually released
         by A.B. Pathé or Pathéscope this is probably irrelevant!
        Bantam Pack 7 second item (the Hula Hula tots) also appears
         in the 9.5mm Pathéscope silent 300ft release "Here and There"
         It comes from Pathé News of April 1950 - Issue 50/31
        Bantam Pack 9 is titled "Speed Crazy" - don't get confused as
         Walton Films also issued a 100ft title "Speed Crazy" - their
         film - a BBC interval short "London To Brighton In 4 Minutes"
        Bantam Pack 16 although listed as "Farnborough Air Show"
         was actually titled on the film itself as "Britain's Aircraft Parade".
         It comes from Pathe News of September 1952 - Issue 52/72

Front and back of a 100ft Associated British-Pathe Bantam Pack 9.5mm release

    "FLYING ENTERPRISE"                  Not re-released by Pathéscope
     - Exciting pictures of the foundering ship's 13 day fight with the sea, the survivors,
       and Captain Kurt Carlsen & Ken Drancy who remained on board fixing a tow line.
 1. "HAPPY EVENTS"                       Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30702
     - Penguins, spaniels and seals all combine to make this film a 'must' for the kiddies.
     (Pathe Pictorial Issue 324 Nov 1950; Issue 239 Apr 1949; Issue 234 March 1949)
 2. "ANIMALS BEAUTY PARLOUR"             Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30701
     - Our friend the pampered poodle attends his own beauty parlour-hair wash, wave set,
     manicure - the whole array of beauty make-up. 
     Rhino is not quite so lucky - he just gets the brush off - with oil of course.
     (Pathe Pictorial Issue 272 Nov 1949 & Issue 269 Nov 1949)
 3. "THE LION AND THE MOUSE"             Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30704
     - Have you seen a Mouse Derby? You haven't? Then here's your chance to back the winner,
     by seeing this interesting little film. (Pathe Pictorial Issue 261 Sept 1949)
     In the same reel, see how the lion trainer puts his fierce animals through their paces.
 4. "HAPPY GO LUCKY"/"HAPPY GO LOVELY"?  Planned C.30720 by Pathéscope - but not re-released
     - Hollywood star Vera Ellen rehearsing for her first UK movie "Happy Go Lovely"
     (Pathe Pictorial Issue 322 Nov 1950) - probably never even released by A.B. Pathe.
 5. "HORSE SENSE AND NONSENSE"           Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30705
     - Compare the grace and beauty of the well trained riders and horses against the rugged,
     untamed, bucking broncos of the wild west.
     (Pathe Pictorial Issue 153 Aug1947; Issue 215 Oct1948 & Pathe News Issue 50/59 Jul1950)
 6. "IT'S FUN BEING AN ANIMAL"           Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30706
     - The Boston Terriers leap into action for the canine Cup Final, a winger heads for the
     goal, but a tough keeper saves the day. (Pathe Pictorial Issue 318 Oct 1950)
     When dancer Jonathan Lucas dresses up in a gorilla skin to visit a zoo, the animals
     wonder who is the biggest laugh. (Pathe Pictorial Issue 312 Sept 1950)
 7. "CHAS CHASE AND THE HULA HULA GIRLS" Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30707 
     (Listed in catalogue as "CHAZ CHASE AND THE HULA HULA GIRLS" - but film title as above)
     - No more food worries for Chas Chase. A good thick magazine sprinkled with pepper and
     salt is enough-and for a sweet a good weekly paper. Hula Hula girls look glamorous but
     have you seen a school where the very young Hawaiians learn their rhythm.
     (Pathe Pictorial Issue 286 Mar 1950 & Pathé News Issue 50/31 Apr 1950)
 8. "ANIMAL ANTICS"                      Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30708
     - The Army learns to ride. During long and arduous training they try their skill on 
     wooden dummies. Their most exciting feat, on live horses, is when one rider fearlessly
     takes his animal over three jumps and then through a blazing hoop. 
     Two brown bear cubs and cheeky London sparrows just can't live in the same cage.
     The Bruin twins too absorbed in their chase, fail to notice a nearby pool - slip, 
     splash and they're up to their fur collars in the water.
     (Pathe Pictorial Issue 280 Jan 1950 & Pathe News Issue 50/51 Jun 1950)
 9. "SPEED CRAZY"                        Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30713
     - In the USA they're not content with risking their necks by driving speed boats fast,
     they make the race a steeple-chase. By adding ramps, they take off, fly through the 
     air until they hit the water again with a splash.
     (Pathé News Issue 51/6 Jun 1951 & Pathé Pictorial Issue 320 Oct 1950)
10. "DIZZY DAREDEVILS"                   Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30719
     - A small water tank - a perch 75 feet above the ground - a young man poised for a
     high dive. In slow motion the camera catches his faultless movements as he swallow
     dives downwards. A young man, bound hand and foot, is drawn up by his ankles over 
     a busy thoroughfare. His object - to release himself from his bonds. In a matter of
     minutes he is free and is again lowered to the ground.
     (Pathé Pictorial issue 198 Jun 1948 & issue 295 May 1950)
11. "OLD CROCKS AND CRAZY BIKES"         Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30711
     - Not the old crocks of the London to Brighton run fame, but the Junior Crocks Race
     for ancient motor bikes; there were some odd sights on the road that day. 
     This could only happen in Paris, a bicycle inventor's holiday, showing their 
     strange brain children, crazy machines with beer barrels for front wheels.
     (Pathé Pictorial Issue 295 May 1950 & Pathé News Issue 50/63 Aug 1950)
12. "STARS ON SKATES"                    Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30718
     - The spotlight swings down on to the ice and catches in its beam the graceful figure
     of Adele Inge, she is not only a graceful skater but an acrobat as well.
     (Pathé Pictorial Issue 178 Feb 1948)
     Chorus girls change their dancing pumps for skates, and to the delight of the 
     audience dance the beautiful "Heart Dance". 
     In the finals of the Amateur Ice Skating Championships , Jeanette Altwegg wins
     a handsome trophy presented to her by Mrs. Atlee. (Pathé News Issue 50/99 Dec1950)
13. "SPORTING TYPES"                     Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30721 
     - Take one billiard table, two miniature goals and one egg - and the famous Arsenal
     team are well away on a new sport. The kids of a London back-street try a new game
     - roller hockey. Shortage of money does not deter them for they borrow their dad's 
     walking sticks and umbrellas and use their coats as goals. Basket-ball as only the 
     Harlem Globetrotters can play. Squirming, weaving, ducking, "selling dummies" to 
     their opponents, they soon have the ball in their rival's net.
     (Pathé Pictorial Issue 278 Jan1950; Issue 285 Feb1950 & Pathé News Issue 50/22 Mar1950)
14. "EVE FIGURES IT OUT"                Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30722
     - This is a man's film - it's all about women. You are taken behind the scenes at 
     London's lavish spectacle revue "Latin Quarter" to see some of the prettiest chorus
     girls practising their slimming exercises. (Pathe Pictorial Issue 347 May 1951)
     Jimmy Edwards visits a luxury swimming pool-as a bathing beauty judge. Who would be
     the poor male who has to decide that one girl is more beautiful than all the others?
     No wonder Jimmy says "You can take it from here!" (Pathé News Issue 50/71 Sept 1950)
     - 9.5mm film historian Maurice Trace mentions that the winner, presented with her sash
     by radio star Joy Shelton, at this 1950 National Bathing Beauty Contest held at 
     Morecambe was Violet Pretty.  She soon changed that and entered films as Anne Heywood.
15. "FAST AND FURIOUS"                  Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30712 
     - On Daytona Beach, U.S.A. are held some of the most thrilling, spilling motor-cycle 
     races in the world. Jostling for position a rider swerves just a little too much 
     out into the bend and crashes. (Pathé News Issue 49/23 March 1949)
     In Italy they use the motor-cycle for a tight-rope act. A young rider drives his 
     machine across a long wire stretched taut, high over a harbour. He is joined by two
     partners who perform a daring trapeze act while the rider does a hand-stand on his 
     motor cycle. (Pathé News Issue 51/23 March 1951)
     Italy again and this time bob-sleigh teams from all over the world meet to compete 
     in one of the fastest and most dangerous sports. (Feb 1950 not used in a Pathé newreel)
16. "FARNBOROUGH AIR SHOW"              Re-released by Pathéscope as C.30723
     (Title on film "BRITAIN'S AIRCRAFT PARADE")
     - A visit to Farnborough, showing some of the new types of aircraft that are designed
     for this modern age, where all the world's experts on aviation gather to look at 
     Britan's show case of flying. (from Pathé News: September 1952 - Issue 52/72)
(Descriptions are from the Pathéscope 9.5mm film catalogue except those in italics.)
 The Pathé News / Pictorial references and dates kindly supplied by Maurice Trace - Oct 2008      

Many thanks to Geoff Price for photocopying the Associated British-Pathe
 package film catalogue listing these 9.5mm releases (Nov 2008)
 Any other  info. - please contact me - Grahame Newnham at - 
 presto @ (no spaces in actual address)

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