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Charlie Chaplin

I suppose most people would consider Charlie Chaplin (born Charles Spencer Chaplin), the world's most famous screen comic, because of this, his films appear in huge numbers on every size of movie film. In fact many home movie companies around the world relied on Chaplin silent comedy films for their main income, especially as copyright in all the early Chaplin comedies from companies like Keystone, Essanay and Mutual, had either not been registered or had long since expired.

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in the UK, on 16th April 1889, at Walworth, London, to Hannah and Charles Chaplin (senior). His father had been a singer, well known to the music hall public of the eighteen eighties. His mother was also a small time artist and singer, originally using the name of Lily Harley. At the time of Charlie's birtth, the two parents were touring their own act. New baby Charlie already had a two-year-old half brother Sydney. Soon penury was forced on the family, either by the desertion or death of his father (dependimg which book one cares to believe!). Certainly with their mother unable to perform on stage any longer, by strain on her voice and/or progressing mental illness the two lads had to fend for themselves earning whatever they could by minor engagements in the music halls and petty theft. An early engagement for Charlie and his brother Sydney was with the Eight Lancashire Lads, a troope of child clog dancers - by now Charlie was about eight years old. Some documentation proves he appeared in a few London theatre productions including "Sherlock Holmes" with William Gillette (in the part of Billy) and "Peter Pan" at The Duke Of York's Theatre in December 1904 (playing one of the wolves). By 1906 when he was seventeen, he had advanced to a solo turn with songs and comedy. Now fate stepped in with a chance that within a few years turned a half-starved working class English teenager into one of the richest and most well known men in the world!!

Chaplin's brother Syd had got a job with a touring group - one run by impresario Fred Karno. Luckily he got an audition for his yonger brother, establishing them both in a decent company where working conditions were good, with a management that was well known and respected. Once some more experience had been gained, Fred Karno decided to include Charlie in one of his American touring troopes. This was in the Autumn of 1912. Very soon he had been spotted by Mack Sennett and was earning $125 a week , some three times what he had earnt with Fred Karno and starting in early film comedies .at the Mack Sennett film studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California on the West Coast of America. Natural ability, pleasant personality and a driving force to succeed meant rapid progression from Mack Sennett's Keystone films in 1914; to Essanay Films in 1915, to Mutual Films in 1916 and finally to First National in 1918 when finally, around 1919, he formed his own film company (United Artists), with Douglas Fairbanks, D.W. Griffith and Mary Pickford. .

The 9.5mm 'home movie' story stops well before then, as Chaplin had already decided that by owning his film product, he could totally control the copyright of his efforts. To be fair, at least he could also enjoy the resulting profits and the rest of his life. Having been ignominiously banned from the USA (his poliical views were perhaps not to the American establishment's liking - nor to an English born low-life being rather richer than well-connected American entrepeneurs). He retired to Switzerland with another younger wife and his family, where he eventually died, at his large and comfortable estate at Corsier-sur-Vevey; aged 88, on December 25th 1977. By then, (despite the American hatred) feted elsewhere as Sir Charles ("Charlie") Spencer Chaplin KBE. One of his well known quotes on life is well worth remembering - "A day without laughter is a day wasted".

The 9.5mm gauge being the first real amateur film gauge, was probably also the first to exploit the Chaplin films, although the earliest examples were just short extracts. In fact seldom were the early Chaplin comedies issued full length - the 'two reelers' (up to 20 minutes or so), generally arriving on 9.5mm from Pathéscope in the UK at best as '1 reel' cutdowns. However Pathé-Baby in France did rather better and after the second war French companies Film Office and Hefa did issue more complete versions. Naturally the overseas (French, Spanish etc) 9.5mm prints had the main and inter titles in the appropriate language, although luckily almost all the action is visual, another reason why Chaplin was so popular with people all over the world (including the many immigrants in the USA who often had a poor command of English).

As usual, Pathéscope normally retitled the films (and obviously the shorts used different titles) from the original. Naturally the Chaplin films issued on 9.5mm in other countries were titled in their own languages. These lists should help to identify the origin of most 9.5mm Chaplin films that pass through collectors' hands - naturally any errors and omissions would be gratefully accepted.

One of the first '1 reel' Chaplin UK releases in the UK from Pathéscope - August 1929
and some of the last UK 9.5mm Chaplins in Pathescope's later days of 1957/1958
'waste not, want not' - note Pathéscope have used the same photo 30 years later!!

In fact at the end of 1957 Pathéscope thought they had a 'coup' with some of the later Chaplin silent films - "The Pilgrim" / "Pay Day" / "A Day's Pleasure" and "Shoulder Arms" all appeared in 200ft to 2 reel versions, plus various 60ft extracts. The rights had arrived from the E.J.Fancey organisation with whom Pathéscope had done deals for many 9.5mm releases both sound and silent, since the late 1940s. In fact E.J. Fancey thought he had puchased the UK copyright from Germany and proceeded to distribute a Chaplin compilation feature at the cinema. The story goes that Chaplin spotted the E.J. Fancey posters in the West End (London, UK) and swore "I'll sue that b*****d Fancey" and Edwin Fancey returned with "I'll have that b****r Chaplin for slander".

In all events E.J. Fancey's cinema Chaplin compilation was hastily withdrawn (and the copyright dispute presumably sorted out of court) whilst Pathéscope had to quietly withdraw their 9.5mm (and by now 8mm) prints. However nothing was ever mentioned in their magazine or in the press and certainly many hundreds of prints of "Shoulder Arms" (and no doubt the other titles) were sold by dealers. Chaplin had realised the danger of losing control of his films and had formed United Artists in 1919 with Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith. From then on he determined to tightly control both the copyright and the physical master material of all his films.

The last 9.5mm Chaplin printed films came from Walton Films (WL on the listing below) during the 1960s - these were actually 16mm prints reperforated to 9.5mm and from Novascope Films (NV on the listing below) which were genuine 9.5mm prints produced as triple prints on special 35mm postive stock using original Pathé equipment, produced during the early 1970s.

Watch "The Adventurer" (on 9.5mm as "Freedom For Ever") on You Tube:

Watch a 9.5mm print of "Movie Making" ("Behind the Screen" US 1916) on You Tube -

In France Charlie Chaplin was known as Charlot (with similar nicknames in other countries). The French Pathé-Baby 9.5mm house magazine "Le Cinema Chez Soi" featured a front page photo of Charlot for their November 1928 issue with two 4 x 60ft notched releases - "Charlie Chaplin Patine" and "Charlie Chaplin Garcon de Restaurant" (both from "The Rink"). Actually Chaplin films had been launched on 9.5mm in France towards the end of 1925, with extracts from "The Pilgrim". The last 9.5mm Chaplin films in France came from Film Office and Hefa, who both probably carried on providing prints at least till the late 1960s.

Popular Chaplin comedy films - all available on 9.5mm!

 @GLN '96                       INTERNATIONAL  9.5  FILM  CATALOGUE  -  ORIGINAL TITLE ALPHA LISTING                   14/06/10
                              ('Released by' =   and/or  'Film Star' = CC   and/or  'Class' =     )

 PA=Pathescope(UK)  PB=Pathe-Baby(FR)  Pathe: PG=(Ger)  PI=(IT)  PN=(India)  PS=(Spain)   PT=(Aus)   PW=(Sweden)   PX=Pathex(US)
 FO=Film Office(FR)  PU=Pinquin(FR)  HF=Hefa(FR)  LA=LaPierre(FR)  MS=Mascre(FR)  TB=Tobis(Ger)   CK=Cinak(FR)   LP=LGP Cine(UK)
 AV=Adventure(UK)  NV=Novascope(UK)  PK=Peak(UK)  WL=Walton(UK)  WH=WallaceHeaton(UK)  BC=Birmingham Comm.Flm(UK)  PR=Presto(UK)

 V=30ft notched  G=60ft notched  L=30ft  D=60ft  J/C=100ft  M=200ft  SB=300ft  S=300ft notched  T/CT=UK sound  SS/MS/GS=FR sound

 BK=Buster Keaton    BB=Billy Bevan   BT=Ben Turpin   CC=Charlie Chaplin    CH=Charley Chase   DA=Unclassified Animated
 DD=Dinky Doodle  DF=Fleischer   DL=Lortac   DY=Disney  FX=Felix   HB=Hallroon Boys   HL=Harold Lloyd   LH=Laurel&Hardy
 ML=Max Linder   MM=Mickey McGuire   OG=Our Gang   PP=Paul Parrott   SL=Stan Laurel   SP=Snub Pollard   WF=Walter Forde
 Original Film:  Title        Date  Country  9.5mm Number 9.5mm Title                                      9.5 Issue Del
 ADVENTURER (THE)            23/10/17 US  1SB(PA)  638 FREEDOM FOR EVER                              Silent    *
                                          1 S(PA)  638 FREEDOM FOR EVER                              Notched 
                                          5 G(PB) 2087 CHARLIE CHAPLIN S'EVADE - 1                   Notched 
                                          5 G(PB) 2088 CHARLIE CHAPLIN S'EVADE - 2                   Notched 
                                          2SB(PB) 8003 CHARLIE CHAPLIN S'EVADE                       Silent     Apr34
                                          1 S(PI)  638 CHARLOT - VIVA LA LIBERTA                     Notched 
                                          1 S(PS)  638 VIVA LA LIBERTAD                              Notched 
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT AVENTURIER                            Silent        50
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT S'EVADE                               Silent  
                                          1SB(WL) A204 ADVENTURER (THE)                              Silent        63   66
                                          1 C(NV) 1061 CONVICT CHARLIE                               Silent    *
                                          1 S(PT)  638 ES LEBE DIE FREIHEIT!                         Notched 
                                          1 C(DI) D 98 MAN HUNT                                      Silent        6?
                                          1 C(DI) D 99 TO THE RESCUE                                 Silent        6?
                                          1 C(DI) D100 ADVENTURER (THE)                              Silent        6?
 BANK (THE)                  16/08/15 US  2SB(PA) 4381 CHARLIE, DETECTIVE                            Silent     Oct36
                                          2SB(PB) 4381 CHARLOT, GARCON DE BANQUE                     Silent     Dec35
                                          1 C(PK) G 77 IN THE BANK                                   Silent    *
                                          1SB(DI) D 74 IN THE BANK                                   Silent        6?
 BEHIND THE SCREEN           13/11/16 US  1 S(PA)  649 MOVIE MAKING                                  Notched 
                                          1 G(PA)10318 CHARLIE'S LUNCH HOUR                          Notched    Nov29
                                          1 S(PI)  649 CHARLOT ATTORE CINEMATOGRAPHICO               Notched 
                                          1 S(PS)  649 CHARLOT ARTISTA DEL CINE                      Notched 
                                          1 G(PS)10318 COLAZIONE DI CHARLOT (LA)                     Notched 
                                          1 J(HF)  502 CHARLOT FAIT DU CINEMA                        Silent  
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT A LA CANTINE                          Silent  
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT FIGURANT                              Silent        50
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT MACHINISTE                            Silent        50
 BETWEEN SHOWERS             28/02/14 US  1 M(PA)30169 BETWEEN SHOWERS                               Silent    *Jan36
                                          1 D(PA)30188 AFTER THE SHOWER                              Silent     Oct36
                                          1 D(PA)30191 MY UMBRELLA                                   Silent    *Nov36
                                          1SB(DI) D 73 BETWEEN SHOWERS                               Silent        6?
 CARMEN                      18/12/15 US  3SB(PB) 4445 CHARLOT JOUE CARMEN                           Silent     Mar37
                                          1 J(HF)  503 CHARLOT ET LA DANSEUSE                        Silent  
                                          1 J(HF)  518 CHARLOT ET LE GROS JALOUX                     Silent  
                                          1 J(HF)  519 CHARLOT ET LE TOREADOR                        Silent  
                                          1 J(HF)  520 CHARLOT SE BAT EN DUEL                        Silent  
                                          1 J(HF)  521 CHARLOT ET LES CONTREBANDIERS                 Silent  
                                          1 J(HF)  526 CHARLOT JOUE DU POIGNARD                      Silent  
                                          4SB(HF) 1508 CHARLOT JOUE CARMEN                           Silent  
 CAUGHT IN A CABARET         27/04/14 US  1 V(PB)   55 CHARLOT, D'ARTAGNAN MODERNE                   Notched 
                                          1 V(PS)   55 CHARLOT MODERNO ARTAGNAN                      Notched   *
 CAUGHT IN THE RAIN          04/05/14 US  1SB(HF) 1511 CHARLOT ET LA SOMNAMBULE                      Silent  
 CHAMPION (THE)              11/03/15 US  2SB(PB) 4448 CHARLOT, L'HOMME AU POING DE FER              Silent     Apr37
                                          2SB(PB) 4732 CHARLOT BOXEUR                                Silent  
                                          1 J(PB) 4913 CHARLOT S'ENTRAINE                            Silent        56
                                          1 J(PB) 4914 CHARLOT AU POING DE FER                       Silent        56
                                          2GS(PB)70017 CHARLOT, L'HOMME AU POING DE FER              Sound     *Nov37
                                          1SB(WL) A211 CHARLIE THE CHAMPION                          Silent        63   66
 COMPILATION                 ??/??/15 US  2 T(PA) 9719 COMEDY COCKTAIL                               Sound     *Dec52
 COUNT (THE)                 04/09/16 US  1SB(PA)  761 COUNT (THE)                                   Silent    *Mar33
                                          3 G(PA)10292 COUNT (THE)                                   Notched 
                                          1 G(PA)10297 TAILORING                                     Notched 
                                          4 G(PB) 2092 CHARLIE CHAPLIN, HOMME DU MONDE - 1           Notched 
                                          4 G(PB) 2093 CHARLIE CHAPLIN, HOMME DU MONDE - 2           Notched 
                                          2 G(PB) 3044 CHARLIE CHAPLIN TAILLEUR                      Notched    Feb30
                                          1SB(PS)  761 CHARLOT HOMBRE DE MUNDO                       Silent  
                                          3 G(PS)10292 CARLITOS ARISTOCRATA                          Notched 
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT ET LE COMPTE                          Silent        50
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT HOMME DU MONDE                        Silent        50
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT TAILLEUR                              Silent        50
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT TROUBLE-FETE                          Silent        50
 CURE (THE)                  16/04/17 US  1SB(PA)  648 WATER CURE (THE)                              Silent    *
                                          1 S(PA)  648 WATER CURE (THE)                              Notched 
                                          3 G(PB) 3045 CHARLIE CHAPLIN CHEZ LE MASSEUR               Notched    Feb30
                                          3 G(PB) 3153 CHARLOT PREND DES VACANCES                    Notched 
                                          5 G(PB) 4014 CHARLIE CHAPLIN FAIT UNE CURE - 1             Notched       29
                                          5 G(PB) 4015 CHARLIE CHAPLIN FAIT UNE CURE - 2             Notched       29
                                          1 S(PI)      CHARLOT ALLE TERME                            Notched 
                                          1 S(PS)  648 CHARLOT EN EL BALNEARIO                       Notched 
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT CHEZ LE MASSEUR                       Silent  
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT EN VACANCES                           Silent        50
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT FAIT UNE CURE                         Silent        49
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT LES MET DANS LE BAIN                  Silent  
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT SOIGNE SON FOIE                       Silent        50
                                          1SB(WL) A205 CURE (THE)                                    Silent        63   66
 DAY'S PLEASURE (A)          07/12/19 US  1 M(PA) 9/25 DAY'S PLEASURE (A)                            Silent    *Feb58
                                          1 D(PA) 9/39 CHARLIE'S STICKY TIME                         Silent        58
                                          1 D(PA) 9/43 CHARLIE'S PLEASURE TRIP                       Silent     Dec59
                                          2 G(PB) 3160 CHARLIE CHAPLIN CHAUFFARD DU DIMANCHE         Notched       38
                                          1SB(PB) 4361 CHARLIE CHAPLIN ET LA CODE DE LA ROUTE        Silent     Mar35
                                          1SB(PB) 4362 CHARLIE CHAPLIN N'A PAS LE PIED MARIN         Silent     Apr35
                                          1 C(NV) 1005 CHARLIE ON HOLIDAY                            Silent    *Jan71
 DOUGH AND DYNAMITE          26/10/14 US  2 G(PA)10015 CHARLIE THE PASTRYCOOK                        Notched       26
                                          1 L(PA)30306 CHARLIE THE BAKER                             Silent  
                                          1SB(PI)      CHARLOT PASTICCIERE                           Silent  
 EASY STREET                 22/01/17 US  1SB(PA)  651 EASY STREET                                   Silent    *
                                          1 S(PA)  651 EASY STREET                                   Notched    Aug29
                                          2 G(PB) 3046 CHARLIE CHAPLIN EST EDIFIANT                  Notched    Feb30
                                          5 G(PB) 4010 CHARLIE CHAPLIN POLICEMAN - 1                 Notched       29
                                          5 G(PB) 4011 CHARLIE CHAPLIN POLICEMAN - 2                 Notched       29
                                          2SB(PB) 8015 CHARLIE CHAPLIN POLICEMAN                     Silent  
                                          2SB(PI)      CHARLOT POLIZIOTTO                            Silent  
                                          1 S(PS)  651 CHARLOT POLICIA                               Notched 
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT ET LE BEC DE GAZ                      Silent    *
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT GARDIEN DE L'ORDRE                    Silent  
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT POLICEMAN                             Silent        49
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT SE DECHAINE                           Silent        50
                                          2SB(FO)      RUE DES MIRACLES (LA)                         Silent  
                                          1 C(LP)      EASY STREET                                   Silent        66
                                          1SB(WL) A206 EASY STREET                                   Silent        63   66
                                          1 C(DI) D 96 EASY STREET                                   Silent        6?
 FACE ON THE BARROOM FLOOR   10/09/14 US  1 G(PA)10052 DROWN YOUR SORROWS                            Notched       26
                                          1 G(PB)10052 COUPE D'IVRESSE (LA)                          Notched    Pre46
                                          1 J(HF)  524 CHARLOT PERD SA FEMME                         Silent  
                                          1SB(HF) 1509 CHARLOT ARTISTE PEINTRE                       Silent  
 FIREMAN (THE)               12/06/16 US  1SB(PA)  654 GALLANT FIREMAN (THE)                         Silent    *
                                          1 S(PA)  654 GALLANT FIREMAN (THE)                         Notched    Nov29
                                          1 D(PA)30239 NIPPY CHARLIE                                 Silent    *
                                          5 G(PB) 4022 CHARLIE CHAPLIN JOUE AVEC LE FEU - 1          Notched 
                                          5 G(PB) 4023 CHARLIE CHAPLIN JOUE AVEC LE FEU - 2          Notched 
                                          1 S(PI)      CHARLOT POMPIERE                              Notched 
                                          1 S(PS)  654 CHARLOT BOMBERO                               Notched 
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT AU FEU                                Silent  
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT MANQUE A L'APPEL                      Silent        50
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT POMPIER                               Silent  
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT SERT LA SOUPE                         Silent    *   50
                                          1 S(PT)  654 CARLITOS BOMBERO                              Notched 
 FIREMAN / SHANGHAIED ??              US  1 J(PB) 4912 CHARLOT A LA CUISINE                          Silent        56
 FLOORWALKER (THE)           12/06/16 US  3 G(PA)10324 NOTHIN' DOIN'                                 Notched 
                                          1 G(PB) 3047 CHARLIE CHAPLIN CHOISIT LE CLIENT             Notched    Feb30
                                          5 G(PB) 4006 CHARLIE C. VICTIME D'UNE RESSEMBLANCE -1      Notched 
                                          5 G(PB) 4007 CHARLIE C. VICTIME D'UNE RESSEMBLANCE -2      Notched 
                                          3 G(PS)10324 CARLITOS NO TIENE SUERTE                      Notched 
                                          3 G(PS)10324 CHARLOT NON HA FORTUNA                        Notched 
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT CHEF DE RAYON                         Silent        50
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT ET LE MAGOT                           Silent        50
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT VENDEUR                               Silent        50
 GENTLEMEN OF NERVE          29/10/14 US  1 S(PA)  586 CHARLIE AT THE MOTOR RACES                    Notched    Apr28Mar30
                                          1 L(PA)30305 CHARLIE THE FLIRT                             Silent  
                                          1 V(PB)   87 CHARLOT FLIRTE                                Notched 
                                          1SB(PI)      CHARLOT ALL' AUTODROMO                        Silent  
                                          1 V(PS)   87 FLIRT DE CHARLOT (EL)                         Notched 
                                          1 S(PS)  586 CHARLOT EN EL AUTODROMO                       Notched 
                                          1 J(HF)  501 CHARLOT RESQUILLEUR                           Silent  
                                          1 M(HF) 1010 CHARLOT FAIT DES RAVAGES                      Silent  
                                          1SB(HF) 1502 CHARLOT A L'AUTODROME                         Silent  
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT A MAUVAIS CARACTERE                   Silent  
                                          1SB(FO)      CHARLOT ET MABEL AUX COURSES                  Silent  
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT LA TERREUR                            Silent  
 GETTING ACQUAINTED          05/12/14 US  1 L(PA)10021 EXCHANGE IS NO ROBBERY                        Silent  
                                          1 V(PA)10021 EXCHANGE IS NO ROBBERY                        Notched       26
 HIS FAVOURITE PASTIME       16/03/14 US  1 M(PA) 5020 CHARLIE IS THIRSTY                            Silent    *
                                          1SB(FO)      CHARLOT GALATIN                               Silent        49
 HIS MUSICAL CAREER          07/11/14 US  1 G(PA)10012 CHARLIE THE CARRIER                           Notched   *   26
                                          1 G(PT)10012 CHARLIE CHAPLIN ALS LUSTTRAGER                Notched 
 HIS NEW JOB                 01/02/15 US  2SB(PB) 4462 CHARLOT SOI-MÊME!                             Silent     Dec37
 HIS NEW PROFESSION          31/08/14 US  1 V(PA)10013 CHARLIE ON HOLIDAY                            Notched CH*   26
                                          1SB(FO)      CHARLOT GARDE-MALADE                          Silent  
 HIS PREHISTORIC PAST        07/12/14 US  2 V(PB)   88 REVE DE CHARLOT (LE)                          Notched   *
 HIS TRYSTING PLACE          09/11/14 US  1 V(PB)   86 LUNCH DE CHARLOT (LE)                         Notched 
 IDLE CLASS (THE)            25/09/21 US  1 S(PA)  565 CHARLIE ON THE LINKS                          Notched 
                                          1 G(PA)10221 MY LORD CHARLIE                               Notched 
                                          3 G(PA)10222 CHARLIE'S DOUBLE                              Notched   *     Dec29
                                          1 S(PB)  565 CHARLOT AMATEUR DE GOLF                       Notched 
                                          1 G(PB)10221 CHARLOT ELEGANTE                              Notched 
                                          1 G(PG)10221 MYLORD CHARLOT                                Notched 
                                          1 S(PI)  565 CHARLOT GIOCATORE DI GOLF                     Notched 
                                          1 S(PI)  565 CHARLOT HA UN SOSIA                           Notched 
                                          1 S(PS)  565 CHARLOT DE VACACIONES                         Notched 
                                          1 G(PS)10221 CHARLOT ELEGANTE                              Notched 
                                          3 G(PS)10222 CARLITOS POR PARTIDA DOBLE                    Notched 
 IMMIGRANT (THE)             17/06/17 US  1SB(PA)  643 NEW WORLD (THE)                               Silent    *
                                          1 S(PA)  643 NEW WORLD (THE)                               Notched 
                                          5 G(PB) 3033 CHARLIE CHAPLIN DEJEUNE                       Notched 
                                          5 G(PB) 3034 CHARLIE CHAPLIN EMIGRANT                      Notched 
                                          1SB(PB) 8013 CHARLIE CHAPLIN EMIGRANT                      Silent  
                                          1 S(PS)  643 CHARLOT EMIGRA                                Notched 
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT A SEC                                 Silent        50
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT EMIGRANT                              Silent        49
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT JOUE ET GAGNE                         Silent        50
                                          1 S(PT)  643 CARLITOS EMIGRA                               Notched 
 IN THE PARK                 18/03/15 US  1SB(FO)      CHARLOT DANS LE PARC                          Silent  
 JITNEY ELOPEMENT (THE)      01/04/15 US  2SB(PB) 4491 CHARLOT FIANCÉ                                Silent        38
                                          2GS(PB)70063 CHARLOT, FIANCÉ                               Sound   
 KNOCKOUT (THE)              11/06/14 US  2SB(FO)      CHARLOT ET FATTY SUR LE RING                  Silent  
 LAUGHING GAS                09/07/14 US  1 C(PA)30644 FALSETTO                                      Silent    *Jul53
                                          1 J(HF)  523 CHARLOT A LA DENT DURE                        Silent  
                                          1SB(HF) 1510 CHARLOT DENTISTE                              Silent  
 MABEL'S BUSY DAY            13/06/14 US  1SB(FO)      CHARLOT ET LES SAUCISSES                      Silent        49   50
 MABEL'S MARRIED LIFE        20/06/14 US  1SB(FO)      CHARLOT EN MENAGE                             Silent  
 MASQUERADER (THE)           27/08/14 US  1 G(PA)10020 CHARLIE THE ACTOR                             Notched       26
                                          1 D(PA)30571 CHARLIE THE ACTOR                             Silent    *Jan51
                                          1SB(FO)      CHARLOT ET LA VEDETTE                         Silent    *
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT JOUE LES STARS                        Silent  
 MASQUERADER (THE) ?         27/08/14 US  1SB(HF) 1501 CHARLOT JOUE LES VEDETTES                     Silent  
 MUSICAL BARS                ??/??/1? US  1 C(DI) D 97 MUSICAL BARS                                  Silent        6?
 NEW JANITOR (THE)           24/09/14 US  3 V(PA)10014 CHARLIE THE OFFICE BOY                        Notched   *   26Nov29
                                          1SB(FO)      CHARLOT CONCIERGE                             Silent  
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT SAUVE LA PAYE                         Silent  
 NIGHT IN THE SHOW (A)       20/11/15 US  1 D(PA)30655 SNAKE CHARMER (THE)                           Silent    *Sep53
                                          1 D(PA)30656 DUET (THE) - Planned, changed to D30659       Silent     Sep53
                                          1 D(PA)30659 DUET (THE)                                    Silent    *Sep53
                                          2SB(PB) 4377 CHARLOT AU THEATRE                            Silent  
 NIGHT OUT (A)               15/02/15 US  2SB(PB) 4471 CHARLOT FETE SON ANNIVERSAIRE                 Silent        38
                                          2GS(PB)70040 CHARLOT FETE SON ANNIVERSAIRE                 Sound      Jan38
 ONE A.M.                    07/08/16 US  2 G(PA)10287 COMING HOME LATE                              Notched   *
                                          1SB(PB) 8004 CHARLIE CHAPLIN RENTRE TARD                   Silent  
                                          1SB(FO)      CHARLOT RENTRE TARD                           Silent    *
 PAWN SHOP (THE)             02/10/16 US  1SB(PA)  670 SHOP                                          Silent    *
                                          1 G(PA)10331 CHARLIE THE WATCHMAKER                        Notched   *Jun30
                                          1 G(PA)10334 KIND HEARTED CHARLIE                          Notched    Nov30
                                          4 G(PB) 2080 CHARLIE CHAPLIN, EMPLOYE - 1                  Notched 
                                          4 G(PB) 2081 CHARLIE CHAPLIN, EMPLOYE - 2                  Notched 
                                          4 G(PB) 3036 CHARLIE CHAPLIN PRETEUR SUR GAGE              Notched 
                                          1 G(PG)10334 CHARLIE HAT EIN GUTES HERZ                    Notched 
                                          1 S(PI)      CHARLOT COMMESSO DI NEGOZIO                   Notched 
                                          1 S(PS)  670 CHARLOT DEPENDIENTE                           Notched 
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT HORLOGER                              Silent    *   50
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT SUR L'ECHELLE                         Silent        50
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT USURIER                               Silent        50
                                          4SB(??)      CHARLOT BROCANTEUR                            Silent  
 PAY DAY                     02/04/22 US  1SB(PA) 9/11 PAY DAY                                       Silent    *Dec57
                                          1 D(PA) 9/17 CHARLIE THE BRICKLAYER                        Silent     Dec57
                                          1 D(PA) 9/18 CHARLIE'S LUNCH HOUR                          Silent     Dec57
                                          1 D(PA) 9/21 CHARLIE'S OVERCOAT                            Silent     Mar58
                                          1 D(PA) 9/23 CHARLIE IN THE RAIN                           Silent     Mar58
                                          1 D(PA) 9/45 CHARLIE CAUGHT NAPPING                        Silent     Dec59
                                          1 D(PA) 9/46 CHARLIE'S TRAM RIDE                           Silent     Dec59
                                          1 D(PA)30787 CHARLIE THE BRICKLAYER - Issued as 9/17       Silent     Dec57
                                          1 D(PA)30788 CHARLIE'S LUNCH HOUR   - Issued as 9/18       Silent     Dec57
                                          3 G(PB)  819 JOUR DE PAIE - CHARLOT TRAVAILLE              Notched    Dec25
                                          2 G(PB)  877 JOUR DE PAYE - CHARLOT RENTRE TARD            Notched    Feb26
                                          2 G(PB)  878 JOUR DE PAIE - CHARLOT MANQUE LE TRAMWAY      Notched    Dec25
                                          1SB(NV) 1044 CHARLIE THE BRICKLAYER                        Silent    *   71
 PILGRIM (THE)               25/02/23 US  1SB(PA) 9/14 PILGRIM (THE)                                 Silent    *Dec57
                                          1 D(PA) 9/22 CHARLIE GOES BY RAIL                          Silent     Mar58
                                          1SB(PA)30786 PILGRIM (THE)          - Issued as 9/14       Silent     Dec57
                                          3 G(PB)  812 PELERIN: CHARLOT EN FAMILLE (LE)              Notched    Nov25
                                          5 G(PB)  862 PELERIN: CHARLOT PASTEUR (LE)                 Notched 
                                          4 G(PB)  888 PELERIN: CHARLOT REND L'ARGENT (LE)           Notched 
                                          1SB(NV) 1075 CHARLIE MAKES GOOD                            Silent  
 POLICE                      27/03/16 US  2SB(PB) 4373 CHARLOT MAUVAIS SUJET                         Silent  
 PROPERTY MAN (THE)          01/08/14 US  1 S(PA)  562 CHARLIE ON THE BOARDS                         Notched   *
                                          1SB(PA)  562 CHARLIE ON THE BOARDS                         Silent  
                                          2 D(PA)10236 CHARLIE THE CARETAKER                         Silent     Apr40
                                          2 G(PA)10236 CHARLIE THE CARETAKER                         Notched 
                                          3 V(PB)  159 CHARLOT GARCON DU THEATRE                     Notched 
                                          1 S(PB)  562 CHARLOT SUR LES PLANCHES                      Notched 
                                          5 G(PB) 4030 CHARLIE CHAPLIN ACCESSOIRISTE - 1             Notched 
                                          5 G(PB) 4031 CHARLIE CHAPLIN ACCESSOIRISTE - 2             Notched 
                                          2 G(PB)10236 CHARLIE CONCIERGE                             Notched 
                                          1 S(PI)  562 CHARLOT SUL PALCOSCENIO                       Notched 
                                          3 V(PS)  159 CHARLOT MOZO DE TEATRO                        Notched 
                                          1 S(PS)  562 CHARLOT TRAMPYISTA                            Notched 
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT GARCON DU THEATRE                     Silent  
 RECREATION                  13/08/14 US  1 V(PB)   50 CHARLOT ET LE MARI JALOUX                     Notched 
                                          1 V(PS)   50 CHARLOT Y EL ESPOSO CELOSO                    Notched 
 RINK (THE)                  04/12/16 US  1SB(PA)  760 ROLLING AROUND                                Silent    *Dec32
                                          1SB(PA)  763 WAITER                                        Silent    *Aug33
                                          3 G(PA)10296 ROLLING AROUND                                Notched    Oct29
                                          3 G(PA)10303 WAITER!                                       Notched    Dec29
                                          4 G(PB) 3028 CHARLOT PATINE                                Notched   *Nov28
                                          4 G(PB) 3029 CHARLIE CHAPLIN GARCON DE RESTAURANT          Notched    Nov28
                                          1SB(PB) 8008 CHARLOT PATINE                                Silent     Aug34
                                          1SB(PB) 8012 CHARLIE CHAPLIN GARCON DE RESTAURANT          Silent  
                                          2SB(PI)      CHARLOT PATTINATORE                           Silent  
                                          1SB(PS)  760 CARLITOS PATINADOR                            Silent  
                                          1SB(PS)  763 CHARLOT MOZO DE RESTAURANT                    Silent  
                                          3 G(PS)10303 CHARLOT MOZO DE RESTAURANT                    Notched 
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT A ROULETTES                           Silent        50
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT MAITRE D'HOTEL                        Silent        50
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT PATINE                                Silent        50
                                          1SB(WL) A257 RINK (THE)                                    Silent        63   66
                                          1 C(DI) D 95 WAITER (THE)                                  Silent        6?
 ROUNDERS (THE)              07/09/14 US  1SB(NV) 1001 ROUNDERS (THE)                                Silent    *Feb71
 SHANGHAIED                  04/10/15 US  2 T(PA) 9123 CHARLIE SHANGHAIED                            Sound     *Mar41
                                          2SB(PA)30442 CHARLIE SHANGHAIED                            Silent    *     Oct52
                                          2 G(PB) 3170 CHARLOT CUISINIER DE BORD                     Notched       38
                                          1SB(PB) 4399 CHARLOT, GARS DE LA MARINE                    Silent     Mar36
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT À FOND DE CALE                        Silent        62
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT GATE-SAUCE                            Silent        62
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT MARIN                                 Silent        62
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT RECRUTEUR                             Silent        62
                                          1SB(WL) A209 CHARLIE SHANGHAIED                            Silent        63   66
 SHOULDER ARMS               20/10/18 US  2SB(PA) 9/24 SHOULDER ARMS                                 Silent    *Feb58
                                          1 D(PA) 9/38 CHARLIE'S PARCEL FROM HOME                    Silent        58
                                          1 D(PA) 9/40 CHARLIE UNDER FIRE                            Silent        58
                                          1 D(PA) 9/41 CHARLIE BATTLES THROUGH                       Silent        58
                                          1 D(PA) 9/42 CHARLIE'S SLEEPLESS NIGHT                     Silent        58
                                          1 D(PA) 9/47 CHARLIE'S DUG OUT                             Silent     Dec59
 THOSE LOVE PANGS            10/10/14 US  1 G(PA)10040 CHARLIE MAKES SOME CONQUESTS                  Notched       26
                                          1 G(PS)10040 CARLITOS HACE CONQUISTAS                      Notched       26
                                          1SB(FO)      CHARLOT ET SON RIVAL                          Silent    *
 TILLIE'S PUNCTURED ROMANCE  14/11/14 US  3SB(FO)      CHARLOT CHASSEUR DE DOT                       Silent
 TRAMP (THE)                 11/03/15 US  1 G(PB) 3164 CHARLOT PREMIER COMMIS                        Notched       38
                                          2SB(PB) 4395 CHARLOT CHEMINEAU                             Silent     Feb36
                                          1SB(PI)      CHARLOT CAMERIERE                             Silent  
 TRAMP (THE) ?               11/03/15 US  2 G(PB) 3162 CHARLOT EST UN HONNETE HOMME                  Notched    Aug38
 TRIPLE TROUBLE              11/08/18 US  1SB(PB) 4736 CHARLOT HOMME DE PEINE                        Silent  
                                          1 M(PB) 4804 CHARLOT A L'ASILE DE NUIT                     Silent    *
 TWENTY MINUTES OF LOVE      20/04/14 US  1SB(FO)      CHARLOT DANS VINGT MINUTES D'AMOUR            Silent        49
 UNKNOWN CHAPLIN COMEDY               US  1 L(PA)30234 CHARLIE ALARMED                               Silent  
                                          5 G(PB) 2098 CHARLIE CHAPLIN SE MARIE DEMAIN - 1           Notched       29
                                          5 G(PB) 2099 CHARLIE CHAPLIN SE MARIE DEMAIN - 2           Notched       29
                                          2 G(PB) 3151 CHARLOT RETROUVE UN AMI                       Notched 
                                          1 V(PB)10210 CHARLOT, GARCON DE BUREAU                     Notched 
                                          1 J(HF)  504 CHARLOT CARABINIER                            Silent  
                                          1 J(HF)  522 CHARLOT FAIT DU CHARME                        Silent  
                                          1 J(HF)  525 CHARLOT A LA MAIN LOURDE                      Silent  
                                          1 M(HF) 1009 CHARLOT SE FACHE                              Silent  
                                          1 M(HF) 1011 CHARLOT SE BAGARRE                            Silent  
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT AU CINE                               Silent        50
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT BAGNARD                               Silent        50
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT EN FURIE                              Silent        49
                                          1 J(FO)      PASSONS LA MONNAIE                            Silent        62
 VAGABOND (THE)              10/07/16 US  1SB(PA)  669 GIPSY LIFE                                    Silent    *
                                          1 S(PA)  669 GIPSY LIFE                                    Notched 
                                          2 G(PA)10330 FIRST VIOLIN FIRST                            Notched    Oct30
                                          4 G(PB) 3030 CHARLIE CHAPLIN VIRTUOSE                      Notched    Dec28
                                          5 G(PB) 3031 CHARLIE CHAPLIN GALANT CHEVALIER              Notched    Dec28
                                          1SB(PB) 8014 CHARLIE CHAPLIN VIRTUOSE                      Silent  
                                          2 G(PB)10330 CHARLOT MUSICIEN                              Notched 
                                          1SB(PI)      CHARLOT VIOLINISTA                            Silent  
                                          1 S(PI)      CHARLOT ZINGARO                               Notched 
                                          1 S(PS)  669 CHARLOT BOHEMIO                               Notched 
                                          2SB(FO)      CHARLOT VAGABOND                              Silent        49
                                          1 J(FO)      CHARLOT VIOLONISTE                            Silent    *
 WOMAN (A)                   12/07/15 US  2 T(PA) 9122 CHARLIE THE PERFECT LADY                      Sound     *Aug40
                                          2SB(PA)30441 CHARLIE THE PERFECT LADY                      Silent     Oct40Oct52
                                          1SB(PB) 4458 CHARLOT MINAUDE                               Silent     Nov37
                                          2SB(FO)      MAM'ZELLE CHARLOT                             Silent     Pre62
                                          1 J(FO)      SOUPIRANTS DE MAM'ZELLE CHARLOT (LES)         Silent        62
 WORK                        21/06/15 US  2 T(PA) 9632 CHARLIE AT WORK                               Sound     *   4?
                                          2SB(PA)30470 CHARLIE AT WORK                               Silent    *     Oct52
                                          2 G(PB) 3167 CHARLOT PEINTRE DECORATEUR                    Notched 
                                          2SB(PB) 4389 CHARLOT, OUVRIER PEINTRE                      Silent  
                                                                                       ( 323 entries )
Notes: 1. Although there are a few UK and French Pathé 9.5mm sound Chaplin titles,
           these are all silent films with music/sound effects added.
       2. Often early Kodak 16mm prints and others are re-perforated to 9.5mm,
           these can't really be included as genuine 9.5mm releases.
       3. Remember if you are using Internet Explorer to view this catalogue,
           you can use the 'FIND' option embedded in the edit function to
           locate titles etc. immediately.

Useful references:

The number of Chaplin books increases year by year. I would suggest a visit to your nearest library or
book store to check what is currrently available. However here are a few titles that I see on my bookshelf:

"My Auto-Biography" - Charles Chaplin - The Bodley Head (UK) 1964
Well I suppose you go to the source for the full facts! A meaty tomb with complete film lists, but
probably some facts are conveniently changed to get sympathy or just forgotten. Sadly trying to
show he was well connected! But that happens to anyone rich of course!! Well worth a read though!

"The Little Fellow" - Peter Cotes & Thelma Niklaus - Bodley & Head (UK) 1951
Bits of biographical detail about Chaplin's early and later life and career. Contains some brief
film liists and details, plus other Chaplin biographical works and essay references.

"Chaplin's Films" - Uno Asplund - David & Charles (UK) 1973 ISBN 0-7153-6256-9
A useful complete list of Chaplin's films with full plot details. Great for identifying retitled films!
(Actually a Swedish book which uses Swedish statistical data, but translation is fine)

"The Movie Makers - Chaplin" - Dennis Gifford - Macmillan (UK) 1974 ISBN 333-15652-8
Complete films listing with exact dates, credits etc. Plus interesting background text and illustrations
(Doesn't Dennis (well sadly 'the late......') look young on the fly leaf photo!)

"Charles Chaplin and his Films" - Kenneth S. Lynn - Aurum Press Ltd (UK) 1998 ISBN 1-85410-555-8
A meaty Chaplin biography - probably fairly accurate, unlike Chaplin's own efforts which seem
somewhat to be based on what he wanted people to think of his life rather than the truth!

For DVD releases check out the BFI (UK) boxed sets - excellently restored.
plus for later silents "The Chaplin Collection - The Chaplin Revue" - Mk2 editions/Warner
"A Dog's Life" / "Shoulder Arms" / "The Pilgrim" / "Pay Day" / "Sunnyside" etc - unbelievable quality
all from Chaplin's original material, with new music written by Chaplin himself.

Although not applicable to his 9.5mm releases, Mk2 editions/Warner have released most of Chaplin's
later films - "The Circus" / "City Lights" / "The Kid" / "Monsieur Verdoux" / "Modern Times" /
"The Great Dictator" / "The Gold Rush" / "Limelight" / "A King In New York" / "A Woman of Paris"
try to find the full DVD boxed set "The Chaplin Collection" it includes a 132 minute Chaplin documentary.

Any corrections, or additional information will be greatly appreciated! 
e-mail me, Grahame Newnham at presto @ 
                              (no gaps in actual e-mail address)

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