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Edwin John Fancey was a name to strike terror into the hearts of cinema audiences of the 1950s! When in my teens, friends and I used to sneak, under age, into the local 'continental' cinema in Portsmouth (The Palace, later Martines Disco) our excitement waned when we saw 'New Realm' as the distributors' name, for these products were not exactly of the highest calibre, normally being tame old American offerings, retitled. Always trying to get recent films for my 9.5mm sound shows, my school friend would exclaim 'not E.J. Fancey' as the credits hit the screen, and was usually only persuaded to stay by the promise of a Walton glamour film to finish the programme! However, if it hadn't been for Mr. Fancey, Pathéscope would have had little post-war product to offer us on 9.5mm sound.

Edwin J. Fancey, born at Richmond, Surrey on 7th February 1902, was a film producer and distributor, who began distributing American pictures in the UK, via his company New Realm. During the war he moved into film production, forming New Realm Pictures Ltd on 2nd March 1940 with his brother Sid, and D.U.K. Films Ltd with his wife B.C. Fancey six years later on 22nd March 1946. So began the British equivalent of P.R.C. Pictures - poverty row here we come!

Amateur Cine World magazine back cover advert July 1950
E.J. Fancey's upmarket cinema distribution company
here also into 16mm and prints for sale - anyone have a catalogue?

Around 1940/41 E.J. Fancey was prosecuted for stabbing his company accountant in the groin. An argument had arisen it appears, over an accusation that he ran the finances of his company rather 'close to the wind'. The accountant had a leg amputated as a result of the injury. When the case came to court, the accountant was regarded as a hostile witness by the prosecution - presumably he had been 'softened up' before the hearing. Even so, E.J. Fancey got a short prison sentence. (Some details are in the Kine Weekly)

E.J. had a grand castle-like mansion (was this at 29 Boundary Road, West Worthing?). The property had a lodge cottage and it is said he moved his mistress (Olive Negus-Fancey) into this convenient pied-a-terre! A keen racing man, we're told he owned race horses and lived life in the fast lane as befits a 'major' film producer.

Via his various companies we find a large chunk of the 9.5mm printed sound films released by Pathéscope during the 1950s. Many were actual E.J. Fancey UK productions including feature films like: "Down Among the Z Men" with The Goons and Carole Carr; "Forces Sweetheart" with Harry Secombe, Micheal Bentine and Hy Hazell; "Behind the Headlines" with Gilbert Harding and "Flannelfoot"; plus shorter travelogues and documentaries: "Beyond the Heights"; "Land Of My Fathers"; "Prisoners Of the Tower"; "The Man On the Cliff"; "A Willing Horse"; "Doing the Dickens Walk" etc and short compilation footage films like "Comedy Cocktail" (Chaplin); "The Mad Hatter"; "Concerto"; "The Two Roys" and "Dancing Feet" (musicals). To save money a number of these films like "Beyond the Heights" were even written and/or directed by the man himself.

Many other (usually American) titles released by Pathéscope on 9.5mm had been distributed by E.J. Fancey's associated companies DUK (Do-U-Know) - George Pal puppetoons; New Realm - "Marshall of Santa Fe"; "Fury of the North"; "No Rain at Timburie"; "Workmates"; the two Tarzan features, "Snipshots" animated shorts and even things like "Candlelight In Algeria".

"Down Among the Z Men", which supposedly had it's world premier at the Troxy, Fratton Road, Portsmouth (I grew up a few miles away in Emsworth - I would have been 7 years old at the time) became quite a cult film, being about the only film to feature all of the Goons - Peter Sellars, Spike Milligan, Harry Secombe and Michael Bentine - famous for their madcap comedy radio series "The Goon Show". It is said it made thousands from the cinema re-releases. Even today the DVD, issued by various obscure companies retails at around £15. Sadly the remains of the Fancey empire have long lost the rights, so that others are now still cashing in.

Watch "Down Among the Z Men" on You Tube: (plus 6 other parts!)

Even the final Pathéscope 9.5mm silent Chaplin releases like "Shoulder Arms", "The Pilgrim" and "A Day's Pleasure" came via the E.J. Fancey link-up. Via DUK Films they had issued a Chaplin compilation for the cinema. The rights were rumoured to have come from Germany, but Chaplin objected and the cinema release, and of course the Pathescope 9.5mm prints were hastily withdrawn from sale! In fact according to an account from Michael Winner in his excellent book "Winner Takes All" Chaplin made a rare visit to the UK in 1958 - "Why are you here?" asked the reporters. Mr Chaplin replied "To sue that bastard E.J.Fancey who has been making money by pirating my films". On learning this, E.J. said to Winner "I'll sue the git for libel"!!

Another company - E.J. Fancey Productions Ltd arrived on 30th November 1954, this time with E.J. Fancey and his son Malcolm as directors. Together with New Realm Pictures Ltd., Celluloid Despatch Services Ltd., D.U.K. Films Ltd. (Do-U-Know) and Embassy Films it still boasted the Fancey's prestigous address of Queen's House, Leicester Square on it's letterhead! Later, other companies included Aqua, Fantur, Border Films and S.F. (Film) Distributors Ltd..

When Edwin Fancey retired in the 1970's, his two children Adrienne and Malcolm took control of his companies. Now if we check the cast lists of films like "Forces Sweetheart", "Flannelfoot", "Behind the Headlines", "Man On the Cliff", "Johnny On the Spot" and "Rock You Sinners" we find actress Adrienne Scott. This was his daughter, but using a stage name before she moved into the adminstrator's chair! In fact we can see Adrienne in her underwear in a brief scene in "Flannelfoot" - where the killer is hiding behind a curtain whilst she changes - however the scene was obviously too hot for Pathéscope - it is cut from the 9.5mm sound print - probably the only thing that is missing in the whole film!

Watch "Flannelfoot" on a DVD from Renown (try Moviemail, Amazon UK etc.)

It seems father Edwin Fancey also used the surname Scott on some film credits, as did his son Malcolm, who went on to produce/direct soft porn features.

E.J. Fancey had two more children Judith Smith (a film editor) and Charles Negus-Fancey, by common law wife Olive Negus-Fancey, who ran Border Films and Carlyle Pictures. He died aged 78 on 28th October 1980 in Surrey, UK.

A UK Kinematograph Weekly cover from 22Aug1970 (courtesy Derek Sharp)
E.J. Fancey reduced to distributing soft-porn films with titles like "The Queer
The Erotic"; "She Lost Her You Know What"; "Legend Of the Witches";
and "Do You Want To Remain A Virgin Forever?" - dire times indeed!

A later 1979 big budget production was "The World Is Full Of Married Men" - Caroll Baker's contract stipulated her name alone would be above the film's title. She happened to catch it when it opened in the West End, and spotted that her name and Anthony Franciosa's appeared above the title. She complained and all prints had to be withdrawn and re-titled!

Despite various bankruptcies along the way, and although reduced to a film booking agency, New Realm was still in business at 82 Wardour Street in 1995, deep in the heart of what was London's Soho filmland. Amongst boarded up doorways and decaying sex shops, times were even harder by then, no smart brass plate, but a scribbled sticky label by a second floor doorbell! (Obviously someone at New Realm spotted my original article in the Group 9.5 magazine at the time, for a few weeks later the sticky label had been replaced by a small brass plate! - gln)

One wonders what delights could have lain in store for ninefivers if Pathéscope and their E.J. Fancey deal had survived, for in 1974 New Realm bought the UK rights to a then unknown French film by the name of "Emmanuelle"!

(original gln article in Group 9.5 magazine many moons ago)

Sadly Edwin Fancey's daughter Adrienne died in 2013 aged 80 (she was born in 1933). Her father would have been proud of her, as, despite the downturn in the UK film industry, she became the UK's first woman managing director of her own film distribution company. In later years New Realm Entertainment distributed films like "The Butterfly and the Diving Bell", "The Queen", "Mrs Henderson" and "Volver". Adrienne Fancey was the founding sponsor of The Adrienne Fancey Best Film Award for The Womens International Film & Television Showcase (The WIFTS), established in 2008.

If you come across the recent UK DVD release of "Rock You Sinners" there is an interesting 7 minute interview with the late Adrienne Fancey from around 2009, including photos of her mother and father etc.(gln update 11Mar2014)


Many, many films were distributed in the UK by E.J. Fancey companies, the list
below only includes cinema films actually produced by E.J. Fancey companies

      Watch "Swingtease" on You Tube:  
 £$"SWINGTEASE" 10mins 1940 Prod:New Realm - clips from "Sing As You Swing" 
 £ "TWINKLING FINGERS" 10mins 1930 Prod:New Realm - clips from "Talking Feet"
   "WORLD TOUR" 15mins 1940 Prod:E.J. Fancey - Travelogue

   "ATLANTIC PERILS" 22mins 1942 Prod:New Realm - Sealing expedition
                Available on a Renown DVD!
 £*"THE BALLOON GOES UP" 58mins 1942 Dir:Redd Davis - Comedy/musical
     Gracie Revnell,Ethel West,Donald Peers,Ronald Shiner - Balloon unit WAAFs catch German spies

   "DOWN MELODY LANE" 60mins 1943 Prod: Mandor Productions Dir: Frank Dormand
     Billy Cotton, Eve Becke
     A music hall manager remembers old times (with old filmclips!)
  +"FURY OF THE NORTH" US 1939 56mins Dir:Norman Dawn 3T.9682
   "RETURN TO FIJI" 13mins Prod:New Realm Dir:Sylvia Cummins - Fijian soldiers return home
                 Available on a Renown DVD!
 £*"UP WITH THE LARK" 83mins 1943 Dir:Phil Brandon
     Comedy with Gracie Revnell, Ethel West - Land girls unmask black marketeers
   "WAR AND NEW ZEALAND" 9mins 1945 Dir:Sylvia Cummins - New Zealanders at war

  +"DAYS OF MAKE BELIEVE" 32mins 1946 Prod:DUK  Dir:Cecil H. Williamson 3T.9730
     Refugee children admire toys
   "INDIAN BACKGROUND" 9mins 1946 Impact of western civilisation on India 
   "PRISONERS OF THE TOWER" 34mins 1946 Dir:Cecil H. Williamson 3T.9735
     A Tower of London tour with commentary by Valentine Dyall
   "TAKE IT EASY" 34mins 1946 Dir:John Taylor - English resorts
   "APPOINTMENT WITH FIRE" 34mins 1947 Prod/Dir:Cecil Williamson
     Comm:Valentine Dyall - Reporter discovers the history of fire
   "COAL MINING TODAY" apprx 16mins 1947 Prod:Sylvia Cummins

   "BALI ADVENTURE" 35mins 1948 Prod:DUK Dir:Cecil H. Williamson Comm:John Snagge
   "THE GODS CAN LAUGH" 35mins 1948 Prod:DUK  Dir:Cecil H. Williamson
     Commentary:John Snagge - Man's victory over nature leading to atomic bombs
            Now on a Panamint DVD
  £*"TODAY AND EVERY DAY" 35mins 1948 Prod:DUK  Dir:Cecil H. Williamson
     Commentary:Frank Phillips - British railways history
   "THE UPSTART CROW" 35mins 1948 Prod:DUK  Dir:Cecil H. Williamson
     Commentary:John Snagge - Stratford-on-Avon travelogue

   "JOURNEY BACK" 28mins 1949 Prod:New Realm - G.I. returns to see post-war Britain
   "SPAIN, POTENTIAL THREAT" 16mins 1949 Prod:New Realm Comm:Stewart MacPherson
     General Franco's power since the civil war in Spain 

    "ANIMAL KINGDOM" 34mins 1950 Prod:New Realm - Farm children learn about wild animals
  £ "HANGMAN'S WHARF" 73mins 1950 Prod:E.J. Fancey/DUK  Dir:Cecil H. Williamson
     John Witty, Genine Grahame in crime drama about doctor who is framed for murder
    "ROARING WHEELS" 35mins 1950 Prod:E.J. Fancey  Dir:Cecil H. Williamson
     Commentary:Patrick Burns - Motor racing
  *+"SILENT WORLD" 34mins 1950 Dir:Cecil Williamson Comm:Leslie Mitchell 3T.9722
     Divers, equipment, the world under the sea, training of frogmen
  £ "SOHO CONSPIRACY" 85 mins 1950 Dir:Cecil H. Williamson
     Charity concert for bombed church - Tito Gobbi clips etc
  $"SUSSEX FORTNIGHT" 40mins 1950 Dir:Norman Hemsley - Raymond Glendenning (on a 
     penny farthing!) & girls cycling club visit Arundel,Littlehampton,Goodwood etc.
   "THIS IS THE LIFE" 34mins 1950 Prod:E.J. Fancey  Dir:Sidney Coronel
     Commentary:Stewart MacPherson - Trapping & training animals for the circus
   "TROPHY ISLAND" 35mins 1950 Prod:DUK  Dir:Cecil H. Williamson 
     Commentary:Stewart MacPherson - TT races on the Isle of Man
    Watch "Thames Valley" on You Tube  
 *+"BEYOND THE HEIGHTS" 36mins 1951 Dir:E.J. Fancey - 4T.9723
     Winter sports travelogue with village avalanche drama
  +"COMEDY COCKTAIL" Arr.& Pres:Cecil H. Williamson - 2T.9719
     Compilation of early Charlie Chaplin comedy shorts
 *+"THAMES VALLEY" 1951 Prod. & Phot.:Ian K. Barnes - 2T.9754
     The river Thames from its source to London
  +"LAND OF MY FATHERS" 35mins 1951 Dir:E.J. Fancey - 4T.9762
     Commentary:Frederick Allen - Tour of England and Wales
  £"LONDON ENTERTAINS"  49mins 1951 Dir:E.J. Fancey
     A madcap comedy musical with appearances from The Goons
     (now on a Renown DVD with "Climb Up the Wall" - see below)
  +"A WILLING HORSE"    35mins 1951 Dir:Jeff Davies - 2T.9728
     Survey of the horse from earliest times
   "NO SAIL" 34mins 1951 Prod:E.J. Fancey  Dir:Cecil H. Williamson
     Commentary:Leslie Mitchell - Survey of sailing craft
  +"TALES OF TWO CITIES" 34mins 1951 Dir:Oscar Burn - 3T.9739
     Commentary:Richard Dimbleby, Stephen Jack - London and Paris compared
£*+"DOWN AMONG THE Z MEN" 71mins 1952 Dir:Maclean Rogers - 6T.9753
     Crazy spy comedy with The Goons (Peter Sellars, Spike Milligan,
     Harry Secombe, Michael Bentine) & Carole Carr
   "FLIGHT" 9mins 1952 Prod:E.J. Fancey Comm:Eamonn Andrews - History of flight
   "POTTER OF THE YARD" 30mins 1952 Dir:John Wall and Oscar Burn
     Scotland Yard clerk poses as a mechanic to catch bank robber.

 *+"BEHIND THE HEADLINES" 51mins 1953 Dir:Maclean Rogers - 5T.9766
     Scotland Yard semi-doc. with Gilbert Harding,John Fitzgerald and Adrienne Fancey
   "THE CHILDREN'S CORONATION" 15mins 1953 Prod:E.J. Fancey - Children at the Coronation
£*+"FLANNELFOOT" 74mins 1953 Dir: Maclean Rogers      - 9T.9764 
     Thriller about notorious jewel thief and murderer. 
£*+"FORCES SWEETHEART" 76mins 1953 Dir:Maclean Rogers - 9T.9765
     Goon style comedy with Harry Secombe,Micheal Bentine and Hy Hazell
   "LOONIZOO" 14mins 1953 Dir:? - Micheal Bentine impersonates animals & their language
   "LAND OF THE VIKINGS" 9mins 1953 Prod:E.J. Fancey - Norway travelogue
   "MR BEAMISH GOES SOUTH" 33mins 1953 Dir:John Wall & Oscar Burn
     Potter unmasks hotel guest who kills women in acid baths.(Third in 'Potter of the Yard' series)
   "OPERATION SEAGULL" 33mins 1953 Prod:E.J. Fancey - Wartime resistance in Norway
   "PUSS IN PICTURES" 9mins 1953 Prod:E.J. Fancey - National Cat Club, Olympia
  $"TOO MANY DETECTIVES" 30mins 1953 Dir:John Wall & Oscar Burn
     Potter proves a missing embezzler was murdered. (Second in 'Potter of the Yard' series)
   "TWO WORLD'S MEET" 12mins  1953 Prod:E.J. Fancey - Cornwall travelogue
   "WAY DOWN WEST" 11mins 1953 Prod:E.J. Fancey - Cornwall travelogue

 £ "CALLING ALL CARS" 44mins 1954 Dir:Maclean Rogers
     Friends on a motoring holiday pursue two girls. 
     (now on a Renown DVD with "Climb Up the Wall" - see below)
   "INTO THE UNKNOWN" 34mins 1954 Dir:E.J. Fancey - Flying doctor crashes in mountains
 * "JOHNNY ON THE SPOT" 72mins 1954 Dir:Maclean Rogers
     Complicated murder mystery as framed ex-convict clears name.
   "LAUGHING WATER"  1954 Prod:E.J. Fancey Comm:Frederick Allen - Norway travelogue
   "MOON ISLAND" 18mins 1954 Dir:Cedric Malleby - Travel, an island in the Canaries
   "THE PUPPETEERS" 6mins 1954 Prod:E.J. Fancey - Children's entertainers
   "RIVER OF DESTINY" 33mins 1954 Prod:E.J. Fancey Comm:Leslie Mitchell - the river Rhine
£* "SHADOW OF A MAN" 69mins 1954 Dir:Micheal McCarthy
     After a fight, drunk is found dead, heart failure or murder?
   "TIDE AND TIME" 11mins 1954 Prod:E.J. Fancey - Coastal erosion

   "A CITY REBORN" 24mins 1955 Prod:E.J. Fancey - Vienna travelogue
   "FLIGHT FROM VIENNA" 58mins 1955 Dir:Denis Kavanagh  Prod:E.J. Fancey
     John Bentley, Theodore Bikel, Donald Grey, Adrienne Scott (Adrienne Fancey)
     Mission to bring out scientist from Hungary
 *+"MAN ON THE CLIFF" 23mins 1955 Dir:Robert Hartford-Davis 3T.9779
     Ronald Leigh Hunt - Man with amnesia tries to identify himself & a dead man 
   "PEACE AND PLENTY" 33mins 1955 Dir:R. Higgins - Visit to Switzerland
     Comentary:John Arlot & Adrienne Scott (Fancey)
   "SONG OF NORWAY" 32mins 1955 Dir:Maclean Rogers - Adrienne Scott,Vanda Godsell,Graham Stark,
     Andrew Timothy - Oslo, English hotel receptionist enters ski race & is rescued from crevace

              Watch "Man On the Cliff" on You Tube  
£* "ACTION STATIONS" 50mins 1956(rel.1959) Dir:Cecil H. Williamson
     Paul Carpenter, Maria Martin, Joe Robinson, Ronald Leigh-Hunt
     Counterfeiting gang chase forger to Spain
   "CLEAR HEIGHTS" 22mins 1956 Dir:Edwin Scott (E.J. Fancey)  
     Mountain climbing in Switzerland
   "EAST OF THE ADRIATIC" 8mins 1956 Dir:E.J. Fancey - Travelogue
   "ECHOES OF THE PAST" (aka "Return To Munich") 27mins 1956 Dir:E.J. Fancey 
     A Bavarian returns to his native Munich
£* "FIGHTING MAD" 53mins 1956 Dir:Denis Kavanagh
     Joe Robinson, Adrienne Scott (Adrienne Fancey), Beckett Bould
     Boxer retires to Canada after accidentally killing two opponents
   "THEY NEVER LEARN" 48mins 1956 Dir:Denis Kavanagh  Script: E.J. Fancey
     Adrienne Fancey, Jackie Collins, John Blythe, Graham Stark
     Policewoman poses as jailbird to uncover forgery racket

   "IT COULD BE YOU" 46mins 1957 Dir&Script:Edwin Scott (E.J. Fancey)
     Phillip Baird, Diana Chesney, Jackie Collins, Adrienne Scott
     Travelogue with story of two London models winning prize of Germany trip

                         Now on a Strike Force DVD
£* "ROCK YOU SINNERS" 59mins 1957 Dir:Denis Kavanagh
     Disc jockey gets break with rock'n'roll TV series

                Not a bad film! Now on a Renown DVD!
£*$"THE TRAITOR" 88mins 1957 Dir:Micheal McCarthy
     Donald Wolfit, Robert Bray, Jane Griffiths, Carle Jaffe, Anton Diffring, Christopher Lee
     Music: "Prelude Without A Name" Written by: Jackie Brown Played by:Dennis Wilson
     Donald Wolfit as wartime resistance leader seeking traitor

   "ADRIATIC PEARL" 16mins 1958 Holiday resorts and history of Yogoslavia
   "SICILIAN MEMORIES" 13mins 1958 Dir:Denis Kavanagh Sightseeing in Sicily 
   "LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS" 50mins 1959 "X" cert.  
     Presented in the form of a quiz - using 'outtakes' from older movies
     including maybe Bela Lugosi (possibly from Glen Or Glenda) - thought
     currently to be a 'lost' film - probably just as well!
     Watch Glen Mason sing "What's Cooking Baby" from "Climb Up the Wall" 
     Watch Russ Conway play "Lucky Five" from "Climb Up the Wall" 
     Watch Craig Douglas sing "Miss In Between" from "Climb Up the Wall" 
                    Now on a Renown DVD! (April2015)
 £ "CLIMB UP THE WALL" 65mins 1960 Dir:Michael Winner with Jack Jackson, 
     Russ Conway,Glen Mason, Libby Morris, Mike Preston, Cherry Wainer, Peter Sellers,
     Michael Bentine,Claude Dampier,Frances Day - Jack Jackson comperes music & variety

          cinema poster
   "GIRLS OF THE LATIN QUARTER" 69mins 1960 Dir:Alfred Travers - Musical with
     Bernard Hunter, Jill Ireland, Sheldon Lawrence, Cuddly Dudley, Cherry Wainer
   "SHOOT TO KILL" 63mins 22Nov1960 Dir:Michael Winner with Dermot Walsh,Joy Webster,John M. East
     A showbiz reporter gets involved with political intrigue

Pathéscope "T" reference numbers are shown in bold for those titles released on 9.5mm sound (the number
before the 'T' is the number of reels on 9.5mm sound - films were often shortened for the 9.5mm release)
* means DVD copy in GLN collection (copies can be provided, no rights given or implied, contact me below)
+ before a title means 9.5mm sound copy in GLN collection.
$ before a title means 16mm sound copy in GLN collection.
£ before a title means it is now available on commercial DVD in the UK (see etc)

Border films Wardour Street (Soho, London) offices

another cinema poster

Well, standards had dropped somewhat by the 1970s and beyond!

An E.J. Fancey boxed DVD set
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